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Get an Idea!

 Looking for a great idea, program or event to share with your alumnae club? Click on one of the following categories to see ideas shared by fellow alumnae across the country.

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Founders' Day

Program Name: "Pocket Founders" Project
Date Submitted: March 2017
Submitted By: Carla Hall Cuilik
Description: This program was inspired by the "Flat Stanley" craze of several years ago. At our fall kick-off meeting, twelve envelopes, each containing a laminated cut-out of a Pi Beta Phi Founder, accompanied by a brief write-up about the Founder, a photograph log sheet, and instructions were passed out to 12 members. The drawings of the Founders were obtained from the Pi Beta Phi website. Whoever received the "Pocket Founder" was asked to take a photograph with or of the "Pocket Founder" in a setting that either had personal significance to the club member or in a setting showing a location or activity that a woman from 1867 would have found amazing. The club member was asked to record information about the photograph in the log accompanying the "Pocket Founder" and send the photograph either electronically or by mail to our designated chairman who is compiling the photographs throughout the year to present at our Founders' Day Celebration in April. The club member was then asked to pass/mail the "Pocket Founder" on to another club member, to continue until April 1st. Club members were asked to be sure to include those sisters who may not have attended club events lately or area sisters known to them who may never have attended club events. They were also asked to avoid sending the "Pocket Founder" back to someone who was already listed on that Founder's log sheet. Prizes will be awarded at the Founders' Day Celebration for the person who has submitted photos with the most Founders, and the most creative photos. We will share more information about the final product and best practices upon completion on Founders' Day.
Alumnae Club: Pensacola, Florida Alumnae Club
Program name: Special Invitation Letters
Date submitted: April 2016   
Submitted by: Jacqueline Jasek  
Description: When sending out invitations to the most important event of the year, Founders' Day, take the time to write a personalized note, whether it's to thank the alumna for paying dues this year or to showcase an award the alumnae club received or to Congratulate/Welcome a Silver/Golden Arrow or recent grad...the possibilities are just about endless! The personal touch has such a great result, and it works every time, even if it gets just one new member to attend!  
Program Name: Slideshow
Date Submitted: April 2015
Description: Pictures were collected from our organization’s activities throughout the year. A slideshow was made and shared at our Founders' Day celebration as a way to reminisce and celebrate all we had done.
Alumnae Club: Ft. Myers, Florida Area Alumnae Club
Program name: Founders' Day   
Date submitted: May 2014   
Submitted by: Lindsay Rolph  
Description: We met for brunch and then toured the Bayou Bend Residence. We learned a lot about the history of our city and how much the owner helped the community.  
Alumnae Club: Katy West-Houston Alumnae Club  
Program name: Founders' Day   
Date submitted: April 2014    
Submitted by: Susan Huniu  
Description: This event is held each year and includes all three San Diego alumnae clubs and two collegiate chapters. The founders’ program focuses on not only remembering our founding members, but also giving special recognition to Golden and Diamond Arrows in our local alumnae clubs. It is a sit-down dinner with speakers from all three alumnae clubs and two collegiate chapters. We present alumnae awards for service and scholastics, such as the Patti Hoover Sutter Award, and collegiate awards such as the Jean Wirths Scott Award, Amy Burnham Onken Award and Chapter Service Award. It's a great night to celebrate our founders with all the San Diego-area Pi Phis.  
Alumnae Club: La Jolla Alumnae Club  

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Fraternity Day of Service

Program name: FDS500 with Vista Hill, San Diego
Date submitted: March 19, 2018
Submitted by: Martha King
Description: We nominated Vista Hill and received a grant. Then Vista Hill Director, Rachel Peniche, completed the required registration online with First Book in October 2017. She ordered the free books that she desired in January 2018, and they arrived several weeks later. With excitement, we celebrated the arrival of the books. FDS500 gets books directly into the hands of children and families. Vista Hill distributed books to 8 care centers in San Diego and we were thrilled to be able to connect Vista Hill with Pi Beta Phi and First Book.

share an idea - san diego 2018

Alumnae Club: North San Diego, CA Alumnae Club
Program name: Literacy Event  
Date submitted: April 9, 2013
Submitted by: Susan Maxwell
Description: We targeted a local Title I school with a project to collect 10,000 books for their kids for summer reading. We went to the school and celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday with four of their third grade classes. We had one member dress up as the Cat in the Hat and "hammed" up the role asking the kids questions about reading. We asked ahead of time that the kids prepare a story or poem to share with us. One of our members read "Wild About Books." It was a very interactive discussion. We sang Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss (and they sang to us in Russian as there was one Russian immersion class). We posed for pictures, had cookies and gave each child a Pi Beta Phi Foundation bookmark as they left. We also presented a box of books and donations to the school's librarian.
Alumnae Club: Lake Oswego-Dunthorpe Alumnae Club
Program name: Giving Back   
Submitted by: Lindsay Daudelin    
Description: At the fall and spring potluck meetings, members bring four of the most-needed items for WINGS, a local resource for women and children in need. At each meeting, the club fills the back portion of an SUV completely. At the fall potluck, we celebrated the four cornerstones of Pi Beta Phi’s Leading with Values® program and honored these cornerstones by bringing the four most-needed items for WINGS. For the last two years at the November meeting, the Arlington Heights Club has adopted more than 16 children for the December holidays through the Home of the Sparrow. The ladies listen to holiday music and wrap their gifts during the meeting. The club also donated a surplus of always-in-need items.   
Alumnae Club: Arlington Heights Alumnae Club  
Program name: Fraternity Day of Service Donation    
Submitted by: Lindsay Daudelin     
Description: Each spring, the Arlington Heights’ Club participates in the Fraternity’s Day of Service. In March, 275 books were delivered to Sunny Hill Elementary, and 50 book plates were stamped and colored for inclusion in books to be distributed via First Book. The school is thrilled to receive this donation and uses the books through its summer camps and as rewards for students throughout the year.  
Alumnae Club: Arlington Heights Alumnae Club  

