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Collegiate Awards

Collegiate Award Winners

To see the full list of collegiate award winners, click here.  

Read details about the award winners for the 2017 calendar year by scrolling down. Congratulations, winners!

Balfour Cup

Iowa Beta at Simpson College

  • Members embrace Pi Beta Phi while focusing on fun and friendship in their member experience.
  • During primary recruitment the chapter focuses on lifelong commitment by sharing letters written by alumnae who describe their Pi Phi experience and how it’s changed their lives
  • Ranked first in grades both semesters and had 67 percent of members attain a 3.5 GPA or above.
  • To celebrate the 150th anniversary, the chapter held initiation at Holt House and hosted a 150th Anniversary Party that included alumnae, chapter members’ families and the Simpson community.
  • Foundation donations equaled more than $150 per member, and more than 1,000 service hours (20 per member) were completed.

Balfour Cup 1st Runner Up

Texas Eta at Texas A&M University

  • Members take pride in being Pi Phis and work hard to maintain a positive brand image.
  • Chapter is known as a campus leader with members heavily involved on campus and in the community, including implementing the Champions Are Readers (CAR) program with a Boys & Girls Club, as well as a local elementary school.
  • Top three in academics for both semesters and won the campus’ top Greek Excellence Award.
  • Foundation donations equaled more than $150 per member.

Balfour Cup 2nd Runner Up

Michigan Alpha at Hillsdale College

  • The Executive Council is goal oriented, has a strong desire for excellence, regularly requests feedback and is receptive to suggestions.
  • Chapter has a positive approach to member accountability by presenting "Polished Pi Phi" awards throughout the year to recognize members living Pi Phi’s values.
  • PSB meetings are constructive, and Arrowboard is effectively used to encourage morale.
  • Chapter members represent 17 honoraries, and the majority of members hold leadership or officer positions in other extracurricular activities.

Amy Burnham Onken (ABO) Award for Outstanding Scholarship and Campus and Community Leadership

Jasmine Lennert, Massachusetts Gamma at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • Pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Ocean Engineering with a 4.9 GPA.
  • Won second place in the Mechanical Engineering Robotics Challenge and was presented the Robert Bruce Wallace Academic Prize in 2017 for excellence in scholarship and leadership in Ocean Science and Engineering.
  • Served on Leadership and Nominating Committee (LNC), as a Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor, President of the MIT Gymnastics Club, teacher for the Global Teaching Labs and member of MIT Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps.
  • Traveled to South Korea to teach students science, technology, engineering, math and English and interned at Samsung in South Korea as a mechanical engineer.

Chapter Service Award for Outstanding Servant Leadership

Brooke Taylor, Pennsylvania Gamma at Dickinson College

  • Raised awareness of diversity on campus and with the chapter, culminating in workshops that blended Leading with Values® workshops with on-campus resources to facilitate open dialogues with various student groups.
  • Garnered praise from college leadership by researching sustainable housing, promoting the benefits of Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) and working to improve the relationship between FSL and the college community.
  • Served as LNC Chair and Chapter President.
  • As Chapter President she worked through several challenges while utilizing servant leadership principles with poise and maturity.

Chapter Service Award for Outstanding Servant Leadership

Emily Limmer, Virginia Theta at Washington & Lee University

  • Served as Chapter President, rebuilding chapter morale and creating trust between the chapter and Executive Council.
  • Led the chapter through discussion on becoming a local group with a rational and an educated approach, appealing to members through logic rather than emotion.
  • Worked tirelessly during the process as an advocate and liaison for VA Theta to the university, regional team, and the Fraternity.
  • As Vice President Philanthropy she increased chapter participation by providing more choices for service projects and encouraged philanthropy as an opportunity, not an obligation.

