Welcome to the Cornell University Chapter of Pi Beta Phi!


 cover page 2016

A Letter From Our President

To My Pi Phi Sisters,

               I would like to express my gratitude and pride in our New YorkDelta chapter. We are a collection of women with a breadth ofinterests, convictions, and personalities. I was asked what unitesour chapter at a Cornell Panhellenic event in October, and I couldonly answer by describing our chapter as those who inspire the bestin each other. We have members from all over the Cornell populationgamut, but we all are in Pi Phi to grow as collegiate women. Weexpect the best of each other while providing an incredible supportsystem for all.

               The current climate of Cornell mandates change within the Greeksystem and the greater student body. We have the opportunity to beat the forefront of this change for years to come, and I believethat we will be. Our challenge is to create a persisting Greeksystem that serves to better our members and the world around us.As individuals, we all have a voice. I am proud of that. Buttogether, we have the chance to make a large-scale impact thatlasts; we will have our voices heard. We need to be the change wewish to see in our university. We have a heightened responsibility,as part of the Greek system, to address issues that are oftenpropagated by our fellow sisters and brothers. I challenge themembers of NY Delta to not only identify what needs to be changed,but to present concrete, actionable items that will take us in apositive direction. We will create a more accountable, accepting,and tolerant environment for our campus.

               Our chapter strives to better our members as students and aspeople. As president, my goal is to inspire lasting applicabilityof the sorority experience. Here, we are challenged to thinkdifferently and to be better people. We hold each other to highstandards, and there is an expectation to live out our core valueseveryday. We are women of power and courage. Pi Phi has been aninspiring experience, and we will not forget these lessons. I wishfor every member to strive to be the best that they can be, whilecarrying forward our chapter legacy.

In the Wine and Silver Blue,

Kristianna Lea

Chapter President | 2017

NY Delta