Pi Phi Officers Join For Sisterhood, Resiliency And DEI Conversations

Every year, Pi Beta Phi International Officers and Headquarters Staff join together for Officers Workshop. Although this year looks different, Pi Phi leaders from across North America joined together for our first virtual gathering focused on sisterhood, resiliency and the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI.)  

To start the night, officers broke into smaller groups to get to know each other and answer some challenging trivia questions. After the small group breakouts, officers who attended the Resiliency Webinar Series shared some key takeaways from the virtual event series. The panelists shared the following tips:  

  • Progress over perfection. 
  • ​Take care of yourself before taking care of others. 
  • Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.  
  • Self-care is more than spa days.   

Later in the night, Christina Parle, M.S., and Suzette Walden Cole, Ph.D., lead a discussion on the critical work Pi Phi is doing in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. Christina and Suzette shared important things to keep in mind to bridge the gap between those who are ready for change and those who are resistant. They encouraged Pi Phi officers and staff to lead with information – what’s changing and why it’s changing – and to consider how to build motivation and reinforcement for Pi Phis ranging from our collegians to Pi Phi leadership.  

Suzette emphasized the need for input, involvement and influence from every Pi Phi member and asked how members who are ready for change could use their influence to have conversations with those who may be more resistant. She encouraged Pi Phi officers and staff to ensure our leaders have the resources and skills related to DEI, along with opportunities to practice and provide feedback.  

Many of our officers shared how they’re hoping to grow and support our members in these areas. Christina and Suzette raised four important questions to consider as we continue this work:  

  1. Why are DEI important to our organization? 
  2. What challenges do we have in discussing DEI? 
  3. What are we willing to invest or lose? 
  4. What do we hope to gain by focusing on DEI? 

Following the event, attendees shared their favorite part of the interactive workshop. We’ve highlighted a few of their responses below. 

The interaction and connection with the other officers in a virtual “live” format. 

The resiliency recap was much needed and appreciated the reminder to give myself grace! 

The DEI conversation and our officers' reactions. Very cool to see what they're hoping to gain from the conversation and what they need to support our members. 

Way to find some Pi Phi trivia that even Fran couldn't answer right away! 

Pi Beta Phi International Officers and Headquarters Staff will meet again Wednesday, October 21 for our next virtual Officers Workshop event.   

Published October 14, 2020