Let’s have a Critical Conversation

Critical Conversations® is Pi Beta Phi's risk prevention education programming supporting our member development program. Its comprehensive approach educates members on topics such as alcohol and other substance use, mental health, sexual assault, bullying, personal safety, accountability and more while integrating Pi Phi values. The program offers a wide variety of tools and resources, addressing the unique needs of our members and their support systems and engaging them in the prevention-education process. 

Through engagement in Critical Conversations, members will be:

  • More informed on the threats and consequences associated with risky behaviors.
  • Empowered to prevent and confront risky behaviors while reinforcing Pi Phi’s core value of Sincere Friendship.
  • Equipped to have caring conversations with peers about risky behaviors and health concerns.

Pi Beta Phi was awarded the 2021 Campus Prevention Network (CPN) Seal of Prevention for demonstrating a commitment to digital prevention programs tied to student safety, well-being and inclusion.

Recipients of the CPN Seal of Prevention™ have taken action to create a safer, more inclusive campus through comprehensive, evidence-based digital prevention education on issues such as sexual assault, alcohol misuse, mental health, and discrimination.


CommunityEdu™ is an online prevention program tailored to the needs of college students who are members of fraternities and sororities. This interactive program is used specifically in Pi Beta Phi’s New Member Education Program.

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Creating a Bright Future

As a premier organization for women, we've supported and empowered our sisters since 1867. Your gifts to our Foundation provide the resources Pi Phi needs to ensure that work continues.

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