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Arrow In The Arctic

Arrow In The Arctic

Pi Phi's Canadian philanthropy, Arrow in the Arctic, supports reading in Canada's Northern library systems: the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.


Established at the 1967 Convention to commemorate the centennials of Canada and Pi Beta Phi, Arrow in the Arctic donations also preserve the language and culture of the north's Inuit and First Nations. Pi Beta Phi was the first National Panhellenic Conference group to have its own Canadian philanthropy.

Illiteracy rates are high in northern Canada. Often times, women are the first to become literate in their families and try to ensure their children will have a better future. Many of these children are home schooled due to extreme weather and vast distances. The Arctic libraries are vital community centers, both educationally and socially.  

To date, donations of more than $100,000 have been used to purchase extra books for northern libraries, beyond the supply of books provided by the Canadian government. Funds are also used for materials and videos in English and Inuktitut, one of the native languages of the Northwest Territories. Reference books, collections of stories by native authors and educational programming have also been funded by Arrow in the Arctic.

Click here to see a map of libraries funded by Arrow in the Arctic. Visit the Resource Library to download the "Arrow in the Arctic PowerPoint" presentation for use in Fraternity Heritage programming.

Supporting Arrow in the Arctic

Please send your donations to Pi Beta Phi Foundation and designate them for “Arrow in the Arctic.” Alumnae organizations and chapters can also submit donations to Arrow in the Arctic. Alumnae organizations should use the FT2 form, and chapters should use the FT1 form. These forms can also be downloaded from the Resource Library

Canadian Philanthropies Committee 2016

  • Susan Hayes, Kansas Beta, Vancouver Alumnae Club
  • Bethan Franklyn, Alberta Alpha, Edmonton Alumnae Club
  • Malori Stan, Alberta Alpha, Calgary Alumnae Club
  • Gail Surman, Manitoba Alpha, Winnipeg Alumnae Club
  • Ritika Khanna, Ontario Alpha, Toronto Alumnae Club 
  • Candace Dressler, Alberta Alpha, Chairman
  • Leisa Lowrey, Ohio Eta, Director Programming and Philanthropy
For questions regarding Arrow in the Arctic, please contact the Canadian Philanthropies Chairman at CanPChair@pibetaphi.org for more information. 



Heather's Story

Click on the corners of the book to read more, and to turn the pages!


Watson Lake Community Library in Yukon Territory has used Arrow in the Arctic grants for different projects to support our library.

From building our own collection of books authored by northern women to developing a number of youth programs,

we are ever thankful for your continued interest in our library.

~Heather Berg
Liard Valley Literary Society Chair

To find out more about our literacy efforts, simply click here!