2021 Individual Collegiate Award Winners

Every year, Pi Beta Phi recognizes and celebrates individual members for contributing to their communities and the Fraternity. With 2022 award nominations underway, we are highlighting the Individual Collegiate Award winners from 2021. Learn more about each of the awards here, then get to know last year’s winners below! 

Amy Burnham Onken Award

Claire Rosenberger, Arizona Alpha  

Claire’s passion for education and desire to serve others is shown through her exceptional academic accomplishments as well as her campus and community involvement. As a collegian, Claire was admitted to the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson through the Honors Early Admission Program where she studied the hormone leptin and its influence on female pain. She has worked in various leadership and volunteer roles on campus including Vice President Member Experience of the Arizona Alpha Chapter, Director of Education for Kids in Nutrition, President of the Arizona Global Health Project and Co-Chair of the Physiology Honors Academy. Claire’s collection of accolades displays her commitment to education and global health along with a genuine drive to better her community. 

Carol Inge Warren Award for Outstanding AAC Advisor  

Katherine Sackman, Virginia Theta  

Katherine not only demonstrates excellence in guiding the Virginia Theta Chapter but also inspires members in their own leadership journeys. In 2021, Katherine devoted time to ensuring the chapter worked together as a cohesive team. She made it a priority for members to build trust with one another and develop authentic communication methods. She took an active role in leading discussions and brought up topics such as accountability, integrity and responsibility. Katherine also established herself as a reliable resource for the Chapter Leadership Team by making certain there was always a responsive Advisor available to help.  

Chapter Service Award  

Nareh Derhartounian, California Theta  

During her time as Vice President Community Relations (VPCR), Nareh made it a mission to ensure every member felt seen, heard and appreciated. From sparking monthly conversation about sensitive topics such as racism and body image, to designing a feedback form to encourage members to communicate more openly with Executive Council, Nareh worked diligently to amplify voices that often go unheard. She greatly valued the diversity of the California Theta Chapter and felt strongly about creating a safe, inclusive space for all members. Nareh was committed to her role as VPCR and offered many avenues to promote a positive member experience. Through her impactful leadership, solution-based attitude and exceptional communication skills, Nareh’s service to California Theta has left a lifelong impact.  

Jean Wirths Scott Leadership Award  

Kaitlyn Reyes, Ohio Lambda  

Serving as Ohio Lambda’s pilot Director Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Kaitlyn’s exemplary leadership inspired the chapter to develop a stronger and more comprehensive educational experience. In this role, Kaitlyn facilitated new programming to encourage thoughtful discussion around DEI and social justice. One of her programs, the Eight Social Identities Workshop Series, has been made permanent in Ohio Lamba’s New Member Education Program. Kaitlyn also greatly values feedback from all members and took this into her role as Vice President Inclusion, where she expertly delegated tasks and information to her team. Kaitlyn is a servant leader in everything she does and ensures her chapter is given ample opportunities for growth and learning. 

Silver Slipper Award  

Allison Eiler, California Eta  

When the California Eta Chapter faced obstacles, Allison was there as a Sincere Friend and trustworthy leader. At the beginning of her term, Allison used her critical thinking skills to revise the chapter budget and fill the chapter facility. As the chapter transitioned from a virtual to in-person member experience, she helped chapter officers adjust to the financial implications of the change, such as managing larger budgets and restructuring current budgets. In addition to her problem-solving skills, Allison was an honest, transparent leader who communicated and educated the chapter on their financial obligations.  

Individual award nominations for 2022 are open now through February 15, 2023. View the full list of awards and start your nomination here.  


Published February 3, 2023