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Fraternity Heritage

Program Name: History Presentation  
Date Submitted: March 2017
Submitted by: Kayla McCarthy Erlandson
Description: A way to create an active display of your chapter or clubs history is to simply create boards displaying pictures of your club/chapter. We recently had an anniversary event and displayed our pictures, articles, and clippings on cardboard tri-fold-boards. It was a simple way to display items without a great expense and easily to display.
Alumnae Club: Edmonton, Alberta Alumnae Club
Program name: Anniversary Cookie Shine   
Date submitted: April 2016   
Description:  To celebrate our 45th Anniversary, we held a Cookie Shine. Invitations were sent to all Pi Phis on our roster. We recognized the past presidents in attendance, shared a slideshow with old club pictures and shared the history of the Cookie Shine! It was a wonderful celebration!  
Alumnae Club: Ft. Myers Area Alumnae Club  
Program name: International Sisters  
Date submitted: April 2016   
Submitted by: Joanna Glaze  
Description:  At a meeting, we focused on Pi Beta Phi as an international organization. We learned about alumnae clubs and chapters in Alberta, Canada and England. We had food and drinks from these areas/countries. An easy way to emphasize that we are an international organization!  
Alumnae Club: Greater Kansas City Area Alumnae Club  
Program name: 12 Degrees of Separation    
Date submitted: April 2016   
Submitted by: Melissa Barnes Dickstein  
Description:  In order to connect with our history, we decided to link each member of the club to one of our Founders. A few months prior to celebrating Founders Day, a request was sent out asking for each woman to reply with three things that she was passionate about or were important to her (her job, hobbies, etc.). After compiling the information, each member was assigned to a Founder group based on what we know about each (i.e., Jennie Nichol was a doctor, so nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals were assigned to this group). The information was kept secret so as to surprise each person attending the banquet. An introduction and overview of our history and our Founders' places in it was given, members were announced and asked to stand by each other in a group. When each group was announced, the chairperson announced the Founder's name and lit a candle in her memory. This was repeated for each Founder to highlight how we are all connected to the past and present. It was a lovely program that was followed by singing favorite Pi Phi songs. It may not work as well with very large groups (I think we had around 30-35 in attendance that time), but can be adapted to size.  
Alumnae Club: Arlington Heights Alumnae Club  
Program name: Pi Phi Moment in Time     
Date submitted: March 2016  
Submitted by: Jeriann Crawford  
Description: Our club celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. During our monthly events, we researched a decade from 1915–today and found out what was happening with Pi Phi during that time (The Arrow Archives were quite helpful!). We took about 5-10 minutes during each event to outline historical events, what Pi Phis were doing, new chapters, where convention was held, quotes from Pi Phis from The Arrow, etc.  
Alumnae Club: Richmond, Virginia Alumnae Club  
Program name: Historic Follow Your Golden Arrow Membership Brunch    
Date submitted: April 2015   
Submitted by: Nicole McCall  
Description: This event served as our Fraternity Heritage event of the year as well as celebrating our Golden Arrow (GA) angels. All of our club members were invited to the event. Formal invitations were mailed to close to 100 area GAs, which included an offer for a ride to the event if needed. We were beyond thrilled that close to 25 GAs attended. Several GA were given rides to and from the event. To recognize our Golden Arrows we had personalized hand-made gold arrow nametags, reserved seating at tables with gold table cloths, a custom GA cake, each GA introduced herself to the club and was given a flower. We took individual photos of each GA holding a sign indicating how many years she has been a Pi Beta Phi. We also gathered all GAs for a large group photo of which a copy was mailed to each at a later date. As this meeting was our kick-off for the year, we had an "Ask an Angel" table set aside with information for our young alumnae and new club members. The club Co-Presidents personally greeted each guest at the door as they arrived. We also had a photo booth with fun props. A formal was held and the Co-Presidents did a musical skit called "I'm So Pi Phi". Photos of exec board members from their collegiate years were used as centerpieces on the tables. We also held our PBP (Place a Bid Please) Annual Silent Auction. Donations of arrows, angels and other items, ranging from jewelry to wall art, were donated by club members. Proceeds were donated to The Foundation Literacy Fund. For the Fraternity Heritage portion of the meeting, we shared a history of the Golden Arrow Society which we obtained from Fraternity Historian, Fran Becque. A second component of Fraternity Heritage was presented as a photo book compilation of the Phoenix Alumnae Club. Photos from the 1950's to the present were scanned out of club scrapbook archives and used to create a visual history of our club's heritage. The book was auctioned off and the proceeds were sent to the Pi Beta Phi Foundation. After being reunited at this event, two GA members were inspired to begin a new Special Interest Group for GA members. They decided to call themselves the "Golden Girls" and meet periodically for lunch.  
Alumnae Club: Phoenix Alumnae Club  
Program name: History of the Pi Phi Cookie Shine  
Date submitted: April 2015   
Submitted by: Joanne Flowers Duncan  
Description:  Our event was co-hosted by two of our younger alums and their 8 year old daughters. One of our co-hosts had researched the history of the Cookie Shine and presented some fun facts. After the formal presentation many of our members shared Cookie Shine traditions that were unique to their chapters. At the conclusion of the program, we sang the Cookie Shine Song and all 25 of our members filed into the living and dining rooms which had been closed off so we wouldn't see the Cookie Shine until it was time. We then enjoyed one of the loveliest Cookie Shines most of us had ever seen. The daughters had spent two days preparing a Cookie Shine sheet on the floor of the living room. They had arranged individually wrapped candies as angels, arrows, our Greek letters and other Pi Phi logos. There was a second Cookie Shine on the dining room table for those of us who couldn't quite make it down to the floor. The lights had been dimmed in both rooms and lighted votive candles were arranged throughout the rooms. At some point during the Cookie Shine, both of the daughters expressed a desire to be Pi Phis when they grow up!  
Alumnae Club: Columbia, South Carolina Alumnae Club  
Program name: Historic Pi Phi Recipes and Southern Cooking Demonstration    
Date submitted: May 2014   
Submitted by: Janet Gregory  
Description: I contacted our Fraternity Historian Fran Becque, New York Alpha, and asked her for some traditional Pi Phi recipes. She sent me sample recipes from the 1936 Los Angeles Alumnae Club cookbook. Our members brought their own family cookbooks and favorite recipes to share. They included several generations of the Betty Crocker Cookbooks, Girl Scout recipes, old fashioned file card boxes, etc. We had such a good time looking at all of them! The luncheon featured a cooking demonstration by a real Beaufortonian, caterer Missy Trumphore. She prepared and shared her recipes for She-Crab soup and Aunt Evelyn's biscuits, who happened to be the mother of one of our club members. We celebrated a sister's birthday with the most delicious coconut cake made with her secret recipe. It was a most successful event and everyone enjoyed sharing their Pi Phi roots around the luncheon table. Since our club has been organized, bonding over food has always been important to us and we reflected that in our club motto of “friendship, fun, philanthropy and food.” I might mention that I had this idea at convention and asked Fran if she could send me some recipes. I was thrilled when I saw the 2014 winter Arrow feature article, "Ring Ching, Dinner is Served". It was so interesting to see that same cookbook pictured and all the recipes from our international officers. 
Get an Idea - Lowcountry Historic Lunch cookbooksGet an Idea - Lowcountry Historic Lunch Cooking Demo   
Alumnae Club: Lowcountry South Carolina Alumnae Club  
Program name: Silver Arrow Luncheon    
Date submitted: April 2014   
Submitted by: Jacqueline Jasek  
Description: Since our Founders' Day celebration recognizes our wonderful Golden Arrows, I wanted to create an event that got our angels excited and involved in the fall. I thought, "Let's celebrate those angels who have reached their 25th anniversary of wearing the gorgeous arrow badge." One of our Silver Arrow’s hosted the event at a room that overlooks the Art Institute and Grant and Millennium Parks in downtown Chicago. While the view took our breath away, our Silver and Golden Arrows shared stories that also took everyone's breathe away. Our luncheon included a ceremony about the wine carnation, and afterward we presented the Silver Arrows in attendance with a bouquet of wine carnations. It was such a splendid and enjoyable event! Everyone in attendance had such a wonderful time, and I got a lot of excellent ideas, suggestions and advice from our older members!  
Alumnae Club: Chicago Windy City Alumnae Club  
Program name: Heritage Luncheon    
Date submitted: April 15, 2013  
Submitted by: Susan Huniu  
Description: For Heritage Day each year our club does a salad luncheon, which includes a program presented by a club member. The presentation can focus on different topics surrounding the history of Pi Phi. This past year the presentation was based on the Fraternity’s history in Gatlinburg. A member had recently visited Arrowmont and we had a lovely presentation learning more about the history of Arrowmont and Pi Beta Phi Elementary. We also had the opportunity to watch a video about the history of Arrowmont and members were given a copy to take home. Each year this luncheon is a salad potluck and held at a member's home. Members are asked to bring different items to the luncheon based on the first initial of the members last name. For example: A-M make a salad, N-S provide dessert and T-Z provide a beverage. This has been a tradition in the club and a very successful event each year!  
Alumnae Club: La Jolla, California Alumnae Club  

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Program Name: Beau and Arrow Wine and Dine Fundraiser  
Date Submitted: March 2018
Submitted By: Jill Grobeck
Description: We did two Beau and Arrow events where we invited our husband and boyfriends. We found that new members were attracted to this event because they had someone to go with. We picked up three new members this way.
Alumnae Club: Alpharetta, Georgia
Program Name: "Getting to Know You" 
Date Submitted: March 2017
Submitted By: Elaine Goins Butts
Description: On October 4th at 10:00 AM, the Brevard County Alumnae Club hosted a Bridge/Luncheon Fundraiser. While this certainly is not a new idea, this event was a real success! Members and non-members were invited. A few members provided the food, and it was held at the home of member Elaine Butts. I would suggest charging a minimum of $20.00 per person. Some who do not play bridge came for just the lunch.
Alumnae Club: Brevard County, Florida
Program Name: Pi Phi and Friends Bunco  
Date Submitted: February 2017
Submitted By: Ann Shaw
Description: A fundraiser for Pi Phis and Friends:cost was $10 per person. All foods and prizes were donated. A social time and buffet dinner was enjoyed before the game began. Every participant went home with a prize and the winners won the big prizes. Favors were iced sugar cookies. It was our first Bunco fundraiser;so much fun and friendship was enjoyed that those members attending want to host the event again in the next club year. A fun and successful fundraiser for members of all ages!
Alumnae Club: LA Northshore Alumnae Club
 Program name: Chapter Spirit Night   
Date submitted: April 2016 
Submitted by: Jaime Ryan
Description: Every year our club hosts a Chapter Spirit Night, were members are encouraged to come wearing an old college Pi Phi shirt, or any Pi Phi attire that they have in their closet. As a fundraiser, we ask members to donate .10 cents for every year since they were initiated. The amount of money raised largely depends on how many people are in attendance, and the age of your members. However, it is a very easy and affordable way for people to give. I mean, who doesn't have change in their purse?!?! This past year, our club raised $100, which we used to purchase 50 new books for a local literacy group. To tie into the Chapter Spirit theme, we also have our members share stories and traditions from their college days. This is also a great type of meeting to incorporate one of the Leading With Values seminars (such as Reflections of Sincere Friendship).
Alumnae Club: Northern Virginia Alumnae Club
Program name: Wine Tasting Fundraiser    
Date submitted: April 2016   
Submitted by: Michelle Smith  
Description:  Our wine tasting fundraiser was a "Salsa and Sangria" theme where we had a taco bar, chips, salsa, guacamole, picante and desserts. We also served both red and white sangria. Along with ticket sales, we raised money through a silent auction. All of the items were donated by members or businesses and then auctioned off throughout the night.  
Alumnae Club: Jackson Metro Alumnae Club  
Program name: Fundraiser with Stella & Dot     
Date submitted: May 2015   
Submitted by:  Martha King  
Description:   A member of our alumnae club is Stella & Dot stylist. We set up a trunk show in one of our member’s home. All additional proceeds went to our "Dollars for Scholars" fund for Pi Phi collegians at SDSU, UCSD and USD Chapters. Most of the jewelry had designs with the arrow motif. We also offered arrow bracelets as door prizes.
Stell and Dot  
Alumnae Club: North San Diego County Alumnae Club  
Program name: “Name the Pigs” Contest  
Date submitted: May 2015    
Submitted by:  Elaine Goins Butts  
Description:  I was amazed when I counted the amount saved in my change jar over the course of a few months! I purchased 2 adorable piggy banks, and sent out a message to club members about hosting a "Name the Pigs" contest. The board will select the winner, and our pigs will start "attending" meetings in the fall. This is a painless, but fun way to earn some extra money for the club. The winner of the contest will be awarded a prize!  
Alumnae Club: Brevard County, Florida Alumnae Club  
Program Name: "Read Between the Wines" Wine Tasting Fundraiser    
Date Submitted: March 2015  
Submitted by: Michelle Patrick Smith  
Description:  We held our first big fundraiser event on February 12, 2015. Participants (Pi Phis and guests) purchased $25 tickets on MemberPlanet or by check. We profited about $10 per ticket purchased to go to The Literacy Fund. Most of our proceeds came from our silent auction. We had donations such as pottery, private fitness sessions, manicures, chocolate covered strawberries (it was Valentine's Day), artwork, jewelry parties, bags, etc. We had a Pi Phi trained Sommelier so her fees were donated as well. The Sommelier presented the 3 different wines chosen to be paired with the food. We served pulled pork sandwiches, pasta salad, cheese/meats, and bread pudding. After expenses were paid, we were able to donate $1,270 to The Literacy Fund.  
Alumnae Club: Jackson-Metro, Mississippi Alumnae Club  
Program Name: Flash Fun-draisier for Literacy   
Date Submitted: February 2015  
Submitted by: Janice Lisko  
Description: At our September meeting, three alumnae wearing halos walked around the room for three minutes holding large glass jars to collect dollar bills for The Literacy Fund at Pi Beta Phi Foundation. We called it “Flash Fun-draiser for Literacy” and collected more than $150. We did it again at the October meeting with the proceeds this time going to The Friendship Fund. It’s simple, you can do it in any size group and alumnae are generous to give when they know what they are supporting! Besides, it’s fun!  
Alumnae Club: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Alumnae Club  
Program Name: Brag Bag    
Date submitted: April 2013  
Submitted by: Liz Vigrass  
Description: At the conclusion of the meeting we pass around a "brag bag". Each attendee gives her name, chapter and college. If she has something to brag about, the member can purchase a brag for $1 each. Examples of brags are getting a new job, childrens' accomplishments, outstanding service to the club by a particular member or members. The money raised is used for club philanthropies.  
Alumnae Club: Richardson-Plano, Texas Alumnae Club  
Program name: Angel Wrap Bracelets    
Submitted by: Kim O'Brien    
Description: Make 32" angel wrap bracelets from a ball of ribbon or yarn. This amount enables 28 bracelets to be made. Thread the yarn through an angel charm. Lay the angel flat on your wrist and wrap the ribbon several times around your wrist and secure loosely. Sell angel wrap bracelets, one for $6 or two for $10, to alumnae and/or collegians as a fundraising event. This past year the Phoenix Alumnae Club sent all proceeds to Pi Beta Phi Foundation. About $1,000 was made by selling them to the Phoenix Alumnae Club, AZ Beta and AZ Gamma. This is also a great and inexpensive gift to new members.     
Alumnae Club: Phoenix, Arizona Alumnae Club  
Program name: Holiday Auction    
Date submitted: April 8, 2013  
Submitted by: Elizabeth Rudden  
Description: The Omaha Alumnae Club has an annual tradition of holding a Holiday Auction fundraiser for our December meeting program. Members are asked to bring an item to be auctioned off, such as baked goods, holiday decor, wine, Pi Phi items, etc. Then we have a couple of energetic ladies volunteer as the auctioneers who talk up and held bring top dollar for the donated items. The women of the club bid and take home the various items for Christmas presents or for themselves. All money raised goes to support Pi Beta Phi Foundation. Our goal is typically to raise $500 thanks to the generous support of our club members. A simple fundraiser that involves very little planning and no cost to the club. It results in hundreds of dollars raised and a fun, entertaining event!  
Alumnae Club: Omaha, Nebraska Alumnae Club  
Program Name: Book Sale  
Date submitted: April 8, 2013  
Submitted by: Jessica Walton  
Description: At the event of your choosing, request that every individual brings at least one book, new or used, in relatively mint condition. Additionally, request that the Treasurer withdraw money in multiple change denominations. While at the event, assign one individual to serve as the "Banker" and assign prices (e.g. $2 for soft cover books, $5 for hard cover books) as well as set up "shop" with the cash. Set up creative descriptions for books (e.g. Romance, Mystery, Self-Help). Have members walk around and pick books of their choosing and pay the "Banker". Price the books according to your audience, so that they are encouraged to purchase as many books as desired. A book sale can be done at any event, large or small, and can help raise money for scholarships and other donations.  
Alumnae Club: Atlanta Alumnae Club  

