Three Things I Learned as a Leadership Development Consultant

One of Pi Phi’s core values – Personal and Intellectual Growth – was a top priority for me during my time as a collegian. In my senior year of college, I analyzed financial statement after financial statement creating reports detailing why the companies I worked and volunteered for should invest into particular stocks and bonds. Spending late nights analyzing data, building databases and predicting trends gave me technical skills that would apply to any data or financial analytics position. My career path was set, right? However, upon thinking of graduation and my future endeavors, I decided to apply to be a Leadership Development Consultant (LDC) as I always dreamed of giving back to Pi Phi and mentoring other leaders. As a past LDC encouraged me to do years ago, “just apply and see what happens.” Never did I think I would be writing this as a consultant, encouraging members to apply for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Even if you have a technical background like myself, here are three reasons you should apply to serve as an LDC:

1. I have improved many soft skills.

Being an LDC has allowed me to improve the skills that college cannot always teach. Most employers can teach the technical skills needed to complete the responsibilities of the role, but are unable to teach time management, flexibility, teamwork and other "soft skills." Being an LDC for Pi Phi has helped me to become comfortable communicating proficiently and professionally with others. It has taught me to be an active problem solver and flexible in any situation while improving my time management to ensure deadlines are met.

2. I better understand my leadership ability and passions.

In college, I always had a passion for Pi Phi. Even as a New Member, I looked for opportunities to be involved in leadership whether that be planning events or volunteering at book drives. I loved my sisters, and I loved the mission and values of the Fraternity. When meeting with other leaders on visits, my passion is constantly renewed. The leaders in this organization are facing real challenges, and it is inspirational to watch their perseverance. These leaders have opened my eyes to new possibilities, challenged me to be more creative and pushed me to take calculated risks. Through every challenge I endure, I learn more about myself, my leadership ability and my areas of passion.

3. I have given and received mentorship.

I’ve been told many times that every person needs four people in their life: a mentor, a cheerleader, a coach and a friend. Being a Pi Phi LDC has allowed me to fill one of these roles for every leader I meet. Sometimes I coach chapters to reach their greatest potential, but sometimes I serve as the cheerleader for the Vice President Recruitment. Other times, I mentor leaders in their roles or provide a shoulder to cry on in times of stress. However, my favorite part of this role is the people I meet — it has been an honor to guide them and their chapter to greater success. Additionally, I have received mentors, coaches, cheerleaders and friends through Headquarters staff, Regional Team members, alumnae, collegians, and past and present LDCs.

Being a Pi Phi LDC has equipped me with the skills and experiences to pursue my goals and has given me a network of people who push me to succeed. I am thankful for this year, for Pi Phi, for all the places I have been and all the people I have met.

Are you interested in expanding your leadership skills while creating lasting friendships? The 2022-2023 Leadership Development Consultant application is now open. Applications are due January 3, 2022. Learn more and apply.

Published December 16, 2021


About The Author

Karli Sugar

Karli Sugar is a Nebraska Gamma from Creighton University. She is currently serving as a Leadership Development Consultant for the 2021-2022 academic year.