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Policy and Positions

Pi Beta Phi Policies

Pi Beta Phi’s Policy and Position Statements cover a variety of topics including, risk management issues, social activities and communication. Pi Beta Phi makes its Policy and Position Statements available to the public. To download a copy of Pi Beta Phi's Policy and Position Statements, please  click here.

If you have any questions regarding any of Pi Phi's policies, please contact the Chapter Support Department or the Assistant Director of Chapter Development.

The following information is covered in Pi Phi's Policy and Position Statements:

  • Alcohol
  • Alcoholic Beverage Company Sponsorship of Chapter Events/Activities
  • Alumnae Involvement in the Collegiate Recruitment Process
  • Animals
  • Associate membership relationships with men or men’s fraternities (as of February 2011 incorporates the Associate Membership for Men and Little Sister Organization policies)
  • BYOB Events
  • Chapter Facility Safety and Visitation
  • Co-sponsored Events at Men’s Fraternity Houses
  • Controlled Substances and Drugs
  • Definition of Co-sponsored Chapter Social Events
  • Designated Driver Programs
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Electronic Device Use in Chapter Meetings
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Events With Men’s Fraternities That Have Lost University Recognition
  • Hazing
  • Internal Chapter Affairs
  • Member Conduct
  • Member Referencing Pi Beta Phi in Media, E-Communications
  • Multi-Sponsored Parties
  • Non Discrimination
  • Open Parties
  • Out-of-Town Chapter Events
  • Overnight Social Events
  • Parent/Guardian Involvement in the Recruitment Process
  • Parents’ Clubs
  • Peer Monitoring at Social Events
  • Pre- and Post-Parties
  • Publicity
  • Reference to Fraternity Ritual
  • Risk Management Education
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Social Activities
  • Weapons Policy