12 Ways to Show Volunteer Appreciation

More than 2,000 dedicated volunteers make an impact on Pi Beta Phi every day. National Volunteer Week—held in Canada on April 14–20 and in the U.S. on April 21–27, 2024—is a time to thank all volunteers for their service to our sisterhood. To spark inspiration for this celebration, we’ve outlined 12 ways to show gratitude. Join us by thanking the Pi Phi volunteers in your life for all they do to keep our sisterhood strong!

1. Write a personal thank-you note. 

Is there a volunteer or group of volunteers you work with closely? Show your appreciation by letting them know just how grateful you are. Can you always rely on them to provide a listening ear? Are they the best brainstormer you know? Write it down and tell them! 

2. Recognize your volunteers at a chapter meeting. 

Invite volunteers to attend a chapter or club meeting and share the great work they're doing! Recognizing your volunteers not only celebrates them, but it also puts a face to the names your members have been hearing all year. 

3. Schedule a lunch date.

Do you mostly work with one volunteer? Spend some time getting to know one another outside of regular Fraternity business. Order lunch and share a meal together. 

4. Invite your volunteers to the chapter house for dinner.  

Coming together for a meal is not only a way to show love, but a way to share in fun and friendship. Show appreciation by inviting your volunteers over for a chapter dinner and cooking their favorite meals or desserts. 

5. Record a video thank you.  

Ask your members to record a short video sharing their appreciation for your chapter's volunteers. Compile all the videos and send to your volunteers for a special surprise. 

6. Treat your volunteers to a coffee break. 

Many of our volunteers serve organizations outside of Pi Phi. Give each volunteer a gift card to thank them for all they do and provide a much-needed coffee break! Schedule a coffee date to learn more about their Pi Phi story. 

7. Honor your volunteers with a virtual wine carnation.  

Sending a wine carnation is a way to express your gratitude for the special sisters in your life while supporting our Fraternity. Include a personalized note to convey your appreciation for your volunteers and their dedication to our sisterhood. 

8. Highlight your volunteers on social media.  

Share more about your volunteers by getting to know their Pi Phi story. What is their favorite Pi Phi memory? What led them to volunteer? Highlight the work they’re doing and how they support our sisterhood. 

9. Give volunteers a small token of appreciation. 

Send your volunteers a small token of your appreciation with a gift, such as candy, a gift card, candle or small plant. Choose something that will be meaningful to them—you know your volunteers best! 

10. Share their work at Founders' Day. 

Are you planning an event to celebrate Founders' Day? Recognize your volunteers and share the work they’ve been doing to support our sisterhood. Give your chapter or club the opportunity to celebrate their service! 

11. Send a thank-you card from your entire membership. 

Ask members to share small notes of thanks and compile the responses to share with your volunteers. You could even ask alumnae members to reflect on some of the ways Pi Phi volunteers have made an impact on their life.  

12. Hold a Pi Phi Cookie Shine. 

Celebrate the sisterhood that unites all Pi Phis by bringing your volunteers and members together for this Fraternity tradition. Whether you bake cookies alongside your sisters or run to the store to pick up a few of your favorites, you’re guaranteed to enjoy this Pi Phi celebration!

Published March 15, 2024
photo source: @stetsonpiphi