10 Ways to Know You’re a Pi Phi Volunteer 

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, we made a list of 10 ways to know you’re a Pi Phi volunteer. Whether you’re a Pi Phi encyclopedia or Miss Polly Pi Phi, this week we are celebrating you and all you do to support our sisterhood. 

1. You’re always coming up with ideas for new programs and events 

Your brain is a never-ending list of possible event ideas and fundraising opportunities. Everyone knows you’re a go-to Pi Phi when they’re looking for something new! 

2. You have a passion for literacy 

Fraternity Day of Service Signature Event? Check. Champions are Readers? Check. Read > Lead > Achieve® Month? Check. You’re on top of all things literacy. 

3. You’re constantly bringing family and friends to Pi Phi events 

Your family and friends know how involved you are with Pi Beta Phi because you’re constantly inviting them to events and sharing what you’re working on. 

4. You still have a drawer full of Pi Phi apparel 

Let’s be honest, you probably aren’t going to wear your hot pink Pi Phi shirt from 25 years ago… but you’re not quite ready to get rid of it. 

5. You never miss an issue of The Arrow 

You always read through the latest issue of The Arrow to keep up to date with Fraternity news and learn about the inspiring women in our sisterhood. 

6. You’re always singing Pi Phi songs 

While some people might be humming pop classics, you’ll stick to the more tried and true Ring Ching, Ching. You know every word to your favorite Pi Phi songs. 

7. Your Facebook feed is filled with posts about Pi Phi 

You’re a part of several Pi Phi groups from Pi Phi Pages and Ring Ching Runners to alumnae clubs and arrow watch. You’re on top of all the Pi Phi news! 

8. You’re constantly expanding your Pi Phi network 

You love to meet new sisters. Whether you meet at convention or online, you’re always connecting with members. 

9. Your sisters can count on you 

You’ve proven time and time again that you will always support your sisters. Pi Phis know they can count on you to get the job done. 

10. You continually show your Lifelong Commitment to Pi Beta Phi. 

To you, Pi Beta Phi is more than a sorority. You know you’ll always stay connected to Pi Phi because it has already given you so much. 

To the thousands of volunteers who lead Pi Beta Phi, thank you! 

Published April 19, 2022