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Leading with Values for Collegians

Leading with Values seminars offer collegians a way to regularly engage in conversations pertinent to the development of collegians personally, intellectually, professionally, as leaders and as dedicated members of their communities. Collegians will see the connection between Pi Phi's core values, Leading with Values seminars and real-life scenarios. 

At least once a month, a chapter meeting is dedicated to a chapter-wide Leading with Values seminar. This seminar is intended for the development of the individual member. Leading with Values programs may range anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes and are facilitated by a chapter member. 

Seminars are organized by core value and by category of chapter operations.

Report your own seminar idea

  • Has your chapter authored a program you think other chapters would benefit from? Submit the idea here to be included as official Leading with Values curriculum!
  • Have members of your chapter attended a program on your campus or in your community for which you would like Leading with Values credit? Click here to submit your request!

Report Feedback on a seminar

Click here to submit feedback on a Leading with Values seminar your chapter has completed.

Your honest feedback helps Pi Phi improve its programs. Did you know that seminars are regularly revised and some may even be omitted based on your feedback? You help Pi Phi deliver premier programming!

The implementation of Leading with Values seminars is overseen and managed by the chapter’s Vice President of Member Development (VPMD). Some chapters may appoint a Leading with Values chairman who reports to the VPMD. Remember, anyone can present a Leading with Values seminar; it doesn’t have to be the VPMD! The most successful Leading with Values seminars are presented by the most enthusiastic and engaging facilitators!