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Fraternity Day of Service

Ways to Support and Get Involved

Participate! Don’t sit back … get involved. Participating in Read > Lead > Achieve® can come in many different forms. For ideas, check out the list below:
  1. Start a Champions are Readers (CAR) program at a local elementary school, after-school program or program serving children in need.
  2. Connect with a local hospital and begin a reading circle.
  3. Create a Little Free Library in your local community.
  4. Create a book nook in a local children’s hospital.
  5. Join the PTA.
  6. Volunteer your time at a local library.
  7. Register recipient groups for First Book.
  8. Volunteer to host a reading circle at a local library.
  9. Educate yourself on literacy statistics in your state.
  10. Write a thank you note to a favorite author who has inspired you (a lot of times, they write back!). Encourage your friends to do so as well.
  11. Start a book club.
  12. Collect new and/or used books to donate to a local children’s shelter or adult shelter.
  13. Host a book drive. You can also check out garage and estate sales for great deals on books! Or, check with a local bookstore to see if they will host an event.
  14. Host a craft night and make bookmarks to give along with your books.
  15. Does your town have a center for the blind? Research resources for how to donate braille books.
  16. Share a post on social media of what you’re currently reading.
  17. Review/rate a book you’ve read on an online platform such as Amazon.com.
  18. Start a Pinterest page of books you’ve read and would recommend to a friend.
  19. Have a favorite quote? Get crafty and decorate a sign with the quote for your home, for a gift or to donate to a local charity.
  20. Work with Habitat for Humanity® to provide bookshelves in their houses and have clubs and chapters fill those bookshelves.
  21. Read to a child to honor our philanthropic work.
  22. Share a photo of you reading to a child on social media using #readleadachieve.
  23. Watch the original Read > Lead > Achieve and The Story of One video.
  24. Watch the new Story of One video.
  25. Participate in Read > Lead > Achieve Month in September.
  26. Collect school supply items and backpacks and bring them to an elementary school in need.
  27. Download the literacy fact sheets from Pi Beta Phi’s Resource Library and share some of the facts on social media using #readleadachieve.
  28. Create a care package for your community’s librarian.
  29. Organize a read-to-a-puppy party for local children and your local dog shelter.
  30. Volunteer to serve on your local library’s board.
  31. Advocate for your community’s literacy programs.
  32. Volunteer to record books on tape for the visually impaired. 
  33. Participate/volunteer in nearest Fraternity Day of Service event.
  34. Link Pi Beta Phi Foundation to your Amazon Account through Amazon Smile.
  35. Participate in your alumnae club or chapter’s Champions are Readers program.
  36. Participate in other fraternity/sorority community philanthropy events.