Lobbying for our Future

A team of Pi Phis from across the United States recently lobbied Congress on behalf of the Fraternal Government Relations Coalition. Throughout the visit, each member had the opportunity to share their sorority experience and advocate for legislation impacting the fraternity/sorority community. Two members shared their biggest takeaways below!  

Rebekah Littlepage,
Ohio Kappa

As fraternity/sorority life evolves, the needs for our communities have changed. I have always been passionate about being a voice for students and this is the greatest opportunity to amplify our sisters’ needs to changemakers on Capitol Hill. Lobbying has truly changed the way I envision the importance and value of my own words—I felt empowered to speak on behalf of over 600,000 students across the country who are also passionate about ending hazing and preserving the fraternity/sorority experience. 

Members of Congress and their staff were eager to hear about the issues we feel strongly about and how college culture continues to need support, resources and regulation. I hope our sisterhood reaches the point where we can all bring our diverse backgrounds and feel at home in the presence of our Pi Phi sisters. As we continue to see our sisterhood grow and change, we should be encouraged to embrace each other’s unique perspectives as we stay true to Pi Phi's values.  

Ellie Mueller, Colorado Delta   

Reflecting on this experience, I'm filled with pride for stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing something entirely new. Entering this journey, my aim was to gain hands-on involvement in policy-making at a governmental level. However, as I delved into lobbying training, I found myself deeply immersed in the experience. It was a profoundly enlightening opportunity that ignited my passion and empowered me to advocate more effectively for the rights of fraternity and sorority members.

To any sisters interested in government relations, start by identifying a pressing issue in our country that resonates with your passion—for me, I envision a future where our sisterhood takes proactive steps to combat sexual violence. Next, consider becoming involved in a political club or organization, or connect with a government leader who champions solutions to the issues you're passionate about. Supporting such leaders through volunteering or internships can offer valuable insight into the workings of government relations and enhance your ability to address the challenges you care about. 

Published April 18, 2024