International Officers

Through their work, these Pi Phis live the values we hold dear while giving their time and talent to better our sisterhood and support our members, chapters and clubs.

A map of the Pi Beta Phi regions can be accessed here.


Position     Name
Director Operations     Marie Metke Westom
Director Risk Management     Jennifer Leigh Mandeville
Director Member Experience     Stephanie Anne Shadwick
Director Finance/Housing     Amanda Reid Austin
Director Community Relations     Beth Torres
Director Recruitment     Monica Diaz-Greco
Director Alumnae     Michelle Drouse Woodhouse
Director Diversity, Equity and Inclusion     Daphney Rose Rivera Bitanga
Director Chapter Support     Tina Lynn Rivard


Region One

Position     Name
Alumnae Engagement Director 1     Laura Clough Redmond
Collegiate Regional Director 1     Alison Jeanette Pilgrim
Operations Specialist     Kathryn Bills Gerrity
Risk Management Specialist     Jennifer Green Hall
Member Experience Specialist     Deanne Trent
Finance/Housing Specialist     Debbie Sun Wang
Recruitment Specialist     Katie Francis Moore
Community Relations Specialist     Veronica Bess Milliken Boggs
Inclusion Specialist     Semrin Aleckson Gillespie

Region Two

Position     Name
Alumnae Engagement Director 2     Dana Catherine Reilly
Collegiate Regional Director 2      
Operations Specialist     Alexis Baker Pickrell
Risk Management Specialist     Jessica Vilcek Kowalkowski
Member Experience Specialist     Cindy Corday Pajak
Finance/Housing Specialist     Lynda Breyer Miller
Community Relations Specialist     Julia Furtaw
Recruitment Specialist     Elizabeth Rountree Zaebst
Inclusion Specialist     Tessa Caitlin Betz

Region Three

Position     Name
Alumnae Engagement Director 3     Kimberly Sisk Crowe
Collegiate Regional Director 3     Emily Beck Wood
Operations Specialist     Lacey Morrison Avioli
Risk Management Specialist     Katie AnnaElizabeth Todd
Member Experience Specialist     Krista Searle
Finance/Housing Specialist     Jessi Bevan Nill
Community Relations Specialist     Kelly Zudycki Perry
Recruitment Specialist     Kay Gray Forbes
Inclusion Specialist     Amber Lynn Maiberger

Region Four

Position     Name
Alumnae Engagement Director 4     Lori Poveromo Haight
Collegiate Regional Director 4     Rachael Tully
Operations Specialist     Kara LeAnne Rex
Risk Management Specialist     Jenn Waggoner Strickland
Member Experience Specialist     Cara Marie Stombock
Finance/Housing Specialist     Sande Elisabeth Schweier
Community Relations Specialist     Erin Elizabeth Davis
Recruitment Specialist     Jen Bailey
Inclusion Specialist     Rachael Elizabeth Holman

Region Five

Position     Name
Alumnae Engagement Director 5     Suzanne Gill Kriz
Collegiate Regional Director 5     Brooke Leigh Avila
Operations Specialist     Ann Wear Wiley
Risk Management Specialist     Emily Carney Harriott
Member Experience Specialist     Staci Moss Wekenborg
Finance/Housing Specialist     Andrea Hefty Lindquist
Community Relations Specialist     Catherine O'Dea Pallardy
Recruitment Specialist     Katie Knoll Mott
Inclusion Specialist     Tessa Kohler

Region Six 

Position     Name
Alumnae Engagement Director 6     Alicia Middleton Stephens
Collegiate Regional Director 6     Molly Harris-Stevens
Operations Specialist     Tracy Gilbreath Fenter
Risk Management Specialist     Carmen DeVora Felder
Member Experience Specialist     Dorothy Maude Ruoff
Finance/Housing Specialist     Callie Joe Rutherford
Community Relations Specialist     Brittany White Doty
Recruitment Specialist     Phoenix Pope Johnston
Inclusion Specialist     Lise Byars-George

Region Seven

Position     Name
Alumnae Engagement Director 7     Carolyn Much Reil
Collegiate Regional Director 7     Marisa Strauss Stribling
Operations Specialist     Lidia Catherine Salvaggio
Risk Management Specialist     Elisabeth Mayer Garcia
Member Experience Specialist     Kyra Kay Flatow
Finance/Housing Specialist     Jean Nees Tulin
Community Relations Specialist     Terre McFillen Hall
Recruitment Specialist     Haley Marie Burns-Hodges
Inclusion Specialist     Aubri Ann Tuero

Region Eight

Position     Name
Alumnae Engagement Director 8     Marnie Rae Lee
Collegiate Regional Director 8     Marie Baldazo Andreasen
Operations Specialist     Heather Wilson Miller
Risk Management Specialist     Lindsay Elisabeth Anne Thomson
Member Experience Specialist     Alyssa LeeAnn Mackenzie
Finance/Housing Specialist     Tiffany Flint Caron
Community Relations Specialist     Melissa Clark Stevenson
Recruitment Specialist     Steph Miyuki Uchino-Beach
Inclusion Specialist     Stacey Akemi Akahoshi

