10 Reasons To Join A Sorority

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or considering recruitment as a returning student, you might be wondering if sorority life is for you. We outlined 10 reasons why joining sorority life might be the right choice for you.

1. You’ll join a community of like-minded women.

Sorority membership provides a community of women who share similar values, goals and aspirations. These women will support you as you navigate your collegiate experience.

2. You’ll participate in service opportunities.

Every sorority has their own philanthropic cause that they support on their campus and within their community. These services provide an opportunity to give back and fulfill each sister’s unique passion.  

3. You’ll receive leadership opportunities.

Some of us prefer to lead the group, while others would rather work behind the scenes—both are essential. Joining a sorority allows you to gain valuable skills and experience with all aspects of leadership. 

A group of individuals standing outdoors4. You’ll find a sense of belonging.

Finding a place to call home is not always easy. Through sorority life, you will meet women who want to know YOU. No matter who you are, the women you meet will welcome you with open arms and celebrate your individuality.  

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5. You’ll receive academic support.

Within your sorority, you’ll meet members following a similar academic path. Whether you need a study buddy, help signing up for courses or guidance in your professional endeavors, your sisters are there for you.  

6. You’ll make your voice heard.

When women come together and raise their voices, they make an impact. Whether you’re pushing for change on a small or large scale, no voice goes left unheard when you have a community of women on your side.    

7. You’ll gain campus connections.

Sorority women are involved in many different organizations and clubs. Connect with your sisters to get more involved on campus and see what’s out there for you!  

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​8. You’ll have accountability.

No matter what you’re going through, sorority women are there to cheer you on. Whether you need some words of encouragement or someone to keep you on track, your sisters always have your best interest at heart.  

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9. You’ll have access to a network of women.

The relationships you build from your sorority experience can open doors to new opportunities, both professionally and personally. Your membership provides an instant connection with members all around the world.  

10. You’ll join a sisterhood.

Joining a sorority means joining a community of dedicated, supportive and empowered women for life. From the moment you meet to reconnecting years later, every moment will be more special with your sisters by your side.  


For more information and to register for sorority recruitment on your campus, visit The Sorority Life

Published August 7, 2023