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Established in 1990, Pi Beta Phi Foundation enables the Fraternity to realize its mission and ensures the future of our sisterhood through the generosity of donors.


Pi Beta Phi Foundation was founded on February 21, 1990 to support the Fraternity and ensure the future of the sisterhood. The Foundation is a vehicle whereby tax deductible donations can be made to fund qualifying programs. These programs include scholarships, educational programming, Fraternity heritage, philanthropic efforts and charitable programs.

Mission, Vision, Values

The mission of Pi Beta Phi Foundation is to enable the Fraternity to realize its mission and ensure the future of the sisterhood.

The shared vision of Pi Beta Phi is to be recognized as a premier organization for women by providing lifelong enrichment to its members and contributing to the betterment of society.

In addition to the Fraternity’s core values, Pi Beta Phi Foundation embraces these values: Integrity, Philanthropic Passion, Fraternal and Community Commitment and Trustworthy Stewardship.


Friendship Fund

The Friendship Fund is the primary way the Foundation fulfills its mission and ensures the future of the Pi Beta Phi sisterhood. Individual, chapter and alumnae club gifts to the Friendship Fund impact individual members of Pi Beta Phi, the Fraternity and the communities which members all serve.

Everything Pi Beta Phi Foundation does is supported with Friendship Fund gifts, wholly or in part, with the exception of chapter-specific housing programs. Where there is a need, the Friendship Fund fulfills it!

Leadership, Education and Member Development Programming

Each year, almost every collegiate and alumnae leadership program at Pi Beta Phi receives a significant amount of Foundation funding. Leadership programs include Pi Beta Phi Leadership Institute, College Weekend, Officers Workshop, Leadership Development Consultant Program and much more. Pi Beta Phi Foundation also supports education and member development programming, including the programs under Leading with Values®: New Member Education Program, Critical Conversations® and Pi Phi for Life.


Each year, the Foundation awards Undergraduate Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships and Alumnae Continuing Education (ACE) Scholarships. These scholarships and fellowships are funded through permanent endowments, expendable funds and gifts received through the Friendship Fund.


The Foundation provides grants from The Literacy Fund to support the Fraternity’s Read > Lead > Achieve® reading initiatives, including Champions are Readers®, Arrow in the Arctic and Fraternity Day of Service. As a part of Pi Phi’s commitment to literacy, the Foundation operates the Local Impact Grants program, which provides grant opportunities to support literacy programs in local communities.

Emergency Assistance

The Emma Harper Turner (EHT) Fund Program provides grants on a confidential basis to initiated members in financial crisis due to unforeseen life circumstances and natural disasters. Collegiate grants are granted as tuition for members who have experienced a life disaster that jeopardizes their ability to stay in school.


Pi Beta Phi Foundation maintains the Holt House Fund for the purposes of providing funds to operate Holt House throughout the year and to preserve the organization's heritage.


Pi Beta Phi Foundation has two programs in in place to assist the Fraternity House Corporation and Chapter House Corporations with support for housing, an integral part of the Pi Phi member experience. The Chapter House Improvement Program provides chapter-specific funds to support general qualified improvements and ongoing expenses. The Educational Area Grant Program allows the Foundation to assist in raising charitable gifts for a capital project.

Other Funds

The Foundation has specific funds created to support various programs, including scholarships, emergency assistance grants, literacy efforts and more. Please visit pibetaphi.org/foundation for more information.


Annual Societies

Annual Giving societies allow the Foundation to acknowledge donors in a current fiscal year (July 1–June 30). One specially recognized society is the Evelyn Peters Kyle Society.

Evelyn Peters Kyle Society

The Foundation created the Evelyn Peters Kyle (EPK) Society to recognize donors who support the Foundation with gifts totaling $1,000 or more each fiscal year. Like Evelyn, members of the EPK Society have a deep commitment to the future of Pi Beta Phi.

Lifetime Societies

Lifetime Giving societies allow the Foundation to acknowledge the collective impact a donor has over their lifetime. Included in the lifetime giving societies is the Marianne Reid Wild Society.

Marianne Reid Wild Society

The Foundation created the Marianne Reid Wild Society to recognize donors who make a planned gift to the Foundation. As one of the first alumnae to include Pi Phi in her estate plan, Marianne truly was a philanthropic leader for the sisterhood.


  • 1995 – Campaign for Arrowmont completed – $2.5 million
  • 2008 – Campaign for the Pi Beta Phi completed – $6.2 million
  • 2011 – Campaign for Holt House Library completed
  • 2012 – Centennial Plaza Campaign completed
  • 2017 – Comprehensive Campaign launched 
  • 2019 – SHINE THROUGH Campaign completed - $32.3 million

Major Milestones


  • Pi Beta Phi Foundation is established with a loan from the Fraternity on February 21.


  • Leadership program funding comes under Pi Beta Phi Foundation.


  • Marianne Reid Wild Society for planned giving is created.


  • Scholarship funding comes under Pi Beta Phi Foundation.


