Sign of the Arrow Melissa Scholarship

The Sign of the Arrow Melissa Scholarship was endowed through the Pi Beta Phi Foundation by the St. Louis Alumnae Club and the Sign of the Arrow in memory of Missouri Beta Melissa Gail Aptman.  Each year an award in an amount up to $10,000 (based on tuition, books and fees) will be awarded to at least one collegian entering her senior year and will be focused on exemplary community service and academic achievement.  This is the largest undergraduate scholarship award by a Greek letter organization.

2001-02 Recipient: Kelly Ann Koeppel, Iowa Gamma

2002-03 Recipient: Alisa Heitz, Wisconsin Delta

2003-04 Recipient: Katherine MacArthur, Missouri Beta

2004-05 Recipient: Kristen Lazzaretto, Illinois Zeta

2005-06 Recipient: Erin Warner, Colorado Gamma

2006-07 Recipient: Kim Verest, Illinois Zeta

2007-08 Recipient: Lara Omps, West Virginia Alpha

2008-09 Recipient: Brittany Dunn, Wisconsin Delta

2009-10 Recipient: Elizabeth Bewley, Connecticut Beta

2010-11 Recipient: Kelly Donovan, Pennsylvania Theta

2011-12 Recipient: Susan Disario, California Delta

2012-13 Recipient: Rachel Brill, Florida Epsilon

2013-14 Recipients: Julia Kuchman, California Beta
                                    Samantha Lint, Virginia Eta
                                    Victoria Roser, Ohio Kappa

2014-15 Recipients: Katharine Bracale, Pennsylvania Epsilon
                                    Mackenzie Naert, Connecticut Beta

2015-16 Recipient: Oluwatumise Asebiomo, New Jersey Alpha

2016-17 Recipient: Taylor Tingle, Alabama Beta