Pi Beta Phi Recruitment

Dear Potential New Members,

Pi Beta Phi is an opportunity for growth. We are opening our doors to the lovely women who will be joining us for Formal Recruitment in 2016! Pi Beta Phi looks for women who push each other to be the best we can be. On campus, you will see a Pi Beta Phi striving in leadership rolls and earning high scholarship in the classroom. At home you can find a Pi Beta Phi lounging with her sisters watching her favorite Netflix series with a bowl of ice cream right beside her. In either situation she will find sisters by her side; memories filled with laughter, and memories of the best days of her life. With all of this support our chapter has received we have accomplished great heights here at USD and in the South Dakota community. Within my time here as a Pi Beta Phi we have been awarded USD Greek Goddess, Greek Week Overall Winners,Sorority of the Year, Executive Leadership in multiple campus organizations, a flourishing new pledge class, and one of our sisters even obtaining the title of Miss South Dakota USA in 2014.Going into my junior year, I don't think that you could have told myself as a freshman how much Pi Beta Phi would do for me. I have learned what being a leader truly means and how I can apply that to growing as an individual. I owe all of my accomplishments to the support of the women at Pi Beta Phi who are compassionate,encouraging, strong-willed, sophisticated, and (most of all)inspiring. Inspiring for myself to do the most good. Moving forward, my last two years as a collegiate member of Pi Beta Phi,will not be taken lightly. I will enjoy every moment knowing that these are the memories that will last a lifetime. All of the women of Pi Beta Phi hope to see you grow and create memories in a similar way that we have.

In the bonds,

 Audrey Truhe 

Vice President of Recruitment  


Formal Recruitment at the University of South Dakota is a week-long event that occurs the week before the 2016 fall semester.This week long event provides an official introduction to the Greek community at USD. The week consists of recruitment functions designed for one to ask questions, learn about the individual chapters, and familiarize oneself with Greek Life at USD. Formal Recruitment is also a wonderful way to meet other Greek and Non-Greek women. You will have the opportunity to meet our members,tour our beautiful chapter, and ask questions about life as a Pi Beta Phi. We hope to see you in the Fall! The Vice President of Recruitment, Audrey Truhe, serves as the primary contact for our chapter during recruitment. Pi Beta Phi alumnae should send Recruitment Information Forms (RIFs) and Legacy Introduction Forms to the Vice President of Recruitment on a college campus. The recruitment period is a mutual selection process between a potential new member and a Pi Beta Phi collegiate chapter.

Thank you in advance for your recommendations! You can contact the Vice President of Recruitment, Audrey Truhe, at SDAlphapibetaphi@gmail.com and send RIFs to:

Audrey Truhe

c/o Pi Beta Phi

118 N. Plum St.

Vermillion, SD 57069


For Parents:

Pi Beta Phi Fraternity is a values-based organization for women.At the basis of the Pi Beta Phi experience are six core values:Integrity, lifelong commitment, honor and respect; personal andintellectual growth, philanthropic service to others, and sincerefriendship. The opportunities Pi Beta Phi can afford your daughterare endless. Through the Fraternity's signature Read >Lead >Achieve literacy initiative, she will have the opportunity to makea difference in her community and in the lives of others throughliteracy service. Your daughter will also have opportunities forleadership development through our award-winning member developmentprogram, Leading with Values, as well as professional skilldevelopment and networking through the Fraternity's signatureevents. And let's not forget the scholastic support, which includesundergraduate, graduate study and continuing education scholarshipopportunities provided by Pi Beta Phi foundation. What's even moreamazing - her Pi Phi sisterhood will last her lifetime. As analumna of Pi Beta Phi, she will have access to a worldwide networkof sisters and friends who will support her in achieving personaland professional goals, throughout her lifetime. As alumnae, PiPhis continue to build friendships outside of their individualchapters through professional networking and alumnae organizations.As a member of Pi Beta Phi, your daughter will be an essential linkin a historically rich fraternity founded by remarkable women whoseachievements were ahead of their time. She will belong to anorganization with high ideals and purposes, whose keynote isfriendship -warm, simple and sincere.