Lobbying for our Future

A team of Pi Phis from across the United States recently lobbied Congress on behalf of the Fraternal Government Relations Coalition. Each member had the opportunity to share their sorority experience and advocate for legislation impacting the fraternity/sorority community. Read their biggest takeaways below! 

Marcella Martinez, Alabama Beta 

I wanted to be a student lobbyist on behalf of the Fraternal Government Relations Coalition to gain a deeper understanding of governmental structures and how to properly advocate for issues of importance. Not only did this experience open my eyes to the preparation and research that goes into advocating effectively, but it also instilled those same ideas in becoming a confident leader. For other sisters interested in the field of government relations or leadership, know that sisterhood is our strength. Reach out to alumnae currently working in the field and ask to talk to them about their own journeys and biggest takeaways. A single “yes” is all you need to get your foot in the door. 

One of the most important pieces of legislation I advocated for was anti-hazing regulation, and I would love to see more Pi Phis come together to advocate for this issue. Fraternity/sorority life is an amazing opportunity to find a home away from home, and hazing should never be a worry for students or parents. It has no place in our communities, and we must ensure that.   

Molly Miller, Missouri Alpha  

I am so proud our sisterhood is a part of the movement to end hazing on college campuses—it was amazing to see Pi Phi and the greater Panhellenic community come together to be part of the solution. Connecting with alumnae from other fraternity/sorority organizations as well as members of Congress was such a great experience and reinforced the relationship between our communities. Lobbying on Capitol Hall also developed critical leadership skills for me. It strengthened my ability to build relationships and represent my peers in a large-scale setting, and I am excited to take those skills into my future as an alumna. I hope Pi Phis continue to work toward eliminating hazing, especially through the opportunity on Capitol Hill with the Stop Campus Hazing Act.  

Published April 27, 2023