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Qualifications Banner

Qualifications for an Ideal Candidate

Education/Experience Required   

  • Pi Beta Phi Fraternity member in good standing 
  • Bachelor's degree   
  • Comprehensive Fraternity knowledge and perspective gained by experience at the chapter Executive Council level, campus Panhellenic Council level, or other leadership experience  
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including public speaking skills
  • Superior customer service skills
  • Strong commitment to the Fraternity
  • Must be able to travel by air and car regularly
  • Proficient skills in Microsoft Office and data entry

Desired Skills   

  • Consistently demonstrates the behaviors of servant leadership
  • Adherence to Pi Phi values   
  • Willingness to make difficult decisions based on what is right   
  • Trusts others and is trusted; maintains confidentiality   
  • Ability to build strong partnerships and alliances with others by identifying mutual goals and fostering open dialogue
  • Coaches and develops others; understands, values and leverages individual diversity   
  • Finds common ground; reads situations quickly and excels at active listening   
  • Dedicated to meeting the expectations and needs of members;ensures first-hand information is obtained and used to improve programs and services   
  • Solves difficult and complex problems with effective solutions; excellent at honest analysis   

Key Responsibilities   

  • Provides assistance in all areas of chapter and campus life during scheduled chapter visits as a traveler or at one chapter as a resident  
  • Provides individual guidance and mentoring to chapter leadership   
  • Provides input to Regional Teams to assess needs at the chapter level   
  • Represents the Fraternity in a positive and professional manner in all interactions with university officials, Fraternity volunteers and members at large   
  • Provides timely, accurate and professional communication to all parties whether in person, by phone or electronically   
  • Serves as a liaison between chapters, Headquarters and university officials   
  • Works in coordination with Headquarters, Regional Teams, Directors, Grand Council members and other volunteer officers   
  • Attends all Fraternity events deemed necessary   
  • Coordinates all personal travel arrangements for chapter visits and Fraternity-sponsored events (expenses paid by Fraternity)   
  • Submits timely written visit reports, time logs, expense reports, etc. 

"Serving Pi Beta Phi as a Traveling Graduate Consultant helped shape me into the woman I am today. It gave me the leadership and motivational skills which I still employ in my life. The experience also enhanced my confidence and self-esteem as a young professional woman. Most importantly, my travels as a consultant allowed me to develop an amazing network of Pi Phi friends and connections all over the United States. I am thankful I took the opportunity of a lifetime to create memories which have withstood the test of time!"   

 — Paula Pace Shepherd, Texas Epsilon, Grand President