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The core value of integrity means doing what we saying we are going to do. It is about ensuring we are achieving academically. It is about being true to ourselves and our personal and moral obligations. It is about following the expectations, guidelines and laws put before us. Integrity is about making sure Pi Beta Phi is not just a club, but a model for our way of life, just as it was for our 12 founders.

Programming in this area will help us observe, practice and promote academic, personal and social responsibility.

All chapters are expected to engage in at least one of the following programs to fulfill Leading with Values requirements. Click on the title of the seminar to download the facilitation notes as well as any handouts used in the seminar.

#BeOurValues — NEW!  
This activity will help members identify what Pi Phi value they relate to the most, compare and contrast how social media portrays values and describe what the value looks like in action. 

Get Smart!  
By taking this learning styles inventory, members will identify their dominant learning style through which they intake and processes information to maximize learning. This seminar will also help members understand why academics are important to individual and chapter-wide success.  

Hollywood Values  
The goal of this seminar is to encourage members to recognize how Pi Phi's core values are or are not being portrayed by public figures such as musicians, artists, authors, actors, media broadcasters, athletes and others. Members are encouraged to reflect on their own core values and how they portray these to others. 

My Pi Phi Personal Best  
This seminar sparks a discussion about what it means to live Pi Phi’s core value of Integrity. Through observing, practicing and promoting academic, personal and social responsibility, members can reach their Pi Phi personal best! 

Owning My Academics  
Balancing the rigors of academic success can often be daunting, and how college students achieve academic success may be controversial and seem unfair at times. By engaging in this seminar, participants will interact in a group scenario and discover a variety of academic resources. 

Response Ability  
This seminar talks about behaviors within the Fraternity and within a chapter that are inappropriate or destructive, yet as observers of these acts, we sit on the sideline as bystanders and fail to step in and take "responsibility" for each other. Response Ability was developed by Beck & Company (www.beck-company.com) and written in 2008. The program has been endorsed and supported by Pi Beta Phi as an educational resource. 

What Do You Stand For?  
We talk about Integrity being one of Pi Beta Phi’s core values, but what does that actually mean? In this seminar, you will take a closer look at your personal integrity and evaluate how your actions align (or don’t align) with what you feel you stand for. Participants will then write personal goals for how to lead a life as a person of integrity. 

When the Halo Breaks  
This seminar promotes personal responsibility in chapter life by showing collegians how necessary each of their actions is to supporting the chapter. Whether she is a New Member or graduating senior, officer or member, each member has an integral part to play in chapter life. 

Where do you Wear our Letters?  
Using the popular essay "You're Always Wearing Your Letters," this interactive seminar will challenge members to think about how their daily actions help form other's perception of Pi Beta Phi. After discussing the implications of integrity on brand image, members will work on setting chapter goals. 

Win as Much as You Can  
This seminar is delivered in the format of a game where four different teams attempt to "win as much as they can." Participants will find themselves experiencing firsthand competition and how integrity relates to their everyday lives.