2023 Award Winners

We are proud to present the following individuals, chapters and clubs with an award for their contributions in 2023.


Amy Burnham Onken Award for Outstanding Scholarship and Campus and Community Leadership 

Kathleen Bailey, Massachussetts Gamma  

Carol Inge Warren Award for Outstanding AAC Advisor   

Bianka Bargmann, Ontario Alpha (Advising Ontario Alpha)

Carolyn Helman Lichtenberg Crest Award for Community Service 

Melinda Meyer Blankenship, Texas Alpha (Nominated by the Cypress Creek-Northwest Houston, Texas, Alumnae Club)

Stacy Wells Chapin, Washington Gamma

Alison Evans Taylor, Oklahoma Alpha (Nominated by the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Alumnae Club) 

Laura Valleni, California Lambda

Carolyn Helman Lichtenberg Crest Award for Professional Achievement  

Eileen Ryan Bradshaw, Illinois Beta-Delta (Nominated by the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Alumnae Club) 

Sandra Caron, Maine Alpha 

Gwen Connelley Stafford, Texas Gamma (Nominated by Texas Gamma Alumnae Advisory Committee)

Kathy Doyle Thomas, Texas Delta (Nominated by the Dallas, Texas, Alumnae Club)

Chapter Service Award for Outstanding Servant Leadership  

Pariz Paz, California Zeta 

Emma Harper Turner Leadership Award  

Cindy Kralis Georgas, Indiana Delta (Nominated by the Richardson-Plano, Texas Alumnae Club)

Evelyn Peters Kyle Angel Award for Club Service

Peg Steffen Sant'Ambrogio, Indiana Epsilon (Nominated by the St. Louis, Missouri, Alumnae Club)

Jean Wirths Scott Leadership Award for Outstanding Change Leadership

Olivia Stafford, Ontario Alpha 

Silver Slipper Award–Excellence of a Chapter Vice President Finance/Housing

Sara Cole, Ontario Alpha 

Young Alumna Achievement Award  

Riley Gulbronson, Georgia Beta
 Rachel Isom Murdock, Alabama Beta


Balfour Cup

Texas Gamma, Texas Tech University

Balfour Cup 1st Runner Up

Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas

Balfour Cup 2nd Runner Up

Missouri Alpha, University of Missouri

Excellence in Community Relations

Wisconsin Epsilon, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Excellence in Finance/Housing

Missouri Gamma, Drury University

Excellence in Inclusion

Arizona Alpha, University of Arizona

Excellence in Member Experience

California Kappa, University of California, San Diego

Excellence in Operations

New York Epsilon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Excellence in Recruitment

Delaware Alpha, University of Delaware

Excellence in Risk Management

Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas

Excellence in Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC)

Alabama Alpha, Birmingham-Southern College


Premier Club 

Large Club: Richardson-Plano, Texas, Alumnae Club
Small Club: Arrowhead-West Phoenix, Arizona, Alumnae Club

Premier Club  1st Runner Up

Large Club: Bostonian, Massachussetts, Alumnae Club
Small Club: Cypress Creek-Northwest Houston, Texas, Alumnae Club

Premier Club  2nd Runner Up

Large Club: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Alumnae Club
Small Club: Glen Ellyn-Wheaton, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Excellence in Alumnae Engagement

Large Club: Bostonian, Massachussetts, Alumnae Club 
Small Club: Fort Myers Area, Florida, Alumnae Club 

Excellence in Community Service (Non-Literacy)

Large Club:  San Jose, California, Alumnae Club 
Small Club:  Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Alumnae Club 

Excellence in Fun and Friendship

Large Club: Indianapolis, Indiana, Alumnae Club
Small Club: Cypress Creek-Northwest Houston, Texas, Alumnae Club 

Excellence in Lifelong Commitment

Large Club:  Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Alumnae Club 
Small Club:  Southlake Area, Texas, Alumnae Club 

Excellence in Literacy Initiatives

Large Club:  Indianapolis, Indiana, Alumnae Club 
Small Club:  Southlake Area, Texas, Alumnae Club 

Published July 1, 2024