What Has Pi Phi Given You?

From leadership opportunities to late-night chats and lifelong friendships, Pi Phi has given each of us something special. In celebration of Pi Phi Giving Day, we're asking each of our members to consider What has Pi Phi given you? Below are some of the responses we’ve seen so far!  


“Friends from all over the country and ages spanning from 20 years younger to 20 years older who I love dearly. Pi Phi is the best decision I made, and it just keeps getting better! I belong to two outstanding alumnae clubs—shout out to Nashville, Tennessee and Naples, Florida, along with my Tennessee Beta sisters.” 
Tennessee Beta Ann McKinney 

“Lifelong friends who still gather regularly! We were initiated in 1991.” 
Oregon Beta Tammy Straw 


“Lifelong friendships, confidence in my leadership abilities, opportunities for growth” 
Illinois Zeta Jessica Kowalkowski 

“Friends that are always down for a cross country road trip.” 
New York Delta Sam Symons 

“I was initiated in 1951 and have belonged to alumnae clubs in five states where we lived. It has been rewarding to get connected with amazing sisters each place, ready to accept you and make it home more quickly.” 
Oregon Beta Shirley Portouw 
“Friendship, love, and the opportunity to become my best self” 
Virginia Theta Jen Mandeville 

“Pi Phi has given me the best friends a girl could ask for (both Pi Phi and non-Pi Phi alike) when moving to a new state. There are four different chapters represented, a Kappa Delta and a friend of Pi Phi who used to work at Headquarters and Sign of the Arrow.” 
Kentucky Alpha Brieanna Criscione 

“Amazing professional skills—I came into my first job so much more prepared thanks PI PHI” 
D.C. Alpha Dina Newman 
“Genuine leadership growth, the best support system and my best friends” 
Colorado Gamma Christiana Holladay 

Give back to the sisterhood that has given so much with a gift to our Foundation on Pi Phi Giving Day. 

Published April 14, 2022