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Lifelong Commitment

When we joined Pi Beta Phi, we did not just make a collegiate commitment, we became part of a lifelong membership. After graduation we will continue to find the benefits of membership – Pi Beta Phi will keep us connected to major international philanthropy efforts; we will be supported by a network of sisters around the world; and we will have somewhere to turn if things seem impossible or when we have an accomplishment to celebrate. 

Programming in this area will help us accept and promote the Fraternity's core values throughout our lives. 

All chapters are expected to engage in at least one of the following programs to fulfill Leading with Values requirements. Click on the title of the seminar to download the facilitation notes as well as any handouts used in the seminar. 

A Vow to Values 
This seminar shows learning about and living out or values isn't something we just do for four years in college, it's for life. This seminar features video clips of our alumnae volunteers discussing their favorite Pi Phi value and how they still live these values out today in their daily lives.

Leading with Pictures 
This seminar encourages participants to promote the Fraternity’s core values throughout their lives by visually recognizing themselves and others exemplifying these values.

Making Pi Beta Phi a Lifelong Experience
In this seminar, collegiate members will hear personal experiences and examples from local alumnae about how to stay involved with Pi Beta Phi after graduation. Focusing on "Pi Phi for LIFE: Learn, Identify, Find, and Engage," alumnae share overall experiences in a panel discussion before breaking into smaller roundtable discussions.
Shared by the Missouri Alpha Chapter and the Kansas City, Missouri–Shawnee Mission, Kansas Alumnae Club

Pi Beta Phi Values Auction  
Imagine if all six of Pi Phi’s core values were taken away from you. What are these values worth to you and what would you do to get them back? Are some values worth more than others? See how much your sisters would be willing to pay to get our values back. 

Reality 101 … Is this real life? 
It sometimes seems like we are being bombarded with messages telling us it is acceptable to treat others and ourselves disrespectfully. This presentation will use examples from popular culture to critically examine the positive and negative ways media influences our personal values. By comparing these messages to Pi Phi values, we’ll discuss how Pi Phi’s core values should guide how we treat each other. 

Speed Date My Arrow 
This fun, interactive seminar will allow participants to share insight and lessons from their time in Pi Phi and discuss our core values while speed dating.

Suit Up - My Pi Phi Career
This seminar will educate participants on the available volunteer opportunities an alumna has at her fingertips. Pi Phis reflect on their strengths and interests to figure out for which volunteer position they may be best suited.

Understanding Organizational Values 
Each organization has a purpose, and its members are often asked the question, “Who are you and what do you do?” This program provides you with an opportunity to thoroughly examine your values, reflect on what they mean and determine how you are, or are not, upholding them. This activity is perfect for a small or large group and can be revisited as a nice checkpoint for your members each month, semester or year. 
This program was developed by the Leadership Institute–Women with Purpose, Inc.