Sisterhood is forever

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About Our House

Does Pi Phi have a house?
Yes, and it's brand new! It's so great to have a place for us to hang out and further develop our sisterhood. The house also gives new members the opportunity to quickly and easily become integrated into the chapter.

How many sisters can live in the house?
52 sisters including our handicap-accessible room on the first floor.

How many singles and doubles are there?
There are three doubles and seven singles on each floor. That mean 12 doubles and 28 singles on floors 2 through 5 and one single on the first floor.

Can I do laundry in the house?
Yes! There are two washing machines and two dryers in the basement. This may not seem like a lot but it's actually the same ratio of people to washing machines that exists in most other MIT dorms.

How many bathrooms are there?
The second through fifth floors each have a bathroom with two showers and two toilet stalls. There are also private bathrooms on the first floor and in the basement.

Is there a kitchen?
Yes! We have a kitchen on the first floor with a stove, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator that can be used by all sisters—especially when they're baking delicious things for other sisters to eat!

Will I be able to hang out in the house?
Yes, of course! We have a gorgeous living room with ceiling to floor windows that look out onto the Charles River where our sisters can relax, study, and watch movies together year-round.

What if I need a quiet space to study in?
Not only do we have a basement with tables and chairs that is intended specifically for studying, but we have a private study room downstairs with a whiteboard and a conference table. Furthermore, the fifth floor is designated as the quiet floor so if you prefer a quieter lifestyle you can find that here while still enjoying the company of your sisters.

How much does it cost to live in the Pi Phi house?
The Pi Phi house costs the same as a tier two dorm.

Will I still be on the dining plan?
Yes, because the Pi Phi house only has one kitchen, members must remain on the dining plan. However, because of our convenient, on-campus location, it's easy to get to the different dining halls. Furthermore, every Tuesday and Thursday night we get dinner delivered to the house and every Sunday morning we get a delicious Sunday brunch delivered so that we can all eat together in our beautiful house!

How much will the dining plan cost?
Even though we're getting special meals delivered, the dining plan will cost no more than if you were living in McCormick, Baker, Next, or Simmons. You'll be on the same meal plan as someone in your class year living in one of these dorms. Dining will still be billed and managed through MIT so it's no extra hassle for our members to choose a meal plan!

If we're on campus, does that mean we're an MIT dorm?
No, even though we are on campus and MIT is leasing us our house, we are still considered to be in a separate category from dorms. We get the luxury of having MIT staff come clean our bathrooms and kitchen but we are technically considered "off-campus" even though we're closer to academic buildings than many undergraduate dorms! The rules and policies you will abide by when living in the house are set and enforced by both MIT and Pi Beta Phi.