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General Educational Programming

Program Name: Book Bundles  
Date Submitted: March 18, 2018
Submitted By: Lindsay Daudelin
Description: Students receive book bundles prior to the summer with a book at their reading level, a notebook, pencil, and a bookmark with grade-level-specific reading strategies. The students will receive these book bundles to practice their reading skills and strategies throughout summer break. Students will use their notebook and pencil to practice writing about their book as well.
Alumnae Club: Arlington Heights, Illinois

Program Name: General Educational Programming  
Date Submitted: February 2017
Submitted By: Joanna Glaze
Description: Another idea to "shake up" meetings and keep them relevant to our Board members and any Pi Phi visitors was to designate a few meetings during the year to be what we called "Meeting Befores". In a month where we had another event, we, as a Board, could gather an hour before that event started and have that be our monthly meeting. Members appreciated not having 2 separate Pi Phi things to attend that month, and that 1 hr time-frame meant we really had to keep reports and discussions brief. A recent example was a meeting before our Holiday Luncheon. And an unplanned-for plus was that then the whole Board was there to greet those arriving for the Luncheon.
Alumnae Club: Greater Kansas City
Program name: I Love Having Pi Phi Sisters! The Core Values of Pi Beta Phi  
Date submitted: April 2016 
Submitted by: Kay Ellisor Hopkins
Description: There is a fun and easy way to remember our Fraternity’s core values using the following mnemonic device. Everyone say: “I Love Having Pi Phi Sisters.” I stands for Integrity, L (love) stands for Lifelong Commitment, H (having) Honor and Respect, P (Pi) Philanthropic Service to Others, P (Phi) Personal and Intellectual Growth, and S (Sisters) Sincere Friendship. In the activity, divide members into six groups. To determine your group, go around the room and each member say the next word of the phrase. Repeat this until everyone has a word, or core value, assigned. Each group should gather in a different area. Each group will have a prepared worksheet with their value and three questions. Each group will determine who will record their answers, and decide who will be their spokesperson when all members reassemble. Discuss the following questions: Why is this core value important to me individually? Why is this core value important to Pi Phi? How can we demonstrate this core value and bring honor to our sisters and our Fraternity? The club will gather back together and each group will share their answers.
Alumnae Club: Richardson-Plano, Texas Alumnae Club
Program name: "New to Houston" Networking Event and Interest Group     
Date submitted: April 2016   
Submitted by: Julie Daigrepont McCuen  
Description: Houston is a growing city, in fact over the last few year's has been the largest growing city in the country. As a response to our ever-growing community, we decided it was important to create a group for our members who are "New to Houston". We added a new officer position — under the Hospitality group — "New to Houston" Coordinator. We also created a new networking event for our new Houstonian Pi Phis that was held at a member’s home in early fall (October 8, 2015). The goal of the party was to provide a smaller event that would be seen as less intimidating for those who are new to the city and/or club. The Houston Alumnae Club is very large and we are aware that often times it can be difficult to "break into" a new large club where many people have known each other for a long time. The event was a big success, over 40 "New to Houston" members attended. We had over seven local officers attend that event - to act as greeters and local area advisors. We were delighted to see that it was a variety of age groups that came and from all reaches of the United States (Alaska, New York, Maine, Florida, Alabama, California, etc). The dinner was a casual way for everyone to talk, tell their story, meet a new friend, find out about local Pi Phi events and Houston in general. We are proud to say that several of these ladies have become regular attendees at our club events and we even have a couple that will be serving as officers on our board next year! We plan to keep and expand to this group's event calendar in the future. I would recommend this type of event for any large alumnae club or city/town that is experiencing a lot of growth.  
Alumnae Club: Houston Area Alumnae Club  
Program name: Afford to Live (And Live Well)    
Date submitted: March 2016    
Submitted by: Emily Derr    
Description: This program is centered around image investment/spending and financial literacy in terms of values. We piloted this round table over brunch, partnering with an image management consultant and a therapist to help people determine what their values are. For example, the fitness enthusiast may want to invest in the fancy exercise studio, but not eat out frequently, or the philanthropist who would rather give to multiple charities rather than investing in expensive clothing. This is a lighthearted way to start the conversation about money and financial literacy/image management and defining our values around money.     
Program name: Government Building Tour    
Date submitted: April 2015  
Submitted by: Joanne Flowers Duncan  
Description: Our alumnae club enjoyed a guided tour of the South Carolina State House arranged for us by our Alumnae Club Secretary who at the time was serving as General Counsel for the SC Senate Judiciary Committee. Our group was introduced on the floors of both the House and the Senate and were recognized for our contributions to literacy within our local schools over the past year. This was a fun and exciting day learning about the history and architecture of South Carolina's beautiful State House. Afterwards we walked across the street to enjoy a delicious lunch with our Pi Phi sisters.  
Alumnae Club: Columbia, South Carolina Alumnae Club  
Program name: Pi Beta Phi Core Value Awards    
Date submitted: September 2014  
Submitted by: Lorie Merrick O'Flaherty  
Description: Six club members were awarded the inaugural awards in October and six other club members were named award recipients at our Founders' Day brunch. Each recipient receives a plaque, Pi Phi key chain and a donation is made to the Foundation in each of their names. The awards are the following: the Glenda Mika Worrell Award for Integrity; the Eileen Backes Hughes Award for Lifelong Commitment; the Jeri Price Simak Award for Honor and Respect; the Gail Paoli Greene Award for Personal and Intellectual Growth; the Barb Snow Prince Award for Philanthropic Service to Others; and the Jacquie Trombly Harrell Award for Sincere Friendship. The purpose of these awards is to recognize our club members who live the core values and inspire others to do the same, while promoting sisterhood, sincere friendship and Fraternity heritage. The Core Values Awards will be awarded at every Founders' Day celebration and the recipients are chosen by our Nominating Committee.  
Alumnae Club: Glen Ellyn–Wheaton, Illinois Alumnae Club  
Program name: Not the Recruitment You Remember    
Date submitted: March 2014  
Submitted by: Joanne Flowers Duncan  
Description: On March 15, we held a potluck brunch with speakers who are very familiar with the topic of recruitment. This topic was selected because of the Fall 2014 rechartering of the South Carolina Alpha Chapter. The discussion was led by former Grand President Sarah Sis Mullis, South Carolina Alpha, and former Resident Leadership Development Consultant at North Carolina Delta, Lauren Dutton Robinson, Arkansas Alpha. The program leaders gave attendees a handout with all the new acronyms and discussed the expected schedule. Many questions were answered and we had a "roundtable" discussion of the entire recruitment process and how it's changed from when it was still called "rush."  
Alumnae Club: Columbia, South Carolina Alumnae Club   
Program name: Job Interviewing Skills Workshop for Collegians    
Date submitted: February 2, 2013  
Submitted by: Katie Shreve  
Description: In May, the South Coast Alumnae Club (Southern California) hosted a Job Interviewing Skills Workshop/Career Night for the California Eta collegians. We had desserts and socialized with the collegians and one of our members, Amyra Rand, spoke and presented a Powerpoint presentation. Amyra had put together a wonderful handout with tips on how to prepare for a job interview, write a proper resume and do career path networking. She emphasized that Pi Phi is a great starting point for networking with sisters and that the leadership training and opportunities that Pi Phi offers is a great asset on a resume. She explained do's and don'ts of job interviews and gave the perspective of the company side from what a company expects or looks for in a solid job candidate. We had eight alumnae from various career fields/education paths that formed a panel. Each spoke briefly about her education/career history. At the end of the evening, we broke into small groups and the collegians were able to speak directly with the alumna from their field of interest. We had a doctor, lawyer, teacher, sales rep, architect, community volunteer, psychologist, entrepeneur, etc. Everyone enjoyed the informative and fun evening. To download a copy of the PowerPoint, please click here.  
Alumnae Club: South Coast Alumnae Club  
Program name: Dallas Pi Phi Networking Event    
Date Submitted: November 11, 2012  
Submitted by: Sandra Hipps  
Description: The Dallas Fort Worth Alumnae Club held an Alumnae and Collegiate Pi Beta Phi Networking Event. We Networked with junior and senior collegians from SMU, TCU and UNT to help in their quest for internships and jobs. The event was held at a local restaurant. The invitation read: Please join the Dallas Pi Phi Alumnae Club in Uptown Dallas to help prepare you as you enter the work force. This is a great opportunity for you to meet and establish connections with alumnae in the Dallas area. Areas we will target: resume content and format; interview etiquette; and your presence on social media. What to bring: Your resume, smile and friends! We will have a professional photographer take your picture for all social media outlets and a career counselor to critique your resume.  
Alumnae Club: Dallas Fort Worth Alumnae Club  

