Angels make perfect sisters


A little bit of Heaven


Zot Zot !


Angels have more fun




Angels are near


Sisterhood is forever


With brave wings she flies


Ring Ching !


Spread Sunshine


We found love


Heaven on Earth


You had me at halo !


Fly with us


Pi Phi is love


Spread your wings


Lemonade for Literacy


Follow your arrow


Study with Pi Phi


Aim high



About Our Chapter  

      With nearly 150 years of experience,139 collegiate chapters and nearly 300 alumnae clubs, Pi Beta Phi offers its members the opportunity to be a part of an organization   whose mission is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential, and enrich lives through community service.
Being a Pi Phi means...
  • A network of sisters and friends who support each other in achieving personal and professional goals, throughout life          
  • Scholarship opportunities through Pi Beta Phi Foundation.
  • Access to leadership development through our award-winning member development program, Leading with Values.  
  • Opportunities for leadership and professional skill development through networking and biennial events, including leadership academies, convention, and officer retreats. 
  • Lifelong commitment to and from Pi Beta Phi        
  • The opportunity to give back, whether through volunteering time and talents or financially.        
  • Pi Phi friendships in college that will last a lifetime.       
  • The opportunity to continue the legacy established in 1967.      
      But Pi Phi isn't just something you participate in during college. Pi Beta Phi offers its alumnae a lifetime of benefits including a network of sisters world-wide, continued 
literacy service opportunities, graduate and continuing education scholarships through Pi Beta Phi Foundation and, of course, friendships with Pi Phis you'll meet through work, 
alumnae clubs, or even during a change encounter




Our History 

  •  Pi Beta Phi Fraternity was founded on April 28, 1867, at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois.  
  •  Pi Beta Phi was one of the nine founders of the National Panhellenic Conference.  
  •  Pi Phi is the first women's fraternity to be modeled on the men's groups and the first to start a chapter at another college.  
  •  Twelve amazing women from Monmouth College dreamed of a secret society where they could foster deep friendship, personal growth, and strong leadership. We refer to them as our Founders.    
  •  Pi Phi is officially a Fraternity, not a sorority. The word "sorority" hadn't been coined in 1867 when Pi Phi was founded.  
  •  Pi Phi was founded as IC Sorosis. The name was changed to Pi Beta Phi in 1888.  

 The badge is a golden arrow with twelve links in the chain



 Angels, the unofficial Fraternity symbol, became associated with Pi Phi in the 1930s.    


The flower is the wine carnation. It was adopted as the Fraternity flower at the 1890 Convention.  


The colors are Wine and Silver Blue--adopted at the 1882 Convention along with the motto Pi Beta Phi.   



Our Values


Lifelong Commitment 

Honor and Respect

Personal and Intellectual Growth

Philanthropic Service to Others 

Sincere Friendship