Heaven is a place on earth at Pi Phi 


  Dear Potential New Member,
Welcome to Auburn University! My name is Courtney Penrose and I am so honored and ecstatic to be Pi Phi's Recruitment Chair. First of all, I want to congratulate you on your acceptance to Auburn- this place has brought so much joy into my life! Starting a new chapter in life is always full of different emotions, but I promise you, you have the greatest journey of your life ahead.

When I went through recruitment three years ago, I really had no idea what Greek life was all about. When I met the girls at Pi Beta Phi, I felt an instant connection. Seeing the way those girls carried themselves with confidence, joy, and passion toward their chapter- it was then that I knew that being in Pi Beta Phi was how I wanted my college story to begin. I was excited to join an organization that would help me find a group of friends in our large university. I expected classmates, study buddies, and gym buddies; one thing I didn't expect was that these women would become my whole heart.

Here, at Pi Beta Phi, we pride ourselves on our genuine sisterhood and on building friendships that will last a lifetime. I have grown so much as a person throughout my time in this chapter, and I could not have done that without the support of these women. The sisters of Pi Beta Phi continue to amaze me with our active involvement in the Auburn community. We are scholars, leaders, athletes, interns; we are future journalists, senators, business women, and health professionals. Pi Beta Phi sisters hold each other to the highest standard and strive to excel in all things.

I highly encourage all young women to get involved with Greek Life at Auburn. It is such an adventure that opens up opportunities through networking, friendships, academics and personal growth. College is the best time of your life, and the sisters of Pi Beta Phi would love to share it with you!

PPL (Pi Phi Love) and mine
Courtney Penrose