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Interest Groups

Program name: Pi Phi Runners Group
Date Submitted: November 2017
Description: Running interest groups allow members to meet while achieving their fitness goals. The camaraderie created can carry over to large scale group involvement at convention and regional meetings. Create t-shirts! Organize a run at the next big Pi Phi event! Use social media to share invites for the group as well as share photos and achievements.
Program Name: Interest Group Ideas
Date Submitted: November 2017
Description: Think out of the box for interest group ideas: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) group, Nerdy group, Big and Little themed mentor group, personal/professional growth themed groups (Strengths Finder), new moms group, Arrow crafts group.


Program Name: Reading Education Assistance Dogs! 
Date Submitted: March 2017
Submitted By: Joanna Miranda Glaze
Description: We suggest you consider the R.E.A.D. program to add to your existing literacy program or build a new literacy event around these trained service dogs. These dogs "listen" to a child read aloud, and the outcome of that interaction has proven to be VERY effective to promote better reading skills. These dogs & their volunteer owner form "literacy therapy teams' and are available all over the country, but might not be easy to find since they might be affiliated with another group. For instance, in SW Wisconsin, they are part of "Dogs of Endearment" group, and in the Houston/Woodland Area they are in with "Montgomery Pet Partners". Some groups are listed at therapyanimals.org website. So we suggest a little research on your part to find this fun component to add to your next event! Would work well with Read-Lead-Achieve or CAR events. We've partnered with the READ dog team at assisted living places, Medical Pediatric Clinics & schools. Have fun! 
Alumnae Club: Greater Kansas CityAlumnae Club
Program name: Read Across America Dr. Seuss Birthday Party!            
Date submitted: April 2016 
Submitted by:Jennifer Brown
Description: For the second year in a row, our Alumnae Club has organized a successful Dr. Seuss Birthday Party in conjunction with Fraternity Day of Service. As part of the Birthday Party, we invited all students (all grade levels) from an at risk elementary school to our "party" in their school cafeteria. As the students arrived we gave them a snack to enjoy, while our own former Principal read a story (age appropriate for each grade level). After the book, we played Dr. Seuss Bingo! We then played a fun beach ball game, and gave each child their own birthday gift--a book and gift bag. The kids then go to go to the photo booth and have their picture made with Dr. Seuss (we delivered the pictures after the event). In former years we had cupcakes and popcorn, but this year we decided to skip the sweets. The Birthday was such a success! We were even lucky enough to have a restaurant donate lunch for all the teachers in the school this year. We know the kids love the "Party" and the best part was celebrating reading with them!
Alumnae Club: Tulsa Alumnae Club
Program name: Legacy of Literacy   
Date submitted: June 2014    
Submitted by: Debby Kay  
Description: We invited two representatives from First Book of Greater Richmond, Virginia, to join us at a dessert club meeting early in the fall. We watched the Read > Lead > Achieve DVD and then asked them to share First Book's vision, activities and need for volunteers in our area. In addition, one of our members, who has a career as an educator, was asked to give her perspective on how Pi Phi volunteers can make a difference in the lives of children and students of all ages. It was a wonderful way to tie together Pi Phi's history and legacy of literacy with our current initiatives and goals. This program provided inspiration to all of us to make supporting First Book and other literacy projects a priority in our club and in our lives.      
Alumnae ClubRichmond, Virginia Alumnae Club  
Program name: Governor Rick Scott's Black History Month Essay Contest    
Submitted by: Molly Drake Elder    
Description: As an educator at a school with disadvantaged students, I try to make sure the children I teach have every opportunity to further themselves. When the governor of Florida, Rick Scott, announced a contest for black history month last spring (with the grand prize being a 4 YEAR FULLY PAID COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP TO ANY FLORIDA COLLEGE), one of my students, Isaiah, was really interested in participating. I arranged for an interview by speakerphone with a prominent Florida black business leader. My sixth-grade student and I prepared the questions, and we held a full 50 minute interview during class. Then we wrote (and re-wrote) his essay before school, after school and during lunch. As the contest was nearing the "final selection process," Isaiah would drop by the classroom every day before school, during school and after school. Considering the odds were against us (only two middle school students are selected), I reassured him he was a winner in his teacher's eyes. Imagine the surprise we felt when I was called to the principal's office because "the governor is on the phone!" Isaiah's family has no car, so I drove his mother and him to the Governor's Mansion (a seven hour round trip)! My husband had to bring me a dress to school and pick up and arrange for dinner for our own three children. Having been there, I can say it was well worth all of the effort. Isaiah will be the first member of his family to go to college! This school year he is in advanced classes and is an inspiration to other children in our area. The local newspaper and the governor's office publicly recognized the event. My goal is to let other Pi Phis know they can make a difference in a child's life, and to have the fortitude to work just a little bit harder to better a child's situation.    
Program name: Make a Difference    
Submitted by: Monica Diaz-Greco    
Description: Invite a local literacy group to a club event to speak of their efforts to combat illiteracy in the community. An organization we found was Literature for Life, a local group committed to supporting the role of mother as her child’s first teacher by facilitating one-of-a-kind reading circle program to marginalized women throughout Toronto’s priority neighborhoods. Most of the women serviced are young teenage girls who have gotten pregnant and therefore had to drop out of school. We asked the president of the organization to do a presentation outlining Literature for Life's efforts and we also held a book drive; books were donated to the organization. Also, as a hands-on activity we made grab bags filled with pencils, erasers, notebooks, bookmarks and books. A message from the club was attached encouraging reading. These grab bags were donated to the organization to be given to the children of these women. We found this event to be extremely uplifting as we felt our efforts were going to a great cause.  
Alumnae Club: Toronto Area Alumnae Club  
Program name: Running with CAR  
Submitted by: Lindsay Daudelin  
Description: In October for the past six years, the club hosts the monthlong Champions Are Readers (CAR) program at Sunny Hill Elementary School in Carpentersville, IL. Every day for four weeks, three Pi Phi volunteers work on reading with a different third-grade classroom. Twenty-five members participated, donating more than 50 hours of service. The month concluded with an award ceremony including books and metals for each child, which is attended by various local celebrities including police and fire chiefs. One member brings her red Porsche and takes pictures of each third grader with his/her medal in front of the car. These pictures are then printed and sent to each teacher. The club also donated cake and juice for the party. The kids affectionately referred to us as the CAR Ladies!  
Alumnae Club: Arlington Heights Alumnae Club  
Program name: Book Chats at a Senior Community    
Submitted by: Lindsay Daudelin    
Description: For more than 10 years, at least five club members have organized and hosted the John Hochreiter Memorial Book Chat at Church Creek Independent Living Community in Arlington Heights. Our club provides the books and refreshments to the approximately 10 residents in attendance. This spring our efforts were highlighted in the print version of the Chicago Tribune’s TribLocal — resulting in additional attendees — so much so that we may have outgrown the community’s library as our meeting place. The residents and our club benefit from having a book club. Launched in 2001, the John Hochreiter Memorial Book Chat is named after then Club President Terri Brittain’s father. The Interest Group Leader selects each month’s book that is secured through the library’s Book Club in a Bag program or by club donations.  
Alumnae ClubArlington Heights Alumnae Club  
Program name: “B” is for Books    
Date submitted: March 22, 2013  
Submitted by: Julie Hough  
Description: Members were able to purchase books requested by our third grade teacher whom we worked with for our Fraternity Day of Service. Alumnae members also brought a bottle of wine to share and enjoyed playing a trivia game. The winner took home a Trader Joe's gift card.  
Alumnae Club: Conroe/Woodlands Alumnae Club  
Program Name: Legacy of Literacy  
Date submitted: April 3, 2013  
Submitted by: Debby Kay  
Description: We invited two representatives from First Book of Greater Richmond Virginia to join us at a dessert meeting of our club early in the fall. We watched the Read.Lead.Achieve. dvd and then asked them to share First Book's vision, activities and need for volunteers in our area. In addition, one of our members who is an educator was asked to give her perspective on how Pi Phi volunteers can make a difference in the lives of children and students of all ages. It was a wonderful way to tie together Pi Phi's history and legacy of literacy with our current initiatives and goals. This program provided inspiration to all of us to make supporting First Book and other literacy projects a priority in our club and in our lives.  
Alumnae Club: Richmond, Virginia Alumnae Club  

