2020 Individual Alumnae Award Winners

Pi Beta Phi recognizes chapters, clubs and individual members for their excellence in various aspects of Pi Phi life. Every year, we celebrate and honor Pi Phis for contributing to their communities and the Fraternity. Congratulations to our 2020 Individual Alumnae Award Winners!

Emma Harper Turner Leadership Award

Susan Jonnatti Maxwell, Pennsylvania Zeta
Susan brings her talents as a corporate leader in business planning and strategy to the Lake Oswego-Dunthorpe, Oregon, Alumnae Club. She is responsible for reaching out and welcoming new members to the Lake Oswego-Dunthorpe club and has encouraged a new generation of leaders to take an active interest in club leadership. Susan leads by example with her attendance at events, participation in interest groups and her financial support.

Evelyn Peters Kyle Angel Award for Club Service

Kellee Casebeer, Oregon Gamma
Kellee took charge of the Southlake Area, Texas, Alumnae Club literacy program, turning it into a year-round endeavor at Morningside Elementary in Fort Worth. She expertly ran the Champions Are Readers® (CAR) program with support from club members. Her interface with the staff at the school enabled the Southlake Area Club to not only lead the CAR program, but to also help with other school events such as a joint PTA Reading Night and a Reading Carnival.

Young Alumna Achievement Award

Jenna Troup Phillips, Pennsylvania Theta
After graduating college, Jenna joined the Massachusetts Gamma Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC) where she served as Advisor to the Vice President Communications and Vice President Finance, and later, AAC Chair. In 2019, Jenna was awarded the Outstanding Alumni Volunteer award by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In Fall 2020, Jenna volunteered to serve as President of the Bostonian, Massachusetts, Alumnae Club. Despite turnover in several officer positions, Jenna helped the club thrive through frequent officer check-ins, team communications and creative program ideas.

Published June 4, 2021