R E A D > L E A D > A C H I E V E


We are so honored to have received a Top 10 Chapter Award for our philanthropic work at College Weekend in St. Louis!     

 At Pi Beta Phi, we believe in the power of reading.

We believe reading always has been - and always will be - a powerful step toward a life of enduring impact. We believe that when one out of four children cannot read, that is one too many.  

We believe in inspiring readers, sparking imaginations and igniting the desire to learn. We believe that readers become leaders. And, we believe that reading is the foundation of all that we can achieve in life. 

For more than a century, we've committed ourselves to creating a more literate and productive society. We've changed with the times, but never shifted our vision. So at Pi Beta Phi, we honor the past while we build for the future… 

One child … one moment at a time… one life changed forever.  

 T H E  S T O R Y  O F  O N E 

Pi Beta Phi believes deeply in the power of reading to help create a more literate and productive society. As Pi Beta Phi's signature philanthropy, Read > Lead > Achieve draws on more than a century of service and thousands of volunteers to inspire a lifelong love of reading that can unlock true potential.

By the time we celebrate our 150th anniversary in 2017, Pi BetaPhi intends to have built on its legacy of literacy service by positively impacting 1 million lives through Read > Lead > Achieve and The Story of One. All of Pi Beta Phi's reading initiatives are built on one simple premise, which is the impact we can have when we connect with a child through the power of reading.

To watch The Story of One video, visit www.youtube.com/pibetaphihq.

L O C A L  P H I L A N T H R O P Y  C O M M I T M E N T S


T H E  B O Y S  A N D  G I R L S  C L U B

 boys and girls club

Pi Beta Phi makes an impact in Auburn's community by volunteering at the local Boys and Girls Club. Pi Phi's main goals to promote reading awareness. Members attend the club every week to help the children and staff. Members of the Pi Phi will help serve snacks, giving them a time to converse with the children about their day at school or other topics. After this, Pi Phis will help the children with their homework, as well as listening to them read. When the children's homework is done, the Pi Phi's then have a chance to play with the kids. Some activities include basketball, volleyball, jump rope and other recreational activities with the children.  

 D O D G E  T H E  A R R O W 

Dodge the Arrow Shirt


Starting in the spring of 2013, Alabama Gamma's new philanthropy event is Dodge the Arrow. This event is open to everyone in the Auburn Community. Each member of Pi Beta Phi sells tickets for this exciting fundraiser on campus. Dodge the Arrow is a dodgeball tournament and the winner gets to donate $200 to the charity of their choice. All other proceeds go to the Pi Beta Phi Foundation.

 P U M P K I N  P I E  W I T H  P I  P H I   

In 2015, the Alabama Gamma chapter of Pi Beta Phi hosted our first annual Pumpkin Pie with Pi Phi event! Hosted in the fall, we held this event in our chapter room to raise money for all of our wonderful literacy initiatives. We sold tickets beforehand and at the door and served pumpkin pie, apple pie, cookies, and hot apple cider. We had such a fantastic turnout for our first year and raised over $7000 for the Pi Beta Phi Foundation!

 P I  B E T A  B A K E  S A L E

Our chapter kicked off 2016 with a new fundraising event called Pi Beta Bake Sale! Coordinated by our Campus Philanthropy Chair, Lindsay Freeman, and our Social Media Chair, Alex Swilley, this event was designed to raise money for our Relay For Life Team. Relay For Life is a national event that was started in 1985 by a man named Dr. Gordy Klatt. He wanted to show others what someone fighting cancer endures, so he proved it by running around a track for 24 hours. That first year, he raised 27,000 dollars. Now, the American Cancer Association has made this the largest non-profit activity in the world! Our team, Pi Beta Phast, was so honored to take a day to run/walk in Relay For Life at Auburn University. At our fundraising event, in just 3 hours, we raised $201.22 by selling baked goods at our Pi Beta Bake Sale. We thank everyone who bought baked goods and supported such a great cause.

Pi Beta Bake Sale


 R E A D > L E A D > A C H I E V E  R E A D I N G  I N I T I A T I V E S

F I R S T  B O O K®   

In June 2007, Pi Beta Phi announced its corporate partnership with First Book, an international nonprofit organization founded in 1992 with a single mission to give children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first new books.Together, through innovative programs, First Book and Pi Beta Phi are committed to bringing new books to children from low-income families in communities across the United States and Canada.

 F R A T E R N I T Y  D A Y  O F  S E R V I C E  

Since 2005, Pi Phis have been giving their time, talents and treasures to their local communities to promote reading in honor of Fraternity Day of Service on or around March 2. Through Read >Lead > Achieve initiatives like Fraternity Day of Service, Pi Phis make a huge impact in their communities by creating awareness around the importance of reading to children and providing service to others.

C H A M P I O N S  A R E  R E A D E R S®

Pi Beta Phi's unique program, Champions are Readers®(CAR) is a reading enrichment program for students in prekindergarten through third grade. The program focuses on providing a mentoring relationship between volunteers and students while focusing on reading strategies for learning. CAR Connect links CAR classrooms with First Book to provide free books to the children being served in the program. Since its launch, more than30,000 students have participated in the CAR program in the United States and Canada. 

A R R O W  I N  T H E  A R C T I C

Pi Phi's Canadian philanthropy, Arrow in the Arctic, supports literacy in Canada's Northern library systems: the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Established at the 1967 Convention to commemorate the centennials of Canada and Pi Beta Phi, Arrow in theArctic donations are also helping to preserve the language and culture of the north's Inuit and First Nations.

R E A D > L E A D > A C H I E V E > a n d  P I  B E T A  P H I  F O U N D A T I O N

The Literacy Fund at Pi Beta Phi Foundation provides the financial support for all Read > Lead > Achieve reading initiatives. Chapter support of The Literacy Fund is critical to the success of Read > Lead > Achieve and The Story of One campaign, which will positively impact 1 million lives through reading over the next four years.