Pi Phis Against Hazing

As National Hazing Prevention Week comes to a close, we remind you that there is no room for hazing within our sisterhood, today or any other day. We recently asked our members, why do you speak out against hazing? Read some of their responses below and join the conversation by using #PiPhisAgainstHazing.

“Sisterhoods are a strong, supportive community! No one should ever not feel included!” – @coca.chloa

“To protect my Pi Phi sisters and any other Panhellenic sisters.” – @davispibetaphi
“It causes mental distress and distracts a person from their studies.” – @daniellecristobal

“For the people we have lost to or as a result of acts of hazing.” – @hannxhh
“Because everyone deserves to have a safe experience.” – @zoesterf
“Because Hazing is NEVER a part of being a sister!" – @mag.genevich
“Because I care about these women.” – @jiral.modi
“It shows that there is no benefit to making other people feel lesser than!” – @therikki
“Hazing isn’t something you to do someone you actually care about.” – @madicana10

“Because we deserve better! Cultivating a community of kindness and safety is #1!” – @kaitlyncleckler
“Because speaking up saves lives.” – @laaanneee

Published September 25, 2020