To my fellow lovers of reading,


Philanthropic service to others is one of Pi Beta Phi’s mosttreasured core values. Here at NY Delta, we strive to live each day with thisvalue in mind. All throughout the year, Pi Phi sisters are active inphilanthropy all across campus and in our chapter.


The NY Delta Chapter is proud to host many philanthropyevents. Some of our most notable events include: Pie a Pi Phi, Arrowbowl, andLollipops for Literacy. We are excited to be organizing a new event next fallcalled Smashing Out Illiteracy. Not only do we have a ton of fun at theseevents, but we also raise awareness about our national philanthropy, Read >Lead > Achieve, at the same time! Our work is focused on making an impact inthe local Ithaca community and we do this largely by partnering with localelementary schools for our Champions are Readers program (CAR).


Our philanthropic work is rooted in friendship and Pi Phisisters love the bonding opportunities that arise out of these events. We enjoyco-hosting events with other organizations on campus and helping other chapterssucceed in their philanthropic endeavors. Our Hooked on Phonics Spelling Bee givesus the chance to work with Señoritas Latinas Unidas and Alpha Phi Alpha, whoalso have similar dedications to promoting literacy. In Delta Phi’s Shave aBrother to Save a Brother, we shave Delta Phi brothers’ heads for donations inorder to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Read > Lead> Achieve.  We are exited to see whatthe next year has in store for us and all the partnerships to come!


Our mission is to do our part to help promote a moreliterate society and inspire the love of reading and learning in all the liveswe touch.


Pi Phi Love,

Sarah DeMoully

VP of Philanthropy