Angels make perfect sisters


A little bit of Heaven


Zot Zot !


Angels have more fun




Angels are near


Sisterhood is forever


With brave wings she flies


Ring Ching !


Spread Sunshine


We found love


Heaven on Earth


You had me at halo !


Fly with us


Pi Phi is love


Spread your wings


Lemonade for Literacy


Follow your arrow


Study with Pi Phi


Aim high



     Nationally, Pi Beta Phi encourages sisters to apply for academic excellence and integrity. As a chapter at a very academically rigorous school, California Eta makes scholarship a top priority by offering academic support, mentorship, and recognition to all members. Our members are diverse with focus of studies ranging anywhere from aerospace engineering to drama, and everything in between. We are constantly working together to come up with new ways to improve our schooling. Each year we hold a scholarship recognition banquet in which we invite professors and faculty to come to get to know lovely ladies on a personal basis. We use this opportunity to network and show our appreciation to our professors for all their contributions to our academic achievements. We also recognize our members for their success throughout the year. We also encourage our women to attend workshops on helpful subjects like how to study more efficiently, stress management techniques during finals, and even workshops that cover topics that assist in future careers such as interview techniques, networking, and resume boosters. Within the chapter, we have a tutoring program, a bank of notes accessible to any sister in need, sister study buddies, and more. Academics are a priority for Pi Phi and we do our absolute best to ensure that all of our members on the right track for success. 

 Academics2      Academics1

     Alongside with these helpful programs of Cal Eta’s academics, we constantly offer girls information about scholarship opportunities and programs. As you can see, we truly believe that we are here, first and foremost, to be successful students, and there’s no better way to do that then with the support of each other. This ideal is instilled in every one of our ladies, and our hard work is acknowledged on both local and national levels! Each meeting, we make sure to appreciate those sisters who have accomplished any academic milestone. Our close relationship with alumnae gives us access to multiple job, research, internship, and scholarship opportunities that are exclusive to Pi Beta Phi members. Many of our girls are actually members of honor societies within both UC Irvine Greek life and national organizations. Furthermore, Pi Beta Phi International Headquarters has previously recognized us for having the most improved GPA for a chapter of over 100 members! What an accomplishment! We are so proud of each and every one of our ladies for everything that they have accomplished and excited to see what great things the future holds for the angels of the California Eta chapter of Pi Beta Phi.