Four Reasons to Attend Pi Beta Phi Leadership Institute 

Pi Beta Phi Leadership Institute presents collegiate Pi Phis with the opportunity to understand their leadership capabilities and develop a plan to serve the world as resilient leaders. This year, the three-day experience will be held on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, July 19-24, 2024. Want to learn more?  We outlined four reasons to attend Pi Beta Phi’s Leadership Institute this summer. 

1. Meet confident Pi Phi leaders like you! 

Pi Phi’s sisterhood is far-reaching and ever-growing. There are many young Pi Phis looking to hone their leadership skills and find strong connections to sisters across North America. You can be one of them and build lasting connections that will extend far beyond your collegiate years.  

2. Be inspired by the Pi Phi leaders who have come before you.  

Several Pi Phi alumnae serve as Leadership Institute facilitators to instill confidence in the newest Pi Phi leaders. Register to attend and you could meet your future mentor or learn a valuable lesson from a Pi Phi leader who is excited to share their knowledge and expertise with the next generation.  

3. Develop simple strategies to take home with you.  

While we hope every attendee leaves with big goals and ideas, we also know it’s the little things that make all the difference. At Leadership Institute, you’ll develop the tools to make real, meaningful change on every level, and learn how to employ these tactics in your everyday life. Whether it’s contributing to your chapter, stepping into a leadership role on campus or moving into your career, these strategies are designed to set you up for success no matter what you take on.  

4. Learn how to make the impossible the inevitable. 

So, what does that mean? How can you turn something seemingly impossible into something you’ll inevitably be able to do? The answer: by attending Leadership Institute! Our goal is to help you break down the barriers of what feels impossible by showing that not only can you achieve those goals, but you can do so with the support of sisters by your side. All of us are capable of achieving our goals—and we want to empower every Pi Phi to be a confident leader.  


There are multiple ways to fund your registration and travel to Washington University in St. Louis. You can choose to pay your own way or reach out to your chapter’s Vice President Finance/Housing to inquire about chapter support for your registration and travel fees. Be sure to check with your campus fraternity/sorority advisor to see if there are scholarships available for travel or conference attendance support!  
Learn more and register today.  

Originally published April 13, 2022; Updated February 15, 2024