2021 Individual Award Finalists

Every year, we celebrate and honor individual Pi Phis for contributing to their communities and the Fraternity. We are excited to share the finalists for our 2021 individual awards. Congratulations to these Pi Phi leaders!

Amy Burnham Onken (ABO) Award for Outstanding Scholarship & Campus & Community Leadership

The Amy Burnham Onken Award recognizes an initiated member in the senior class who has best lived up to the Pi Beta Phi qualities of excellent scholarship, outstanding campus participation and community service during their collegiate career.

Karly Fisher, Oklahoma Beta
Alex Mabry, Mississippi Beta
Claire Rosenberger, Arizona Alpha
Amy Schexnayder, Arkansas Alpha

Carol Inge Warren Award for Outstanding Alumnae Advisory Comittee (AAC) Advisor

The Carol Inge Warren Award recognizes an AAC Advisor who promoted and demonstrated excellence in guiding, mentoring and serving the chapter.

Elizabeth Hannon Davis, Minnesota Alpha
Sarah Pupillo, Florida Delta
Katherine Sackman, Virginia Theta

Chapter Service Award for Outstanding Servant Leadership

The Chapter Service Award recognizes an initiated member of the senior class who has demonstrated consistent and dedicated service to the chapter throughout their collegiate years with emphasis on service to the Fraternity.

Nareh Derhartounian, California Theta
Claire Seitzinger, Texas Zeta
Lindsay Turmelle, Florida Alpha
Alyson Vyfvinkel, Utah Alpha

Emma Harper Turner Leadership Award

The Emma Harper Turner Leadership Award is presented to an individual alumna who provided exceptional leadership that contributed to the success of their alumnae club on the local level.

Jeanie Du Gan, Pennsylvania Zeta
Shannon Kimbrough Luce, New Mexico Alpha
Margaret Sundberg, Washington Alpha

Evelyn Peters Kyle Angel Award for Club Service

The Evelyn Peters Kyle Angel Award is presented to an individual alumna who has served their alumnae club by performing those duties that often go unrecognized but serve to enhance the success of an alumnae club.

Cynthia Arnold Bowen, Kentucky Beta
Joy Vanasse Goodenough, Washington Beta

Jean Wirths Scott Leadership Award for Outstanding Change Leadership

The Jean Wirths Scott Leadership Award recognizes a junior or senior who has served on Executive Council or the Collegiate Panhellenic Council, and has served in an exemplary manner in the performance of their duties.

Teesha Brown, Tennessee Gamma
Delaney McLinden, Florida Epsilon
Kaitlyn Reyes, Ohio Lambda

Silver Slipper Award – Excellence of a Chapter Vice President Finance/Housing

The Silver Slipper Award honors a past Grand Treasurer, who coincidentally had a love of shoes. The award recognizes a Vice President Finance/Housing who has demonstrated excellence in their role.

Emily Ayoubi, Texas Gamma
Allison Eiler, California Eta
Brylee Neeley, Oklahoma Beta
Lauren Simmons, Kansas Beta

Young Alumna Achievement Award

The Young Alumna Achievement Award is presented to an alumna who has graduated college within the last 15 years and has demonstrated that Pi Phi is a Lifelong Commitment through their involvement in an alumnae club, AAC or Chapter House Corporation.

Audrey Thomson Burks, Texas Eta
Morgan Riley Sexton, Kentucky Gamma
Chelsea Zarnowski, Washington Gamma

Published May 15, 2022