  • The Emma Harper Turner Fund comes under Pi Beta Phi Foundation.
  • The Friendship Fund comes under Pi Beta Phi Foundation.
  • The Fraternity loan to establish the Foundation is fully repaid.


  • Alumnae Continuing Education (ACE) Scholarship Recipient Joyce Wherritt Bowers, Utah Alpha, becomes the first to individually endow a scholarship.
  • The first Chapter Leadership Education Endowment (CLEE) is established.
  • Campaign for Arrowmont completed.
  • Pi Beta Phi Foundation assets increased from $15,333 in 1990 to more than $2 million.


  • Sign of the Arrow Melissa Scholarship is endowed, making it the largest endowed Greek scholarship to date.


  • The Foundation launches its first website at pibetaphifoundation.org.


  • Campaign for the Pi Beta Phi completed.


  • Pi Beta Phi Foundation launches its rebrand at the Dallas/Fort Worth 2009 Convention.


  • The Sister to Sister Fund comes under Pi Beta Phi Foundation and is incorporated into the Emma Harper Turner Fund.
  • Arrow in the Arctic funding comes under Pi Beta Phi Foundation.


  • Campaign for Holt House library is completed.
  • The annual giving society Evelyn Peters Kyle Society is created.
  • Holt House funding comes under Pi Beta Phi Foundation.


  • Centennial Plaza Campaign completed.
  • Financial support for Pi Phi’s literacy initiatives comes under The Literacy Fund at Pi Beta Phi Foundation.


  • Local Impact Grants and Special Impact Grants are launched, supporting literacy in local communities.


  • Pi Beta Phi Chapters raise more than $1 million for the Foundation for the first time.


  • Foundation’s celebrates its 25th anniversary.


  • First-ever Pi Phi Giving Day is on Founders’ Day, raising more than $70,000 for the Foundation.
  • Transfer of Arrowmont Fund to Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.


  • Pi Beta Phi Foundation launches the SHINE THROUGH campaign at Pi Phi’s 71st Biennial Convention. SHINE THROUGH is Pi Phi’s largest philanthropic effort to date with a goal to raise $28 million for current operations and endowments in outright and deferred gifts.


  • The SHINE THROUGH campaign is completed with gifts and commitments totaling $32.3 million. The initiative was the largest philanthropic endeavor of any National Panhellenic Group to date.

Foundation Trustees

  • Beth van Maanen Beatty, Texas Gamma
  • Ann Warmack Brookshire, Texas Beta
  • Donna Butterworth, Virginia Eta
  • Betsy Harris Cantlie, New York Gamma
  • Lyn Arnot Clark, Texas Alpha
  • Jan Kincaid Clifford, Indiana Delta
  • Kim Barger Durand, Oregon Alpha
  • Elizabeth Davenport Garrels*, Iowa Alpha
  • Terre McFillen Hall, Ohio Alpha
  • Jennifer Windell Hazelton, Virginia Eta
  • Mary Ann Behlen Hruska, Nebraska Beta
  • Bimi Lane Huebner, New Mexico Beta
  • Linda Noel Ibsen, Colorado Beta
  • Mary Jane Buchele Johnson, Illinois Eta
  • Gina Garrison Jones*, Nebraska Beta
  • Rebecca Smith Jones*, Indiana Alpha
  • Peggy Wilson Lawrence*, Tennessee Gamma
  • Carolyn Helman Lichtenberg, Ohio Alpha
  • Janice Worthington Lisko, Oklahoma Alpha
  • Betty Blades Lofton*, Indiana Gamma
  • Leslie Magnus, New Jersey Alpha
  • Kathleen Meriano, New York Eta
  • Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell*, Kansas Alpha
  • Sarah "Sis" Mullis, South Carolina Alpha
  • Kathy Swinea Nevill*, Tennessee Gamma
  • Ann Dudgeon Phy*, Texas Alpha (Foundation President Emerita)
  • Kate Blatherwick Pickert*, Kansas Alpha
  • Wendy Labreche Pratt, Massachusetts Beta
  • Karen Consalus Price*, Missouri Alpha
  • Jo Ann Minor Roderick, Oklahoma Beta
  • Nancy Carlock Rogers, Texas Gamma
  • Robin McPherson Rohrback, Florida Beta
  • Lois Huston Ross, Indiana Delta
  • Tammie Beckwith Schallmo, Illlinois Zeta
  • Jean Wirths Scott*, Pennsylvania Beta
  • Lisa Gamel Scott*, Colorado Alpha
  • Vivian Long Shah, New York Eta
  • Paula Pace Shepherd, Texas Epsilon
  • Beth Seidelhuber Sordi*, California Kappa
  • Kathy Wager Sprague*, Alabama Gamma
  • Cindy Rice Svec*, Kansas Beta
  • Mary Rakow Tanner, Maryland Beta
  • Emily Russell Tarr, Texas Beta
  • Mary Loy Tatum, Oklahoma Beta
  • Karen Sulley Thorn, Nebraska Beta
  • Rena Rodeman Thorsen, Maryland Beta
  • Beth Torres, Illinois Zeta
  • Carol Inge Warren, North Carolina Beta

* Denotes service as Foundation Board President

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