12 Ways to Celebrate Founders’ Day  

More than 150 years ago, 12 visionary young women at Monmouth College came together with a common vision and set of values upon which they built the foundation of Pi Beta Phi. At the time, they could not have known how their vision of sisterhood would extend to hundreds of thousands of members.   

As we prepare to recognize our 157th Founders’ Day, we remember the impact made by our founders and celebrate our individual membership in Pi Beta Phi. Whether you are attending an event or planning your own celebration, below are 12 ways to celebrate our sisterhood this Founders’ Day.   

1. Wear your letters, badge or wine and silver blue. 

Our letters, badge and colors serve as a constant reminder of our commitment to one another. Each of these symbols tie our sisterhood together, so wear them with pride! 

2. Host a Founders’ Day dinner.

Whether you keep it small with a few friends or come together with your entire Member Class, invite sisters to a dinner party! Share your favorite foods and Pi Phi stories, but most importantly, enjoy being in each other’s company. 

3. Make a gift to our Foundation.

From leadership opportunities to late-night chats and lifelong friendships, Pi Phi has given each of us something special. Our gifts to Pi Beta Phi Foundation ensure this is true for generations to come.  

4. Share your favorite sisterhood moments on social media. 

Find a photo that represents your favorite memory as a Pi Phi, then share your sisterhood moment on social media using #PiPhi1867. We may repost it on our social media for more sisters to see! 

5. Learn about the history of Pi Beta Phi.  

From learning about the significance of our badge to reading the history of convention, our historical website features several exhibits detailing the Pi Beta Phi experience and how it all began. 

6. Donate books to a local school, nonprofit or library. 

In recognition of Pi Phi's philanthropic effort—Read > Lead > Achieve®—donate 12 books to a local library, school or organization in your community. 

7. Host Founders’ Day trivia.

Create your own Founders’ Day trivia and invite sisters over for fun, friendship and Pi Phi facts! Test your knowledge while you share in laughter and learn more about our sisterhood.  

8. Listen to the Acapella Angels on Spotify or Apple Music.  

The music of Pi Beta Phi brings sisters together no matter their age or chapter. Learn more about the history of Pi Phi’s music, then sing our sisterhood songs with pride! 

9. Catch up with a sister.

As Pi Phis, we all know the value of Sincere Friendship. Call or text one of your sisters to catch up and reminisce on your favorite memories.   

10. Get to know our founders. 

Some were quiet and shy, and others were outgoing, some were artistic and creative, and others were true scholars. Learn more about our founders, then take this quiz to find out who you would be as a Pi Phi founder! 

11. Join the Fraternity’s online book club.  

Pi Phi Pages encourages participants to read a selected book each month, engage in discussion questions and connect with other Pi Phis. Check out our book for April, Poverty, by America by Matthew Desmond. 

12. Prepare a Cookie Shine to share with your Pi Phi sisters. 

Test out the Pi Phi Cookie Shine Cookie Recipe or pick up some of your favorite sweets from the store to recreate one of Pi Phi’s most beloved traditions. Don’t forget to sing along with the Cookie Shine Song!  

Published March 15, 2024