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Welcome friends, family, and fellow members of the Wisconsin Alpha Chapter of Pi BetaPhi! We here at the University of Wisconsin- Madison want to welcome you to ourchapter’s website where you can find tons of information about Pi Phi as anational fraternity, our specific chapter, and all of our amazing sisters. Iam so grateful to be a part of such an incredible organization, and to have theopportunity to serve as Chapter President for 2016.

I sincerely believe that being a member of Pi Beta Phi has been one of the mostenriching and rewarding experiences of my life. After accepting my bid, Irealized that I had joined an organization that was much greater than myself. Inaddition, this past summer, I was fortunate enough to be selected to representWI Alpha at Pi Beta Phi’s National Convention. As I sat surrounded by athousand other Pi Beta Phi members and alumnae, I saw the impact and power thatthis Fraternity possesses. It was truly touching to see how in one organizationthere was such a large, unspoken bond of sincere friendship, honor, respect,and philanthropic service. 

Throughout my time in Pi Beta Phi, I have been blessed to meet and know so many genuineand inspirational women. Each of my fellow sisters at UW-Madison exemplifiesthe kind of woman that I strive to be each and every day. Though we are achapter filled with a variety of personalities, these women are allintelligent, loyal, and accepting. From sisterhoods, to social events, to ourannual philanthropy events, Pi Phi has enriched my life with friendships that Iknow will last a lifetime. My sisters are the first people to push me to strivefor my best, and the first people to offer a helping hand when I need support. Withoutthese friendships, I know that I would not be the person I am today.I trulycould not wish for a better second family here at college. 

Pi Beta Phi is rooted in the values of integrity, lifelong commitment, honor andrespect, philanthropic service to others, personal and intellectual growth, andsincere friendship. I believe that Pi Beta Phi gives members numerousopportunities to live by these values while promoting friendship, leadership, andespecially academics. Thanks to Pi Phi, I have had the opportunity to involvemyself in so many other organizations here on campus such as, Lean-In, Cardiacon Campus, and Humorology. Every individual member has the opportunity to getinvolved within the Greek community on campus as well as any studentorganizations that they so choose.

In addition to outside organizations, the WI Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi does ourown philanthropic service by putting on large events such as Pi Phi Wing King,Pi Burger Phi, and Pie a Pi Phi. All proceeds benefit First Book, whichpromotes children’s literacy, and The Pi Beta Phi Foundation. As a chapter, we strive to help lower the statistic that 1 in 4 children in America grow upwithout learning how to read. We also organize a weekly member volunteerprogram called Champions Are Readers where we read to local elementary schoolstudents right here in Madison at Randall Elementary. Also, our chapterparticipates in other service opportunities including Relay for Life, DanceMarathon, and Humorology.  Overall, asChapter President, I am proud to say that many members reach outside of Pi BetaPhi to gain additional leadership and philanthropic opportunities as well asparticipate in our own chapter’s events.

Being a member of Pi Beta Phi means so much more thanjust the letters and sisterhood, it's a lifelong commitment to one anotherthrough all the highs and lows. My sisters have helped me to grow and to learnso much in the past few years, and we hope to return that blessing to every newmember in the future. It is an immense honor to be the Chapter President of theWisconsin Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi for 2016. I hope that this provides a glimpseof how important this Fraternity is to me, and how I am so proud to besurrounded by such an amazing group of women.

Please feel free to continue browsing our website! If you have anyfurther questions about the Fraternity, please feel free to visit our nationalwebsite at


In the wine and silver blue,  

Emma Hlavin

WI Alpha Chapter President 2017