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Recruitment Information 

Click here to learn about Pi Phi's mission, vision, and values. Here you will also be able to discover if a Pi Beta Phi chapter is on your campus and what dates primary recruitment will take place!

Legacy Policy 

According to Pi Beta Phi’s Constitution and Statutes, a daughter, sister, or granddaughter of an initiated member shall be considered a legacy of the Fraternity. Special consideration shall be given to legacies whose qualifications are comparable to those of other Potential New Members. Keep in mind that not all National Panhellenic Conference groups have the same definition of a legacy; this definition is specific to Pi Phi. To learn more about Pi Phi's legacy policy, please visit

Recommendation Letter Requests 

Pi Beta Phi provides a form to our alumnae to simplify the recommendation process. The Recruitment Information Form, or RIF, and information on how to complete and submit it, can be found at

  • A RIF is not necessary to become a member of Pi Beta Phi. 
  • A completed RIF serves the same purpose as a letter of recommendation. There is no need to submit both! 
  • If a RIF is submitted on behalf of a Potential New Member, only one RIF is necessary; multiple RIFs or letters of recommendation do not aid a Potential New Member in the recruitment process.
  • According to Pi Phi's policies, extra photos, copies of transcripts, or other supplemental documents do not need to be submitted to the chapter. Only the completed RIF is required to be submitted. Please confirm with your university as to what they require to participate in primary recruitment.

 If you would like to be connected with a Pi Phi alumna that might be able to complete a RIF on your behalf, please email our Alumnae Club Recruitment Information Chairman (ACRIC), Ann Babbington at

National Panhellenic Conference 

To learn more about the National Panhellenic Conference and what to expect during the recruitment process, be sure to check out both and

 Good luck during your primary recruitment experience!