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Program name: Know Your Chapters Ice Breaker   
Date Submitted: October 4, 2016
Submitted by: Laura Purcell
Description: We looked at the list of Pi Phis who had RSVP'd for the event. We listed each member's chapter name with a blank line next to it on a sheet of paper. (We also included Illinois Alpha as a trick question.) We made photocopies of the list of chapter names. When each member arrived at the event, we handed them a nametag that also listed their chapter and college. We also handed each member the list of chapter names and told them to write the college name next to the chapter name. We hinted to them that the answers were on the nametags. So the more women that you talked to = the more correct answers on your list. At the end of the evening, we checked everybody's answers and the member with the most correct answers received a prize!
Alumnae Club: Northern New Jersey Alumnae Club
Program name: Event Locations  
Date submitted: March 2016  
Submitted by: Heather Miller  
Description: The attendance at our club events has grown over the last few years, especially at our kick-off membership brunch in September. In order to accommodate a large number of attendees (75+) and stay within a reasonable budget we began looking for alternative locations. The perfect location was found at the main office of our philanthropy partner UMOM New Day Centers (Arizona's largest family homeless shelter). UMOM recently remodeled their large activities center and installed up to date AV equipment including large screens and projectors. They provided chairs and tables (previously we had to rent these) and we were able to purchase food from the on-site cafe where UMOM residents work to gain valuable job skills. Another benefit of this location is that we offer year round volunteer opportunities at UMOM. Getting club members to come to brunch at this location allowed them to see where we volunteer and hopefully made them feel more comfortable to come back and volunteer. A win for all! When looking for alternate locations to hold events, consider the locations of your local philanthropy partners.  
Alumnae Club: Phoenix Alumnae Club
Program name: Pi Phi Bingo 
Date submitted:  
Submitted by: Marnie Lee  
Description: Alumnae Region Five used this activity throughout their Leadership Summit. It could easily be added as a fun activity to any club event, such as Founders' Day, or a club meeting. We used an angel themed stamp for the "free" square in the center before handing out the cards. Throughout the meeting just ask people to cross of any of the words as they are said, such as "sister" or "chapter." Whoever gets a line or all of the squares first yells "Pi Phi" or "Bingo" and is the winner. You can play a few rounds, first play to a line then a blackout. Have some fun and little prizes on hand for the winners — Pi Phi items are always a hit!

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Philanthropy and Community Service


Program Name: Focus on Philanthropy Week    
Date Sbmitted: March 2018  
Submitted By: Susie McGee and Gail Orr  
Description: When planning our alumnae club calendar, we discovered that our annual Fraternity Day of Service, a Champions Are Readers event and a general meeting were all scheduled for the same week! At first, the idea of spreading ourselves so thin was a bit overwhelming, but we decided to "embrace the philanthropy spirit" and call this our "Focus on Philanthropy Week." We scheduled the Executive Director of Small Steps Nurturing Center to be our featured speaker for the general meeting. Small Steps is an early childhood learning center and the recipient of a $1,000 grant for classroom library books from our local Pi Phi foundation. So that our membership would have a better understanding of the impact our donation makes to the literacy efforts at Small Steps, we asked the speaker to prepare a small script written from the point of view of a pre-school student describing her day at the center. This personal account began with the student’s early arrival (and breakfast at the center) to afternoon dismissal. At our meeting, the script was divided into 6 parts and given to various members to read in chronological order. As each entry was read, the speaker expanded on how the student's experience was benefitted and made possible by our support of their organization. This was truly eye opening, as our members were able to visualize and empathize with the hardships and reality of these lower income students' situations. Including the members in the presentation was a novel way of engaging our members and leaving them with a real sense of how we make a difference. Later that week, we held our Fraternity Day of Service at a local hospital where we celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday with the children. We supplied several craft projects, and every participant left with a new book that our chapter received from the FDS500 grant. The week ended with a Champions Are Readers event at Yellowstone Academy, a privately funded lower and middle school. Participants also left with a new book. This busy week was eventful and a wonderful reminder of Pi Phi's commitment to community service and literacy.  
Alumnae Club: Houston, TX Alumnae Club  
Program Name: Lularoe for Literacy   
Date Sbmitted: January 2017  
Submitted By: Barbara Rua  
Description: Our Club hosted a virtual Lularoe for Literacy event. Virtual attendees could shop from home and proceeds were donated to the local library our Club partners with. This concept would work for any shopping fundraisers.  
Alumnae Club: Manchester Area Alumnae Club  
Program name: Gift Wrapping for Vista Hill Families   
Date submitted: February 2016  
Submitted by: Martha King  
Description: The morning of December 15, 2015, 9 members of North San Diego County Alumnae Club met at Vista Hill to wrap Santa gifts for the children of Vista Hill families. We worked together for several hours wrapping, labeling and organizing gifts. It is helpful for our smaller club to join a community organization and support their specific needs. Member Barb Crew organized this event.  
Alumnae club: North San Diego County Alumnae Club  
Program name: Angel Tree   
Date submitted: October 2015  
Submitted by: Beth Johnson  
Description: Together with our local collegians we put together a holiday program where we "adopt" a child from the TAP program (an after school tutoring program promoting literacy in underprivileged children). Each child that is "adopted" for the holidays fills out a sheet of a few items they would love to have for Christmas and these wishes are fulfilled by an alumnae member or collegian. The event culminates in the delivery of the holiday gifts to the children at TAP and an event for the Alumnae and Collegians to enjoy together with the children from TAP.  
Alumnae Club: Nashville Alumnae Club
Program name:Christmas Tree Decorating and Ornament Making  
Date submitted: April 2015  
Submitted by:Karen Gunther   
Description: For over 20 years, our club has decorated holiday trees for the Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital. This year we decided that our Angel tree needed a few new angels, so we gathered at a local ceramics studio and painted angels. The new angels all sported Pi Beta Phi letters or the arrow, just to make it extra special.  
Alumnae Club: Richardson-Plano, Texas Alumnae Club  
Program name: Angels for the YWCA  
Date submitted:February 2015  
Submitted by:Janice Lisko  
Description:At our December Angel Ornament Exchange meeting/party, along with an angel ornament members brought unwrapped, women’s toiletry items – hundreds of them! At the meeting we presented a short “facts to know” about battered women in Oklahoma and reinforced the importance of supporting women. The next day we delivered the items (boxes and boxes of them) to the battered women’s shelter at the YWCA.  
Alumnae Club: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Alumnae Club  
Program name: Women and Wellness   
Date submitted: February 2015   
Submitted by: Bridget Wagstaff  
Description:We designed a t-shirt, "Angel Walkers" and walked/ran as sisters throughout the year, starting with support of Alzheimer's and ending in May with Purple Stride for pancreatic cancer. We walked for sisters, friends and family.  
Alumnae Club: Greater Kansas City Alumnae Club  
Program name: Angel Christmas Caroling  
Date submitted: September 2014  
Submitted by: Elaine Goins Butts  
Description: One of our favorite activities is Angel Christmas Caroling. We have members who can no longer come to meetings due to physical restraints, so we visit them in their homes. It is a heart-warming event we will continue for years to come. Afterwards, a member serves refreshments at her home.  
Alumnae Club: Brevard County, Florida Alumnae Club  
Program name: A Penny for your Thoughts  
Date submitted: May 2014  
Submitted by: Tammy Geerling  
Description: This idea actually ties in with the “My Legacy of Philanthropic Service” Leading with Values seminar. I called it “A Penny for your Thoughts.” It also serves as a great ice breaker for club meetings. At the beginning our club meeting, when everyone walked in and was greeted, they were given a penny. Once the meeting began I asked everyone to look at the date on the penny and tell us what they did philanthropically that same year as the age of the penny. If they were too young or not born yet, I asked that they give a memory of their favorite philanthropy. Each person recalled a special memory of community service or support to an individual or family that they helped. It was a great introduction to the Leading with Values seminar and got everyone talking and inspired to volunteer with our philanthropy.  
Alumnae Club: Greater Orlando Alumnae Club  
Program name: Philanthropy Phebruary  
Date submitted: March 2014   
Submitted by: Heather Wilson Miller  
Description: During and around the month of February each year, the Phoenix Alumnae Club has multiple philanthropic and community service opportunities it offers to its members and their family and friends. It begins with volunteering on the behalf of the Phoenix Panhellenic Association at the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament to raise funds for scholarships. It continues with the Champions are Readers program that runs the entire month of February and concludes with a Fraternity Day of Service event the end of February or beginning of March. During February, the club also continues its literacy efforts at UMOM New Day Centers by maintaining the book room and volunteering at Read-to-Me nights. Club leadership found that members were confused by the all the different opportunities and how they are tied together to meet our philanthropic and community service goals. We decided to create a theme (Philanthropy Phebruary) as an umbrella under which all these events fall to more clearly communicate and advertise the opportunities. We created a graphic with various versions: a Facebook banner for the club’s Facebook page that was used the entire month and one that could be used as the profile picture on the club’s Instagram account. We also created the hashtag #philanthropyphebruary to be used for all related postings. At the conclusion of the events, the graphic was once again utilized to report the results of the club’s efforts. Click here to download a copy of the profile picture and click here to download a copy of the graphic report.  
Alumnae Club: Phoenix, Arizona Alumnae Club  
Program name: Cookie Shine at local community organization    
Date submitted: August 2013  
Submitted by: Samantha Morgaman  
Description: Two club members work for a local community agency for foster children, and they reached out to our club to host an event to introduce our sisters to local service opportunities and raise awareness for their organization. We are having a cookie shine at their facility where we will learn about what they do and how we can get involved individually and as an organization.  
Alumnae Club: Boca Raton, Florida, Alumnae Club  
Program name: Pi Phis at the Opera    
Date submitted: December 2012  
Submitted by: Barbara Dexter  
Description: The Houston, Texas, Alumnae Club contacted the Marketing Director, a Texas Gamma Pi Phi, of the Houston Grand Opera about a Pi Phi group night at the Houston Grand Opera. It was well received by our club and we have 23 members and a few guests participating. We are asking all participants to bring a book to donate to the libaray of Nehemiah Center. Nehemiah is one of the philanthropies that the Houston Alumnae Club supports locally.We will be seeing Showboat starring Tommy Tune. Mr. Tune is a native Houstonian, which was a draw for this particular Opera.  
Alumnae Club: Houston, Texas, Alumnae Club  
Program name: Making Dinner at Ronald McDonald House    
Date submitted: November 2012  
Submitted by: Melissa Reams  
Description: Ronald McDonald Houses provide a home away from home — a place for families to stay when their children are being treated at area hospitals. One of the greatest needs at the Ronald McDonald House is a nightly meal for their families. Providing a meal at the house is a wonderful way for your club to spend time together and make a significant difference. You can sign up just one time or set up a regular time each month to make dinner. We chose to prepare a taco bar for the families. We made all of the food in their kitchen, and they even had crock pots for us to put the food in to keep it warm. Eight of us attended and it took us about 75 minutes to prepare the food. We also received a tour of the facility and met a few of the families that were staying there. It was a great opportunity for all of us to chat and catch up while we made the meal and made a difference in our community.  
Alumnae Club: Des Moines, Iowa, Alumnae Club  
Program name: Biking for Books    
Date submitted: April 2013  
Submitted by: Lindsay Rolph  
Description: For the past two years we have had Biking for Books, which is a family bike ride with a raffle to give away donated items (bike, gift cards, baskets, etc). We have sent out press releases to our local magazines. This year we had the help of our local fire department, which came out with their fire truck for all the kids to take pictures and tour the truck. Participants can ride around the park on paved sidewalks and then at the end relax while listening to a Dr. Seuss book.  
Alumnae Club: Katy-West Houston Alumnae Club  

