Pi Beta Phi Actions to Help Fight Racism

Every Pi Beta Phi has pledged to use her influence for the betterment of society.
Fraternity leadership has carefully reflected on how we, as a predominantly White organization, can do better. This list is a start towards meaningful and sustainable change. With your accountability, we will move forward. 
Read our most recent statement on our fight against racism below.

Pi Beta Phi will establish an Advisory Group, consisting of collegians and alumnae.
We need the help of members to heal our past and strengthen us for the future. Many members have raised their hand to be part of the solution. An Advisory Group will help Pi Beta Phi address racial inequity and the bias that our members of color experience in Pi Beta Phi. The committee chairman will report directly to Grand Council through the Grand Vice President Community Relations.
Pi Beta Phi members interested in volunteering should express interest at pibetaphi.org/volunteer-now no later than Friday, June 12. Submissions will be vetted immediately by the Fraternity’s Leadership and Nominating Committee. 
Pi Beta Phi will conduct a series of Listening Sessions to collect member voices.
It is clear our membership has much to express about the Fraternity’s role in fighting racism and oppression. Our members’ voices must be heard. Hosting a series of Listening Sessions allows members to express their opinions directly to Fraternity leadership in small group sessions.
Register now for a listening session. Registration will close Friday, June 12.
Pi Beta Phi will advance the Director of Diversity and Inclusion chapter officer position.
Twenty Pi Beta Phi undergraduate leaders have partnered with the Fraternity to lead chapter-level diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in their role as a pilot Director Diversity and Inclusion this year. These pilot participants have stepped up to advocate, support and challenge within their chapters, communities and Fraternity. Mandating a chapter office requires the vote of collegiate and alumnae delegates at our biennial convention. Chapters not currently a part of the pilot but interested should contact their Community Relations Specialist.

Pi Beta Phi will ensure member development programs explore racism, diversity and inclusion as a priority.
Leading with Values is currently under review with revisions scheduled to be launched at College Weekend. We are committed to utilizing the newly formed Advisory Group to ensure revisions to our program address anti-racism and privilege in an impactful way. Additionally, the Fraternity will seek the insight of the Advisory Group to ensure Pi Beta Phi’s New Member Education Program supports our efforts to drive a culture of inclusivity and a chapter experience where Black and Brown members are valued and all members are well cared for.
The Fraternity will further enhance Critical Conversations resources to provide chapters and chapter Advisors tools to discuss these topics.
The Fraternity will utilize College Weekend to address the topic of equity, diversity and inclusion. Using the format of Pi Beta Phi Leadership Institute, which seeks to empower confident women leaders to make the impossible the inevitable, the Fraternity will offer a program which will seek to use Pi Phis to lead in the eradication of racial injustice.
Pi Beta Phi will address recruitment practices to drive inclusivity.
Pi Beta Phi will immediately implement pre-recruitment bias training for all members, as well as any Alumnae Advisory Committee members who will be present for recruitment activities. The Fraternity will continue to examine recruitment practices to alleviate unintended barriers to membership for students of color and underrepresented populations.
Pi Beta Phi will establish a leadership fund at Pi Beta Phi Foundation to support diversity and inclusion efforts.
A designated expendable leadership fund held by Pi Beta Phi Foundation allows Pi Phis and friends an opportunity to collectively support programs and education specifically addressing diversity and inclusion and working against racism and discrimination. This fund is immediately available to accept support. The Fraternity also encourages our individual members to give to organizations addressing issues most important to them for the betterment of society.
Pi Beta Phi will mandate enhanced training for Grand Council, Pi Beta Phi officers and Headquarters Staff.
The Fraternity will seek immediate and ongoing education for our leadership to drive a more comprehensive understanding on the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion. Through engagement with professionals and relevant resources, the goals will remain focused on creating and sustaining change.  

June 5, 2020 Fraternity Statement
Every Pi Beta Phi has pledged to use her influence for the betterment of society. In a matter of days, thousands of our sisters have stood up and shared feedback on how Pi Beta Phi can actively fight racism. Thank you, sisters, for fulfilling our pledge.

Over our 153-year history, we have undoubtedly caused hurt and failed to do our part to address the systems that enable racism to exist today. Through our organizational practices, perceptions and privilege, Pi Beta Phi has contributed to oppression, exclusion and discrimination. We must do better.

We are heartbroken over the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others. In the wake of these tragedies, we must act now. We know it is time for Pi Beta Phi to be a part of the solution.

We join our sisters in affirming Black lives matter. This is a human issue. We acknowledge the value of Black and Brown people who have been unjustly ignored. As a predominantly White organization, many of our members will never understand the pain felt by our Black and Brown sisters and other sisters of color who regularly face racism and discrimination.

Over the last few days, Fraternity leadership has carefully reflected on how we can do better. On our website, we’ve published a list of the first actions we’re taking towards progress. It’s a start towards meaningful and sustainable change. With the advice of sisters and experts, we will do more. With your accountability, we will move forward.

June 9, 2020: A message from the NPC chairman
Like each of our member organizations, the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) is receiving many questions about our level of engagement in and response to the social turmoil and discussions about racial injustices in American society. The NPC Board of Directors is listening, reading and learning from the critical conversations happening all around us. Everywhere we look there are questions, and our task is to ensure that we answer them in ways that drive effective and meaningful change—in both our worldview and in our actions and policies. Read the full statement here.

June 11, 2020 Update
The Advisory Group that will help Pi Beta Phi address racial inequity and the bias that our members of color experience in Pi Phi has been named the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (DEI Advisory Committee).

June 15, 2020: A message from the NPC chairman
For the members of the National Panhellenic Conference Board of Directors, the time and place in which we find ourselves has called for clear acknowledgement that racism—within society and within the Panhellenic community—is not an issue we can address simply through kindness or greater respect for one another (as important as those may be). Instead, we must carefully consider the structural and systemic reasons that too many women of color do not view our organizations as places where they feel welcomed, understood or heard. Read the full statement here.