Jean Wirths Scott Leadership Award for Outstanding Change Leadership is in honor of Grand President Emerita Jean Wirths Scott

Emily Carney, Arizona Beta at Arizona State University (ASU)

  • Coordinated ASU’s Sexual Violence Presentation Program, the Cinderella Affair (providing prom dresses) and a Panhellenic donation drive after Hurricane Harvey.
  • Organized the PowHER Women’s Convention, which taught leadership skills and promoted women to channel their inner confidence.
  • Facilitated difficult conversations regarding the building of a Greek Leadership Village while serving as VP Internal Affairs.
  • Served as interim VP of Judicial Affairs and Panhellenic President.

Outstanding AAC Financial Advisor

Jill Schneider, Alabama Gamma at Auburn University, serving South Carolina Alpha at the University of South Carolina

  • Successfully navigated numerous changes to the chapter’s finances by restructuring budgets due to evolving facility accommodations which took place mid-year.
  • Mentors members and nurtures each officer with encouragement to be their best self, best student and how to confidently manage a million-dollar operation.
  • Selflessly gives of her time and resources while holding herself to a very high standard.

Silver Slipper Award – Excellence of a Chapter Vice President of Finance

Amy Huynh, Utah Alpha at the University of Utah

  • Created a new utilities and food expense tracking system to help officers budget more accurately and implemented tools to help ensure the continued financial success of the chapter.
  • Delivered the chapter's first “Budget Breakdown” workshop to educate members on how budgets work and solicit suggestions on how chapter funds should be allocated, which helped demonstrate transparency with the budget.
  • Introduced a fun finance fact at chapter meetings which ranged from silly to obvious and helped increase trust and increased transparency regarding financial expenditures.

Collegiate Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Academic Mentoring Programming

Illinois Eta, Millikin University

  • Added weekly meetings with Vice President Member Development to build relationships and provide assistance through a personalized approach.
  • Helped members by developing an ongoing individualized support plan to prioritize work, create resumes and stay motivated.
  • Allowed members to individualize their required number of study hours based on the learning needs of each member.

Excellence in Alumnae Advisory Committee Service

Pennsylvania Eta, Lafayette College

  • Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC) supported a strong chapter foundation by helping build sisterhood and connection to the Fraternity through teaching Pi Phi songs, following Fraternity guidelines and demonstrating how to run effective meetings.
  • AAC supported officers in fulfilling their leadership potential by holding them accountable and teaching them the importance of servant leadership.
  • Since most AAC live more than an hour away, AAC hosts monthly potlucks at the Executive/AAC meetings to spend more time in person with officers and have time to socialize and talk about life beyond Pi Phi.

Excellence in Alumnae Advisory Committee Service Honorable Mention

Utah Alpha, University of Utah

  • AAC remained a constant local presence while the chapter experienced substantial growth and changes in recent years.
  • AAC attend dinners, meetings, ceremonies and philanthropic events, which has had a positive impact on morale and the confidence of the chapter leaders.
  • AAC supported Executive Council in making unpopular decisions and helped them navigate discussions with the chapter to explain the relevancy and validity of the changes.

Excellence in Community Service/Philanthropy Projects

Kansas Beta, Kansas State University

  • Organized and expanded the chapter’s Ali Kemp Bandstand event focused on educating and empowering women about self-defense with Panhellenic partners Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Chi Omega.
  • Hosted a new drive called "Be the Match" in collaboration with FarmHouse Fraternity to benefit the National Bone Marrow Registry.
  • Raised money for Read > Lead > Achieve by holding multiple additional service events including Pie Burger Phry, Lemonade for Literacy and Pie a Pi Phi.

Excellence in Fraternity Heritage Programming

Ohio Epsilon, University of Toledo

  • Provided yearlong activities to create a time capsule, including members writing notes about what it means to be a Pi Phi in 2017.
  • Partnered with the Toledo alumnae club for Founders' Day and conducted creative activities.
  • Hosted a weekly education and engagement event where members learned songs to celebrate and continue to grow as a chapter.
  • Used The Arrow magazines from the archives to incorporate education and celebration of Pi Phi’s 150 years.