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Program Name: Trunk Show
Date Submitted: April 2018
Submitted by: Melissa Murray, Portland Alumnae Club
Description: Our club paired up with a local clothing shop and hosted a trunk show. A percentage of sales were then donated to a local literacy organization.  
Program Name: Pi Phi Pen Pals
Date Submitted: November 2017
Description: Host a letter-writing party! Who doesn’t love getting fun cards in the mail? Host a gathering where each person writes a note/letter/postcard to a Pi Phi!  Some possible recipients are:  members of the club you haven’t heard from in a while, Pi Phis who have had to take a break from club activity because of family commitments, golden arrow Pi Phis who can’t make it to events, young collegians…the possibilities are endless! Ask members to bring stationery or provide paper/craft items to make your own. 
 Program Name: Coffee Shop Gathering
Date Submitted: November 2017
Description: Contact a local coffee house to inquire about rental. This provides the opportunity for the club to sponsor an hour or two of private gathering time right after work.  Club can pay for coffee and treats to entice more attendees. Quick and easy events like this appeal to all ages.
Program Name: Founders' Day Ticket Sponsorship for Young Alumnae
Date Submitted: November 2017
Description: Alumnae club executive members identify young alumnae and provide club sponsorship for the cost of the ticket to attend the Founders’ Day celebration. For some young alumnae the cost of attending is expensive, with club sponsorship the young alumnae member can relax and enjoy the fun and friendship!
Program Name: Young Alumnae Meet and Greet
Date Submitted: November 2017
Description: Invite young alumnae to arrive right after work hours before the older club members arrive for the regular club meeting. Have the host club member(s) provide a light dinner or heavy snack and time to bond before the other club members arrive. Young alumnae appreciate a meal provided and time to relax with other young alumnae right after work! This creates a more comfortable beginning to a meeting that includes older club members.
Program Name: Diamond Arrow (75-year member) Recognition Certificates Hand Delivery
Date Submitted: November 2017
Submitted By: Headquarters
Description: Young alumnae volunteers coordinate the order of the certificate (contact: Alison Bauer, Alumnae Engagement Coordinator) and hand deliver it to the Diamond Arrow. Make sure to take a picture with the recipient and post on social media! The young alumnae will learn so much about their Diamond Arrow sister as they listen to stories from their past. The Diamond Arrow member will enjoy this special day! 
Program Name: High Tea and IT  
Date Submitted: November 2017
Submitted by: Headquarters
Description: At this event young alumnae train older members on technology. Members bring along their tech gadgets for one on one training. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat—even email tips and tricks! It’s a great way to get the generations talking and it could increase the club’s social media activity! Provide “High Tea” themed treats. 
Program Name: Fundraiser with Stella & Dot  
Date Submitted: March 2017
Submitted By: Martha King
Description: Our club made Cookie Shine Initiation bags for the new initiates at CA XI, University of San Diego. Each bag cost under $5. We used Arrow design gift bags from Target and included gold tinsel halos (great photo op later), blue tumblers with candy, metallic angels from Oriental Traders, cookies and words to Cookie Shine song and Anthem with wishes from our club.
We met at a member's home and assembled the bags-- lots of fun! Then we delivered them when we attended their initiation and enjoyed meeting our newest angels-- even more fun!
Alumnae Club: North San Diego Alumnae Club
Program Name: Lessons To Our Younger Selves 
Date Submitted: March 2017
Submitted By: Jeriann Crawford
Description: We typically hold a joint meeting with the VA Eta/University of Richmond collegians in the fall. While this year was especially fun with a visit from the Ring Ching roadshow, Daphney and Libby, we also initiated the “Lessons to our Younger Selves” Leading was Values program at this event. As alums, we were able to give real, thoughtful feedback to the collegians (most attendees were seniors) about what to expect when they graduate, realistic job advice, career expectations, what happens when you get "off the path" you've directed yourself on, life advice from ladies who've lived. It was a jam-packed event that also included a Speed Read and a cookie shine. It made for a very memorable evening.
Alumnae Club: Richmond, VA Alumnae Club
Program name: Paint Pots  
Date submitted: April 2016 
Submitted by: Melissa Murray
Description: We Paired up with a local venue, picked out bowl/plate/figurine and painted while socializing with sisters!
Alumnae Club: Portland Alumnae Club
Program name: Golden Gals Social Events    
Date submitted: April 2016   
Submitted by:Joanna Glaze  
Description: We've established a committee to plan and implement 3-4 events a year just for our Golden Arrows. These events are strictly social and free to the Golden Girls. Last fall included a Halloween lunch at the home of an active member who goes NUTS decorating for this holiday. They called it Golden Girls, Goblins & Ghost Stories. She served ghost chili (white chili), spider cider and other themed food. Other actives helped her with the rest of the food and to help serve. The Golden Gals are tickled to have events that are "just for them" and that we are treating them. We've been happy to see some new faces too. In the winter we had a Presidents' Coffee with a Valentine's theme. Next month we will do a Garden Tea, and we've had a museum tour followed by lunch and a "Beat the Heat" poolside party.  
Alumnae Club: Greater Kansas City Area Alumnae Club  
Program name: Study Kits for Collegians    
Date submitted: April 2016   
Submitted by: Taylor Smith  
Description: The Athens Alumnae Club made study kits for the women of Georgia Alpha at our November meeting for their upcoming finals. We filled them full of goodies including pens, pencils, highlighters, post-it notes, candy, hot chocolate, trail mix, granola bars, etc. We also attached hand written notes of encouragement to wish them well through finals week! These were delivered directly to the girls at the sorority house and were very well received!  
Alumnae Club: Athens Alumnae Club
Program name: "The BLUES” — Books, Lunch and You!   
Date submitted: April 2016 
Submitted by: Janet Gregory
Description:  One of our interest groups is "The Blues — Books, Lunch and You. We meet at our favorite Thai restaurant to share our recent reads and exchange books with each other. This November we were honored to have Past Grand President Sis Mullis and Brenda Hellams from the Columbia Alumnae Club in attendance. One of our new club members who just moved to the South Carolina Lowcountry, Faye Pendarvis, was friends with them at the University of South Carolina (USC) and Sis was one of her bridesmaids. We usually have lively discussions about our books but having Sis there was something special. She shared her many stories from her time at USC and over her many active years in Pi Phi. It was the perfect way for club members to bond over their love of reading with some very special Pi Phis!
Alumnae Club: Lowcountry, South Carolina Alumnae Club
Program name: Adventurous Angels   
Date submitted: March 2016  
Submitted by: Heather Miller  
Description: In response to feedback about all the great activities that are offered in the Phoenix Area, and the desire of our club members to take advantage of these opportunities, we created a new Special Interest Group called "Adventurous Angels." Each month, this group goes on new adventures! Past activities include crafting at a DIY studio space, tours of local historical homes, museum visits, ornament painting at the holidays and a future visit is planned to Escape the Room! It's so much more fun to go on adventures with your sisters!  
Alumnae Club: Phoenix Alumnae Club  
Program name: Tailgate and Recipe Exchange   
Date submitted: March 2016
Submitted by: Jeriann Crawford
Description: For a monthly event, we invited members to bring their favorite tailgate dish and wear their school colors. Pi Phi songs were sung, school memories recalled, Angels and Arrows cookbook given as a door prize and the "Then and Now" Leading With Values activity conducted. Recipes were collected and distributed post-event to attendees.
Alumnae Club: Richmond, VA Alumnae Club
Program name: Cookie Shine and Letter Welcome
Date submitted: March 2016
Submitted by: Jill Grobeck
Description:  The Georgia Alpharetta Alumnae club wrote notes to each of the 71 Georgia Alpha new members to welcome them to Pi Phi and share what Pi Phi meant to them. We also gathered bags of candy and cookies to make a giant mural of Pi Phi out of the letters and candy. Each girl got a car decal to proudly display their new sorority.
Alumnae Club: Alpharetta Alumnae Club
Program name: Golden Arrow Luncheon 
Date submitted: March 2016
Submitted by: Nancy Jackson
Description: At the Golden Arrow luncheon, a tented card and pen is at each person's place setting. Each person writes a little-known fact of her own Pi Phi collegiate experience (chapter office held, remembered activity) and on the hidden inside of the tented card she writes her name. Cards will be collected and the leader will read out the individual collegiate experiences as others try to guess who wrote it. We believe friendships are enhanced by getting to know one another better.
Alumnae Club: South Bay, California Alumnae Club
Program name: Wine & BLU Gathering  
Date submitted: January 2016
Submitted by: Ann Shaw
Description: Books, lunch and you! Bring a book you have read or are reading to share with your sisters. We invited recently published alumnae club member Libby Bentson to share her book and sell autographed copies.
Alumnae ClubLA Northshore Alumnae club
Program name: Oscars Pajama Party   
Date submitted: April 2015 
Submitted by: Felisa Lawson
Description:  Since most husbands are not Oscars fans, we had a pajama party for the Oscars. Our party included swag bags with tiaras and Oscar bingo, as well as a red carpet to the living room and an area to pose for pictures. Everyone brought an item for potluck, and we had plenty of popcorn and goodies!
Alumnae Club:  South Orange County Alumnae Club
Program name: Nametag Lucky Draw   
Date submitted: April 2015 
Submitted by: Ruth Noble
Description:  To encourage attendance at club meetings, we collect the members' name tags at the end of the meeting and draw one from the group. That member receives a small gift. We do this at every meeting and everyone departs on a high note!
Alumnae Club:  South Bay, California Alumnae Club
Program name: Interest Group Fair   
Date submitted: April 2015  
Submitted by: Jaime Ryan
Description:  At our kickoff meeting in September, we always host an "Interest Group Fair." All interest group and committee chairs make science-fair type posters describing their group, posting photos from previous events, advertising upcoming events and taking sign-ups for the interest group. After the business portion of our meeting, everyone is encouraged to check out and sign-up for the groups that interest them. This is a great way for new members to discover the wide variety of activities the club offers. It also provides a relaxed setting for new members to mingle, discover shared interests and meet current members.
