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About FHC


The mission of Pi Beta Phi FHC is to strengthen, support and service Chapter House Corporations and Fraternity Housing Corporation facilities within Pi Beta Phi Fraternity.


The vision of Pi Beta Phi FHC is to be recognized as a premier organization for women by providing lifelong enrichment to its members and contributing to the betterment of society.

About FHC

Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women founded its Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC) in April 2008 to oversee housing on an international level and to help local Chapter House Corporations (CHCs) operate effectively and efficiently. Pi Beta Phi believes that building community is integral to a lifetime membership experience; therefore, Pi Beta Phi strives to ensure the highest level in chapter facility operations, leadership and finance.

FHC is here to ensure that assets remain assets, and liabilities are diminished. Since its founding, FHC has offered guidance and support to local CHCs when needed.

FHC serves as a resource for our CHCs in a variety of areas including volunteer development and recruitment, safety issues and training.

CHC members work directly with FHC staff for assistance with locating vendors for property management, architecture, interior design, etc. FHC assists with employee searches and background checks, contract negotiations, and fundraising. FHC also makes sure that our CHC’s are in compliance with local and federal safety standards along with the IRS and Secretary of State.  

Following the formation of FHC, it was decided that each new chapter should be enrolled in FHC; therefore, FHC owns 34 chapters, providing them with day-to-day facility management services.

Being an FHC Chapter

Housing is an integral part of the Pi Phi experience. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our members to live, learn and grow together. Pi Phi facilities are communities not just living spaces. The Pi Phi membership survey data shows that quality housing is directly correlated to a positive lifelong Pi Phi experience. 

Within our facilities, our members meet, build sisterhood and create lifelong friendships. Some of our members’ fondest memories are formed from their time spent in Pi Phi housing, resulting in bonds that can last forever. 

Our facilities are our most valuable asset, and our biggest liability.

From providing maintenance repairs to renovating dated facilities, we need to help and sustain the housing experience for current and future chapter members. As our biggest liability, we need to provide the resources to keep our members safe and secure. We also need to continue to ensure our houses are up-to-date on federal, state, city and campus regulations. As our most valuable asset, we need to provide our chapters with a housing experience that is competitive with other Greek organizations, off-campus options and university or college amenities. Staying competitive will help maintain Pi Phi’s position on campuses as a worthwhile investment for potential, current and new members.

FHC services include accounting (including IRS returns and state corporation filings), property management and employee management. FHC assists chapters in financial planning by providing competitive loan options and full management of the chapter’s housing assets. FHC also has the financial resources to address high-need chapter facilities. The trustworthy and reliable staff is committed to taking care of all duties necessary in managing a women’s fraternity house. The staff ensures that our collegians feel comfortable providing feedback and reporting facility needs and that that those are met in a timely manner.

The long-term goal for Pi Beta Phi is to offer a consistently premier housing experience to our members. FHC will expand as needed to achieve this goal and ensure that viable resources exist. 

FHC Chapters Include:

  • Arizona Beta, University Owned Dorm
  • Arizona Gamma, University Owned Dorm
  • California Alpha, University Owned House
  • California Omicron, Storage Unit
  • California Xi, Storage Unit
  • California Zeta, FHC Owned House
  • California Lambda, Storage Unit
  • Colorado Alpha, FHC Owned House
  • Connecticut Gamma, Storage Unit
  • Delaware Alpha, Storage Unit
  • Florida Epsilon, FHC Owned House 
  • Florida Zeta, Storage Unit
  • Georgia Alpha, FHC Owned House
  • Georgia Beta, University Owned Lodge
  • Illinois Kappa, Storage Unit
  • Illinois Zeta, FHC Owned House
  • Indiana Epsilon, FHC Owned House 
  • Indiana Gamma, FHC Owned House
  • Indiana Zeta, University Owned Suite 
  • Massachusetts Gamma, University Owned Dorm
  • Michigan Gamma, FHC Owned House
  • Mississippi Gamma, FHC Owned House
  • Montana Alpha, FHC Owned House
  • North Carolina Beta, University Owned Suite & Dorm
  • New Jersey Alpha, Storage Unit
  • New York Eta, University Owned Penthouse
  • North Carolina Beta, University Owned Dorm
  • North Carolina Delta, Storage Unit
  • Ohio Beta, FHC Owned House
  • Ohio Epsilon, University Owned House
  • Ohio Eta, University Owned House
  • Ohio Kappa, University Owned Townhouse
  • Ohio Lambda, University Owned House
  • Pennsylvania Epsilon, University Owned Suite
  • Pennsylvania Eta, University Owned Dorm
  • Pennsylvania Kappa, University Owned House 
  • South Carolina Alpha, FHC Owned House
  • South Carolina Beta, University Owned Suite & Dorm 
  • Virginia Delta, Storage Unit
  • Virginia Iota, Storage Unit 
  • Virginia Theta, University Owned House
  • Virginia Zeta, University Owned House
  • Vermont Beta, FHC Owned House 
  • West Virginia Alpha, FHC Owned House
  • Wisconsin Alpha, FHC Owned House
  • Wisconsin Delta, Rented Apartment
For inquiries regarding these facilities please contact:
  • Elevated Housing Concerns, housing strategic planning, becoming an FHC chapter: Libby Cannon, Missouri Alpha
  • Elevated housing concerns: Allie Colloton
  • Facilities in Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Vermont: Megan Kelly, Mississippi Beta
  • Facilities in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin: Shannon Tyrrell, Indiana Delta
  • General Housing Information or Concerns: fhc@pibetaphi.org