Excellence in Fraternity Heritage Programming Service Honorable Mention

Virginia Gamma, College of William & Mary

  • In honor of Pi Phi’s 150th, officers dressed up as a different founder each week and shared facts about the individuals. Members enjoyed the entertaining presentations and winning prizes for answering questions about the organization’s heritage and core values.
  • Prior to Thanksgiving, members submitted reasons they were thankful for Pi Phi, and the chapter’s Vice President of Fraternity Development compiled the reasons and created a poem called #ThankfulForPiPhi.

Excellence in Legacy Consideration

Arizona Alpha, University of Arizona

  • Held legacy workshops during spirit week where four legacies shared their experiences.
  • The chapter viewed a legacy slideshow before each round of recruitment highlighting legacies invited.
  • Prioritized meeting legacy Potential New Members (PNMs) to share the benefits of Pi Phi membership.

Excellence in Literacy Activities

Mississippi Beta, University of Mississippi

  • Extended Champions are Readers® (CAR) to year-round service, volunteered monthly at additional elementary school and donated hundreds of books to Lafayette City Literacy Council, a local impact group recipient.
  • Utilized AAC and alumnae community connections for additional service opportunities, such as Leap Frog, a one-on-one tutoring program.
  • Held two major fundraisers with 100 percent member participation.

Excellence in Panhellenic

Mississippi Gamma, Mississippi State University

  • Hosted an annual sexual assault awareness event for 2,000 students with other organizations, including the Centre for Health Promotion and Wellness. The event included live music, local vendors and a fashion show.
  • Participated and provided support for the Panhellenic’s 5k, a glow run raising money for autism.
  • Fostered relationships with the Panhellenic community by participating in recruitment practices with Alpha Delta Pi, planning study breaks during midterms and finals with Kappa Delta and organizing a Greek-wide Worship Night for all Fraternity/Sorority members

Excellence in Primary Recruitment

Minnesota Alpha, University of Minnesota

  • Emphasized Pi Phi values by highlighting them during each round of recruitment.
  • Delegated tasks to committees so all members felt valued, increasing chapter morale.
  • Increased retention of PNMs in all rounds of recruitment.

Excellence in Recruitment Continuous Open Bidding (COB)

D.C. Alpha, The George Washington University

  • Focused on including all chapter members in the recruitment process.
  • Highlighted Pi Phi's core values by incorporating a philanthropy event.
  • Recruited COB new members reaching Panhellenic total with some taking leadership roles in the chapter.

Excellence in Risk Management/Legal Programming

Oklahoma Beta, Oklahoma State University

  • Chapter provides significant routine policy education above and beyond the minimums described in the applicable manuals, including holding a “Mocktails” event during a sisterhood to share education about blood alcohol content levels and physical effects of alcohol consumption.
  • Conducts risk management policy review before every date party, conducts complete policy review when signing the Statement of Obligations of Membership, reviews hazing policies prior to initiation and provides alternate programming for initiation night to minimize celebrations with alcohol.
  • Hosts special and relevant presentations on pre-spring break education on personal safety while on break, co-hosted a police officer with another Panhellenic organization who spoke to both chapters on active shooters and personal safety and invited trained university staff to educate members about mental illness.

Excellence in Risk Management/Legal Programming Honorable Mention

Ohio Epsilon, University of Toledo
  • Continued to host the chapter’s third annual "Mock Car Crash.” The event kicks off with a “Mock Party” and an individual pretends to drink and then drive, killing a member of the Greek community.
  • Hundreds of students participate in the “Mock Trial,” and at the end of the trial, parents of a student involved in a real-life car crash talk with students. The chapter continues to evolve the program each year. This past year focused on the personal and legal consequences of drunk driving.

Excellence in Risk Management/Legal Programming Honorable Mention

Oregon Alpha, University of Oregon
  • Created a program helping members understand and navigate the process of reporting sexual assault. Members feel empowered to help themselves and support others in making informed decisions.