Alumnae Club:  Northern Virginia Alumnae Club
Program name: Find the Angel!   
Date submitted: April 2015 
Submitted by: Ruth Noble
Description:  To encourage interest in upcoming club meetings, I sent out an e-mail to board members telling them to "Find the Angel" in our area. (Our theme for this year was "Angels All Around Us.") I gave three clues to identify three "angels." Then at the meeting, I gave everyone an opportunity to submit their guesses, repeating the clues for anyone who had not seen them previously. I gave a prize to the member who correctly guessed an angel! Everyone enjoyed knowing where the “Angels All Around Us” were located!
Alumnae Club:  South Bay, California Alumnae Club
Program name: Pi Phi Lights   
Date submitted: February 2015
Submitted by: Felisa Lawson
Description: Our alumnae club got in the holiday spirit by strolling along the Balboa Island boardwalk to see the holiday lights. We encouraged everyone to bring a travel mug and provided hot cocoa and hot cider for the stroll at a member's house prior to the walk. We are also thinking in the future we could meet at a local coffee place to have members purchase drinks if desired. Many members had never walked that area and had never see all the decorations. They got some exercise as well!
Alumnae Club: South Orange County Alumnae Club
Program name: Virtual Halo  
Date submitted: February 2015
Submitted by: Kelley Hurley
Description: When we have a person we would like to recognize or thank, we create a picture with a message to post on Instagram with a Virtual Halo. Then we link to Facebook for those to see on our page.
Alumnae Club: Phoenix, Arizona Alumnae Club
Program name: Arrow to Arrow  
Date submitted: February 2015
Submitted by: Cheryl Sykes
Description: This event is a networking/"get to know you better" type of event. Everyone who attends an alumnae meeting puts her name in a bowl for the drawing. Just before the close of the meeting, everyone takes a turn to draw a name out of the bowl. If you know the person whose name you have drawn, you must return it to the bowl and draw again until you have drawn the name of someone you do not know well. That name is then called out so you can visually see the person whose name you've drawn and they can see you. The "assignment" is for everyone to meet with the person whose name they have drawn for coffee, a glass of wine or a simple meal sometime before the next meeting.
Alumnae Club: Atlanta, Georgia Alumnae Club
Program name: Candlelightings  
Date submitted: February 2015
Submitted by: Janice Lisko
Description: In July, a member of the executive board told a few of us she had just gotten engaged, so we had a candlelight ceremony for her. It has been so popular that other young alumnae are attending meetings to have “candlelights.” We have already had three, and another is scheduled for our upcoming February meeting. We circle up, sing songs and after the surprise of blowing out the candle, the alumna tells how she met her fiancé and how they got engaged. It’s fun! I’m now taking decorated candles with me to every event, just in case!
Alumnae Club: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Alumnae Club
Program name: Golden and Diamond Arrow video  
Date submitted: February 2015
Submitted by: Janice Lisko
Description: To create a family-friendly event for our club, we held our first Pop Up event in August. We worked with a local candy/ice cream store and were given special deals for a period of time in the afternoon. They set aside space on their patio for us to gather. We invited members to attend with their families to mix and mingle.
Alumnae Club: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Alumnae Club
Program name: Pop-Up Event  
Date submitted: October 2014
Submitted by: Kathy Dorr
Description: At our upcoming luncheon honoring our new Golden Arrows and Diamond Arrows, we plan to have a video slideshow of pictures of them from college days!
Alumnae Club: Nashville, Tennessee Alumnae Club
Program name: Tailgate and Recipe Exchange  
Date submitted: October 2014
Submitted by: Jeriann Crawford
Description: For a monthly event, we invited members to bring their favorite tailgate dishes and wear their school colors. We sang Pi Phi songs, recalled school memories, gave out Angels and Arrows cookbook as a door prize and conducted the "Then and Now" Leading With Values seminar. Recipes were collected and distributed post-event to attendees.
Alumnae Club: Richmond, Virginia Alumnae Club
Program name: Getting to Know You  
Date submitted: September 2014
Submitted by: Elaine Goins Butts
Description: The "Getting to Know You" newsletters have been very popular and have further personalized our club. In each edition, four to five club members are spotlighted. Each member chooses to share whatever she wants about herself and the topics have really varied. One member remarked, " I have known her for years, and I never knew about all of her accomplishments". The newsletters promote deeper understandings of one another and sincere friendship.
Alumnae Club: Brevard County, Florida Alumnae Club
Program name: Paint Pots  
Date submitted: June 2014 
Submitted by: Melissa Murray
Description: We paired up with a local venue and picked out bowls, plates or figurines to paint while socializing with sisters!
Alumnae Club: Portland, Oregon Alumnae Club
Program name: Accessory Exchange  
Date submitted: May 2014 
Submitted by: Melissa Murray
Description: We had participants bring gently used accessories that they were considering donating. Each attendee received five tickets, and everyone was able to shop through all of the items to go home with some new accessories. Leftover items were donated to Dress For Success, a local nonprofit.
Alumnae Club: Portland, Oregon Alumnae Club
Program name: Name Tag Lucky Draw  
Date submitted: May 2014 
Submitted by: Ruth Noble
Description: To encourage attendance at club meetings, we collect the members' name tags at the end of the meeting and draw one from the group. That member receives a small gift. We do this at every meeting and everyone departs on a high note!
Alumnae Club: South Bay, California Alumnae Club
Program name: Past Presidents Brunch  
Date submitted: March 2014 
Submitted by: Heather Wilson Miller
Description: Every two years, as new Co-Presidents take the helm of the Phoenix Alumnae Club, the outgoing Co-Presidents plan a welcome brunch. All the past Presidents of the Phoenix Alumnae Club are invited to attend and share best practices and ideas and wish the new Co-Presidents good luck in their new positions. If a past President is unable to attend, she is asked to write a letter about her experience that is read aloud and shared with the attendees. Not only are great ideas shared, but the bonds of sisterhood are strengthened among this group of women. At the most recent Past Presidents Brunch, it was decided that the group of Past Presidents would sponsor and assist at a table at the annual Fraternity Day of Service Event. It allows the group to gather once more during the year and work together towards our philanthropic vision.
Alumnae Club: Phoenix, Arizona Alumnae Club
Program name: Card Making Workshop  
Date submitted:  
Submitted by: Monica Diaz-Greco  
Description: About 6 to 8 weeks prior to the holiday season, we invited a Stampin' Up Demonstrator to conduct a card making workshop to our members. Stampin' Up is a scrapbooking and rubber-stamps company which sells rubber stamps, but also conducts many craft project workshops as well. We decided this time of year would be best as most people would be getting ready for the holiday season and would be interested in creating homemade cards. The demonstrator did charge for the workshop and members were charged to cover this cost. The demonstrator taught many card making techniques and members were given the supplies to make their own cards. Members were given the option of purchasing supplies if interested. Light snacks were also served. Items such as hot chocolate, marshmallows and cookies were offered in keeping with the holiday theme of the event. 
Alumnae Club: Toronto Area Alumnae Club
Program name: Friendship Salad Luncheon or Dinner  
Date submitted:  
Submitted by: Toni Martinovich  
Description: My alumnae club makes a Friendship Salad as the dinner for our last meeting of each year. Every Pi Phi attending brings an item for the salad that starts with the first letter of her last name (the hostesses provide the lettuce, rolls, drinks). My last name starts with an M so I could bring mushrooms or mustard greens or even M&M's! As we make our way through the alphabet, each Pi Phi brings her item to the front of the room and drops it in a giant salad bowl. As it goes into the bowl, the Pi Phi says what she is thankful for that year and/or what Pi Phi means to her. Considering all the interesting things that are brought each year, we have never ever had a bad salad. In fact, we think it is much better because of the diverse ingredients, just as our club is much better because of the diverse membership!    
Alumnae Club: South Bay, California, Alumnae Club
Program name: A Twist on a Christmas Gift Exchange  
Date submitted:  
Submitted by: Marnie Lee  
Description: This is a quick and easy way to add a fun twist on a gift exchange, a popular activity at Christmas events. Everyone brings a gift to exchange, angel ornaments are a popular gift to exchange for many clubs. Set a dollar amount for the gift, between $5 and $10 is quite affordable. Someone reads Lefty the Elf story and every time you hear the word left pass a gift to the left and poor Lefty couldn’t get anything right, so every time you hear the word right we pass to the right. Whichever gift you end up with at the end of the story is yours to take. THE LEFTY ELF CHRISTMAS STORY This is a story about Santa and LEFTy elf. LEFTy received this nick name one Christmas when he couldn't seem to do anything RIGHT. Santa said " LEFTy, sometimes I think you have two LEFT thumbs". On the day before Christmas Eve Santa and LEFTy were finishing up the toys that were LEFT. LEFTy called from the workshop, "Oh no, there is no glue LEFT! Santa do you know where any might be?" "I can't believe you forgot to check the inventory, sometimes I wonder if you can get anything RIGHT, LEFTy!" said Santa. "Santa don't be mad", replied LEFTy. "It will only take me a few minutes to find some, I'll be RIGHT back". Santa said "I'm sorry I am so grumpy, but we don't have much time LEFT, LEFTy. "I'll try our packaging and delivery outlet RIGHT on the edge of town", said LEFTy. "It would be faster to stop by my house, Mrs. Claus is sure to have some LEFT, she just might not know RIGHT where it is," Replied Santa. "Take the short cut, go to Candy Cane Lane and Rudolph Rd. and turn LEFT, RIGHT at the Lollipop stop sign. Then go to Holly Drive and turn RIGHT and there it will be on your LEFT." LEFTy found the house RIGHT away and asked Mrs. Claus where she might have some glue LEFT. Mrs. Claus' hands were all doughy from making the last of her Christmas cookies. So she directed him RIGHT to her craft room. "Go RIGHT down the hall and turn RIGHT, open the first door on the LEFT. Walk RIGHT in and turn RIGHT. It should be on the bottom shelf, RIGHT next to the LEFT-over glitter." LEFTy found plenty of glue to finish the toys RIGHT where Mrs. Claus had directed him. LEFTy hurried RIGHT out the door. LEFTy looked LEFT, then RIGHT, then LEFT, but he couldn't remember where he had LEFT his sled. Suddenly he remembered he had taken Santa's sleigh, because it would be faster, and that his sled was in the garage at the workshop RIGHT where he had LEFT it. Eventually, a tired LEFTy found his way back to Santa's workshop. Santa said " LEFTy, I thought you said you would be RIGHT back, so I let jolly elf take over your station. He used all that was LEFT of the red paint instead of gold, so now there is no red paint LEFT to touch up my sleigh. You will have to go RIGHT out and get some, LEFTy " LEFTy sighed and happily said " I knew we would have no energy LEFT by now, so RIGHT after thanksgiving, I fixed up your sleigh for the big day. Santa said "I'm so sorry I said you couldn't do anything RIGHT, because of you, there is no work LEFT and I can go RIGHT to bed, so I'll be all rested and my jolly old self again. Good night LEFTy." and Santa went RIGHT to bed. 
