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A Letter From Our President!     


To My Pi Phi Sisters,


I am proud to call myself a member of Pi Phi and a member of NewYork Delta. I’m so proud to be where I am right now. Each day, I am remindedwhy I joined this sisterhood. I see the kind words, the supportive actions, andthe true spirit that each of my sisters brings to our community. In a seminarled by a few of our members in the fall of 2016, we were asked to determinewhat makes a sisterhood. The final answer is the commitment to a common goal, acommon purpose. After much reflection (and asking the Grand President), itstuck that we are all working to be better women. I want to encourage everywoman in the chapter to live out our core values. Being in Pi Phi haschallenged me, rewarded me, and allowed me to grow as a person. I wish the samefor every one of my sisters.

            In my term aspresident, I am excited to show our members what it means to be a woman of PiPhi.  Our values of sisters of Pi Phi unite each of us and encourage us.They encourage us to learn, grow, and achieve more throughout not only ourcollege life, but life beyond school.  We take great pride as a chapter tobe active members of our Ithaca and Cornell communities, providing a foundationof service to others.  Pi Phi is much bigger than each of us individually;we are a sisterhood that lift each other up, provide sunshine on rainy days,and lays a foundation for our personal and professional growth.  Being asister of Pi Phi allows us to experience the ups and downs of life together, asone chapter, and as sisters for life.



In the Wine and Silver Blue,


Kristianna Lea

Chapter President | 2017

NY Delta


 Kristianna Lea  | Cornell University '17 |  Chapter President