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Honor and Respect

Pi Beta Phi was founded in 1867 as the first secret society for women, patterned after men’s groups. Our Fraternity is a founding member of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). Pi Beta Phi was also the first to establish an alumnae department and first to organize a national philanthropy project. Our Fraternity has grown to more than 130 chapters and more than 300 alumnae organizations. We have much for which to be proud; we have much for which to care. It is our responsibility as today's sisters to make sure we are planning for the next 150 years of Pi Phi. 

Programming in this area will help us acknowledge, appreciate and preserve Fraternity heritage as well as acknowledge, appreciate and enhance the current Fraternity structure. 

All chapters are expected to engage in at least one of the following programs to fulfill Leading with Values requirements. Click on the title of the seminar to download the facilitation notes as well as any handouts used in the seminar. 

Creating Your Crest
Pi Beta Phi Fraternity has a coat of arms (crest) that represents thousands of members across North America and the world. This seminar will educate on the crest created by Pi Beta Phi Founders, and allow reflection on the overall heritage of the Fraternity. Sisters will also have the opportunity to create their own crest at this time, providing a way for current chapter members to connect with the heritage of Pi Phi, that is over 150 years old, to their everyday lives.

Define Your Values, Define Yourself
Each one of us has the potential to define the things we want to define us. By joining Pi Beta Phi, we agreed to fulfill the vision of our 12 founders, and the core values we were created under: Integrity, Lifelong Commitment, Honor and Respect, Personal and Intellectual Growth, Philanthropic Service to Others and Sincere Friendship. These values represent what it means to be a member of Pi Beta Phi, and play a vital role to the success of our organization. But what does a value really mean? How do we use these values to guide our everyday lives and help make us better women, and a better organization?

Bigger Picture 
The goal of this seminar is to help collegians understand the overall Fraternity structure and how your chapter and its membership fit into the "bigger picture" of Pi Beta Phi. 

Holt House: Pi Beta Phi's Founding Home 
This seminar is a companion piece to the film, “Holt House: Pi Beta Phi’s Founding Home” and is suggested for use as part of Founders’ Day celebrations. Participants will learn about the history, heritage and current uses of Holt House. 

I Am Pi Phi 
This seminar explains popular brands in our media and culture and how Pi Beta Phi is also a brand. It talks about the importance of preserving our brand by making decisions in line with the Fraternity’s core values and living these values in our daily lives. 

Our Place in History 
Have you ever wondered when, how or even why your chapter was founded? What is the history of your chapter and where does it fall in the history of Pi Beta Phi? Also, learn more about the tradition of Banner Parade at Convention and what the unique symbols of your chapter’s banner mean. 

Pi Phi Panhellenic 
This seminar will show the profound impact that Pi Phi has had as a founding member of NPC. Members will develop a deeper appreciation of the role of NPC throughout history and an understanding of how it has improved the lives of collegiate women.

Polished Priorities
It’s not often that we have a chance to step back and take a look at something that makes Pi Beta Phi unique among any other group or club: our ritual. Participate in “Polished Priorities” to see where your individual priorities line up with the chapter’s priorities, and think of ways you can get them to better match up! Where does ritual fall in your priorities? How can you polish them up?  

She's Got the Look! 
This seminar discusses copyright law and logo infringement, as well as how we portray ourselves and the responsibility of each member to protect Pi Phi's brand. 

Spending Spree 
It is often very difficult to really listen and come to a consensus during times of conflict, especially when a topic is controversial or there are differing opinions on what the outcome should be. In this activity, you will go on a Spending Spree in which you will be asked to make a tough group decision but must listen and communicate effectively. This program was developed by the Leadership Institute–Women with Purpose, Inc.

Understanding the Legacy 
In this seminar, members will be able to listen to real-life stories of Pi Phi legacies and their families and engage in a discussion about how the decisions you make during recruitment have a dramatic impact. This seminar is perfect for recruitment preparation. The audio clips in MP3 format below are utilized as part of this seminar.

Audio Files:

What's in a Ritual?
Using a series of ritual review questions, collegians will explore the history, heritage and meaning behind Pi Phi Ritual and ceremonies. Collegians will be encouraged to reflect on how Ritual can guide their daily lives, as well as how their chapter can improve upon Ritual.