Living Purposefully Pi Phi 

Imagine your life one year ago today. It's almost unfathomable how drastically life has changed and how unaware we were of what was to come. Who knew we would be adjusting to working and learning on endless Zoom calls and figuring out new ways to spend time with friends and family? I certainly didn’t. 

In March, my university sent an email saying we were getting a second week of spring break. Then, we found out we would be online until mid-March and soon after the rest of the semester. Summer classes rolled around and those were online, too. Now, my campus is open with strict guidelines — especially for student organizations.  

It is difficult to function in a completely virtual capacity. With all this change, at times, it becomes easier to focus on ourselves instead of those around us. Even as an organization with a core value of Philanthropic Service to Others, it isn't always instinctual to serve others when we ourselves are facing a new challenge. However, when times are tough, we must be purposeful about our commitment to our core values.  

In this new normal, we must examine how we live all our Pi Phi values. We can display Integrity by doing the right thing even when others disagree, Lifelong Commitment by staying involved with our sisterhood, Honor and Respect by wearing a mask in public or practicing social distancing, Personal and Intellectual Growth by educating ourselves on important social justice topics and using our knowledge to benefit others, and Sincere Friendship can be as simple as checking in on a sister. 

I encourage you to reach out to sisters you may not have spoken to recently. Be a leader on your campus and in your community. Do your part to stop the spread of COVID-19. And, as we bring New Members into Pi Beta Phi, show them how our sisterhood lives anywhere and everywhere (even if it’s from six feet apart or through a computer screen). 

Although we never imagined the many changes we’ve experienced this year, I am sure our founders couldn’t have imagined the many ways our sisters would display Pi Phi values in times of strife. As we continue navigating this new normal, keep your spirits high, you badge close to your heart and your values top of mind.  


Every Pi Phi has pledged to use her influence for the betterment of society—to live and lead with our core values. Now more than ever, we must thoughtfully consider how we live these values every day. 

Purposefully Pi Phi encourages members to share how their Pi Phi membership has transformed their actions through personal stories. It’s not a story of what Pi Phi has given you, but rather an expression of how Pi Phi has inspired you to take action in your classrooms, communities and around the world. Share how you are living your Pi Phi values by using #PurposefullyPiPhi on social media. Learn more

Published October 2, 2020


About The Author

Emma Crutcher

Emma Crutcher is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is a member of the Virginia Delta Chapter at Old Dominion University. She is a senior studying Speech Pathology and Audiology. After graduating, Emma hopes to attend a masters program and become a Speech Language Pathologist.