Region Nine

Position     Name
Alumnae Engagement Director 9     Jody Morse Al-Saigh
Collegiate Regional Director 9     Kris Semenza Murphy
Operations Specialist     Megan Marie Israelitt
Risk Management Specialist     Tara Abbott Davis
Member Experience Specialist     Shannon Rose Fredericks
Finance/Housing Specialist     Ashley Boarts
Community Relations Specialist     Kristin Rachel Zemke
Recruitment Specialist     Karli Hansen Pep Hansen
Inclusion Specialist     Monica Watt Elms


Position     Name
Alumnae Club Support Officer     Laurel Ricketts Klinge
Alumnae Club Support Officer     Morgan Riley Sexton
Alumnae Club Support Officer     Suzanne Marie Smulsky
Archivist     Fran DeSimone Becque
Arrow in the Arctic Chair     Beth Torres
Arrow in the Arctic     Chanelle Mitchell
Arrow in the Arctic     Kristi Marsh Davis
Arrow in the Arctic     Leanne Heuchert
Awards Committee Member     Alexandra Brianne Chamberlain
Awards Committee Member     Tina Briski Fellers
Awards Committee Member     Dawn Blout Jensen
Awards Committee Member     Diane M. Bielman
Awards Committee Member     Gillian K. Tobin
Awards Committee Member     Marilyn Deborah Clark
Awards Committee Member     Martha Tedrow Conway
Awards Committee Member     Michelle Murrell Willbanks
Awards Committee Member     Schabahn Straughan Day
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Member     Daphney Rose Rivera Bitanga
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Member     Beth Torres
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Member     Jennifer Leigh Mandeville
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Member     Julie Christine Larsen
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Member     Mackenzie Baker Gatti
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Member     Melissa Azar Nagus
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Member     Michelle Drouse Woodhouse
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Member     Millette Lynn King
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Member     Stephanie Anne Shadwick
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Member     Teresia Williams
Historian     Fran DeSimone Becque
Holt House Committee     Denise Pierce Turnbull
Holt House Committee     Fran DeSimone Becque
Holt House Committee     Stephanie Anne Shadwick
Leadership Development Officer     Lisa Nicole Masters
Leadership and Nominating Committee Chair (International Officer)     Betty Lopez Smithgall
Leadership and Nominating Committee Chair-Elect     Nadia Husbands Smid  
Leadership and Nominating Committee     Ashlee Kate Janovak
Leadership and Nominating Committee     Jessie Ashton Reed
Leadership and Nominating Committee     Jessica M. Chavez
Leadership and Nominating Committee     Lara Kay Omps-Botteicher
Leadership and Nominating Committee     Maggie Ibrahim-Taney
Leadership and Nominating Committee     Michelle Hinkley Billard
Leadership and Nominating Committee     Nadia Husbands Smid
Leadership and Nominating Committee     Paula Pace Shepherd
Legislative Committee Chair     Penny Ann Proctor
Legislative Committee     Laurel Ricketts Klinge
Legislative Committee     Leisa Ebeling Lowrey
Music Chair     Renee Richardson Breck
RFM Recruitment Officer     Carol Inge Warren
Pi Beta Phi Fraternal Government Relations Coalition Representative     Sheila A. Consaul
Council of Delegates Representative     Lisa Gamel Scott
Chief Panhellenic Officer     Ashley Hallowell Karth
Panhellenic Officer 1     Gretchen Stahl Foran
Panhellenic Officer 2     Nicole Michelle Lancaster
Parliamentarian     Margie Borges


Position     Name
Foundation Development Committee Chair     Kathleen Ann Meriano
Foundation Finance Committee Chair     Donna L. Butterworth
Foundation Governance and Nominations Committee Chair     Kim Barger Durand
Foundation Investment Committee Chair     Danielle Melisa Thorsen
Foundation Stewardship Committee Chair     Cindy Rice Svec


Position     Name
Foundation Emma Harper Turner Fund Committee Chair     Sarah North Deschenes
Foundation Sign of the Arrow Melissa Scholarship Committee Chair     Leslie Magnus
Foundation Alumnae Continuing Education Committee Chair     Lucy Brown Peterson
Foundation Graduate Fellowship Committe Chair     Sam Marie Chapman
Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Committee Chair     Karen Lee Emberton



Position     Name
Ritual Research Committee Chair     Audrey Sullivan Jacob
Ritual Research Committee Member     Carla Hashley
Ritual Research Committee Member     D'Ann Dublin Riemer
Ritual Research Committee Member     Danaka Michele Porter
Ritual Research Committee Member     Beth Williston Webb
Ritual Research Committee Member     Mikayla Anne Briskey
Ritual Research Committee Member     Molly Alice Collie
Ritual Research Committee Member     Paula Pace Shepherd
Ritual Research Committee Member     Ritika Khanna
Ritual Research Committee Member     Sarah Ann Lemar
Ritual Research Committee Member     Veda Ward