Alumnae Club: Anchorage Alumnae Club
 Program name: Wiggles & Giggles Moms Group   
Date submitted:  
Submitted by: Lisa Rede Roman  
Description: Wiggles & Giggles Moms Group (play dates) are scheduled in advance, but as we all know life with children can be difficult to predict. So, dates and times are subject to change. As Moms, we are a flexible group & enjoy the ties of Fun & Friendship Pi Phi brings to us at all stages of life. Be sure to fill out a membership form to receive event notifications. Details and directions go out via Evite one week in advance, and we have lunch after each play date and event (usually potluck style). We look forward to seeing you and your little wiggles! General Description of Chairman Responsibilities: * Responsible for planning and researching yearly schedule of play date events (this is done during summer months) * Sending e-vites to moms, 1 week in advance of play date, for RSVP of attendance * Preparing brochure and calendar of events for publication (for Job Chair) * Partnering with other moms to schedule utilization of their home for play dates (done during the planning of yearly schedule) * Contact moms of changes, rescheduled and/or cancelled play dates. * Coordinate the end of year “Moms Night Out” dinner celebration (typically it is a “bracelet exchange” during dinner) * Acting as main contact for Moms Group and acting as host of each play date (greeting and welcoming moms) * Socializing with other moms and their children Skills Needed: * Computer knowledge of: Word, Excel, email, and Evites * Communication skills: Sending communication out verbally or via email/Evites * Membership skills: Promoting attendance and checking in with moms to encourage a warm welcome feeling. Time Commitment: * Approximately one day preparing schedule, researching and contacting moms for venue use (this is done prior to membership brunch) * Half-hour to one hour per month preparing/responding to Evites or questions. * Six hours per month participating/attending play dates scheduled.      
Alumnae Organization: Phoenix, Arizona Alumnae Club
Program name: Reaching Young Alums  
Date submitted:  
Submitted by: Lindsay Daudelin
Description: The Arlington Heights Alumnae Club of Pi Beta Phi kicked off its 2011–2012 season with an ice cream social in August. We drew three potential new members, one of which went on to several leadership positions within the Club. In the fall and spring, we send letters to recent new members as well as those undergraduates initiated from our area. Late in the spring, we also sent a postcard mailer to all recent graduates within our zip code area. 
Alumnae Club: Arlington Heights Alumnae Club
 Program name: Pi Phi Love in a Letter  
Date submitted: April 5, 2013
Submitted by: Mary Van Horn
Description: The goal of this activity is to further member retention through personal recognition and expression of sincere friendship. When a member has not been able to attend multiple meetings for unknown or known reasons such as illness, travel, work or family obligations, we have a committee who selects up to two names at each club event to receive these cards. The two cards are put at the name tag/reception table and members are asked to write a short note expressing congratulations, sympathy, remembrances or kind thoughts and wishes. This loving expression of the lifelong ties of Pi Phi sisterhood has been so appreciated by the members who have received these notes. It takes such little time, yet makes a big impact on reinforcing our clubs values of sincere friendship. It should work well with any club size and budget!
Alumnae Club: Brevard County, Florida Alumnae Club
Program name: Preposterously Pink Party  
Date submitted: April 3, 2013
Submitted by: Debby Kay
Description: Early each November, our club hosts a Preposterously Pink Pi Phi Party to connect with the seniors at Virginia Eta at the University of Richmond and show them how much fun Pi Phis continue to have as alumnae. The club organizes the party for the seniors but we hold it at the Pi Phi Cottage on campus. Everyone is encouraged to wear as much pink as possible with dollar store-type awards given to the Alumna and Collegian that are over the top. We've seen everything including pink shirts, skirts, sneakers, slippers, socks, scarves, coats, crocs, bows, boas, t-shirts and tutus. Goodwill and dollar stores are a great source for inexpensive items that are worn year after year. Alumnae volunteers provide pink desserts, punch, napkins, cups and table decorations. The alumnae introduce themselves by sharing the chapter and university they attended. The seniors share their hometowns and majors. To raise money for First Book® we have a Alumnae vs. Collegian Speed Read. We sell 'voting' (raffle) tickets for $2 each, three for $5 or eight for $10 and put them in Collegiate or Alumnae bags to 'vote' for the team they think will win the Speed Read. First one team of three reads a Dr. Seuss book for 15 seconds each and notes how far they get. The other team then tries to read more in their 15 second intervals. Whichever team gets furthest into the book wins. Tickets are then drawn from the winning team's bag and prizes like a Barnes & Noble gift card or a pink item are awarded. This year we also had a simple trivia game about May L. Keller with whom both Pi Phi and the University have stong connections. Any Pi Phi personality or topic could be the subject of the questions with the object being to learn more about Pi Phi while sharing some fun. This Pink Party is easy to do and we believe it emphasizes our goal to have Pi Phis remain active in the Fraternity for life.
Alumnae Club: Richmond, Virginia Alumnae Club
Program name: Angel Gift Exchange  
Date submitted: April 12, 2013
Submitted by: Tanya Frank
Description: Great for a holiday party or sisterhood celebration, an angel exchange is a great social activity for any size group and for all generations. Ask all attendees to bring an unlabeled, wrapped angel gift — anything they associate with an angel. We've had people bring figurines, candles, socks, aprons, wine, photo frames, etc. All gifts are gathered in one spot. From there, we've found a fun way to exchange the gifts is for everyone to pick a gift, and arrange themselves in a big circle. A moderator reads a story full of directional cues (right, left, across), and the gifts make their way around the circle. The stories are easily found online, or you can write one of your own to reflect your club's personality. By the end of the story, the gifts have traveled around the circle. If anyone ends up with their own gift, they're able to trade. Otherwise, start with the moderator — she introduces herself (in a big group) and opens her gift. We've also incorporated a fundraising event into this event — purchasing a special angel or asking a member to donate one from her collection and selling raffle tickets to the crowd for a chance to win this angel. We donate all funds raised to Pi Beta Phi Foundation.
Alumnae Club: Denver, Colorado Alumnae Club
Program name: Club Anniversary Luncheon  
Date submitted: April 12, 2013
Submitted by: Sally Shore
Description: We used the 15th anniversary of our alumnae club's founding to incorporate a Saturday event and fundraiser in one. One member had access to country club facilities at no charge for the room. We set up a couple tables and displayed our interest groups activities and Fraternity Day of Service events, photo albums,etc. and had a slide show of pictures going throughout the event. We did a brief presentation of our club's beginnings, where we are now and ended with a raffle of donated items as a fundraiser.
Alumnae Club: South Orange County, California Alumnae Club
Program name: White Dessert Party  
Date submitted: April 15, 2013
Submitted by: Tammy Geerling
Description: As a celebration for the Florida Epsilon newly initiated members, the Greater Orlando Alumnae Club hosts a White Dessert Party at the Florida Epsilon Chapter House. Each alumna brings a white dessert item on a silver or clear serving dish. Items such as white chocolate cookies, coconut cake and vanilla ice cream are set up on several tables decorated in white table cloths with white balloons, flowers, etc. Everyone is asked to wear white to the party as well. After the alumnae have decorated the chapter room, the whole chapter is invited in to celebrate their newest members. We usually sing Ring Ching Ching altogether and the chapter serenades the alumnae with their favorite recruitment songs. Afterwards everyone mingles and eats dessert! This past year we also decorated book plates as a post-dessert activity. Together the chapter and alumnae club created more than 90 book plates donated to First Book.
Alumnae Club: Greater Orlando Alumnae Club
Program name: Accessory Exchange  
Date submitted: April 15, 2013
Submitted by: Melissa Murray
Description: We had participants bring gently used accessories that they were considering donating (shoes, purses, jewelry, etc). Each attendee received five tickets and everyone was able to shop through all of the items to go home with some new accessories. Leftover items were donated to Dress For Success. Dress for Success is a nonprofit that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.
Alumnae Club: Portland, Oregon Alumnae Club
Program name: Pi Phi Bingo  
Date submitted: April 25, 2013
Submitted by: Mary McLeod
Description: We prepared a “Pi Phi Bingo” card as an ice breaker for meeting and getting to know more about each other. Members were encouraged to talk to each other, and find a sister who matched one or more squares on the bingo sheet. Some examples of what we put on the bingo card: has or will attend convention, played a varsity sport, has a birthday this month, a Diamond or Golden Arrow, Pi Phi Legacy, plays a musical instrument, etc. The first to have all five in a row, column or diagonal wins! We used this for our area Founders' Day with 250+ collegians and alumnae. This could also be done on a smaller scale, as a way to get to know others in the group.
Alumnae Club: Palo Alto Alumnae Club

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