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Pi Phi for Life

Pi Phi for Life is the senior member program, part of Pi Beta Phi’s overall Leading with Values® member development program. Pi Beta Phi relies on its alumnae members to remain engaged and to support the Fraternity after graduation. Too, Pi Phi believes members still have much to gain from Pi Phi well after their collegiate experience. Pi Phi for Life aims to aid in the transition from collegiate member to young alumna and enhance the final year of collegiate membership. 

The program will strive to achieve specific learning outcomes. Through engagement in Pi Beta Phi’s senior transition program:

  1. Senior members will be able to articulate the legacy that will be left on the chapter by her and other soon-to-be graduates and act upon the espoused legacy.
  2. Senior members will commit to and understand how to live Pi Beta Phi values after college.
  3. Senior members will appreciate the importance of remaining lifelong loyal members of Pi Beta Phi and chose to remain actively engaged in the Fraternity post graduation.

Signature Workshops

The core component of Pi Phi for Life is three Signature Workshops that members experience during their final semesters as a collegian. These workshops replace a regular chapter meeting and provide space for members of the class to reflect on their Pi Phi experiences, their lasting legacy, and giving and serving as an alumna. The workshops are delivered by the chapter's Director Lifelong Membership. Each workshop is accompanied by a special video message from Pi Phi alumnae.

Junior Workshop  

Workshop Description: It is almost here! Our senior year is approaching fast, and it is time to start planning for the future. While we get ready for this final year of our undergraduate years, it is important to create a vision for the future of our chapter. In today’s course, we will explore that vision after studying a true leadership visionary, Robert Greenleaf and talking about leaving a legacy. 

Workshop Goals:  

  • Learn about building a legacy and define what legacy means in Pi Beta Phi.
  • Identify the value of service in the Fraternity.
  • Create a vision for serving the chapter during senior year based on Pi Beta Phi’s values.

Seniors I Workshop  

Workshop Description: During the second part of this Signature Series, we will dive into developing an action plan to serve this chapter. We will talk about why it is so critical for seniors to stay connected at a high level and brainstorm specific legacy projects that will make a big impact. It’s time to put a plan into action. 

Workshop Goals:  

  • Reflect on what building a legacy looks like in our chapter.
  • Identify the “why” for building a legacy.
  • Introduce the idea of a “legacy project”.
  • Brainstorm ideas and agree on an action plan for a legacy project.

Seniors II Workshop  

Workshop Description: We are at the end of this Signature Series and it is time to close up our undergraduate years with a bit of reflection and words of wisdom. In today’s course, we will renew our lifelong commitment to Pi Beta Phi by creating a plan for how to engage and serve Pi Phi after we leave this institution.

Workshop Goals:  

  • Reflect back on senior year.
  • Generate ways to engage with the Fraternity after graduation.
  • Hear from alumnae about the benefits of alumnae life.
  • Create an action plan for staying involved.
  • Learn ways to stay connected to the Fraternity through www.pibetaphi.org.

Director Lifelong Membership should access facilitator and participant guides in the Resource Library (available August 1) by searching with the keyword Pi Phi for Life.  

Signature Workshop videos are accessed on the Pi Phi for Life Vimeo channel.  

Enrichment Resources

The Pi Phi for Life enrichment resources are meant to enhance Signature Workshops and offer advice on being a Pi Phi alumna straight from Pi Phi alumnae members! Enrichment Resources are engaging videos that offer encouragement and guidance to senior members on topics that are most relevant to their experiences. These resources will continue to grow, so check back for more videos!

Enrichment resource videos can be access on the Pi Phi for Life Vimeo channel.