2018 Chapter Award Winners

We are proud to present the following chapters with an award for their contributions in 2018.


Balfour Cup   

Kansas Beta, Kansas State University 

Balfour Cup 1st Runner Up   

Ohio Epsilon, University of Toledo 

Balfour Cup 2nd Runner Up   

Michigan Alpha, Hillsdale College 

Chapters of Excellence / PHI Level   

Alabama Beta, University of Alabama 
Arizona Beta, Arizona State University 
Arkansas Alpha, University of Arkansas 
California Kappa, University of California San Diego 
California Mu, Pepperdine University  
Colorado Epsilon, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs  
Delaware Alpha, University of Delaware 
Florida Epsilon, University of Central Florida 
Illinois Kappa, University of Chicago  
Iowa Beta, Simpson College 
Iowa Gamma, Iowa State University  
Kansas Beta, Kansas State University  
Michigan Alpha, Hillsdale College  
Michigan Beta, University of Michigan  
Minnesota Alpha, University of Minnesota  
Ohio Epsilon, University of Toledo 
Texas Beta, Southern Methodist University  
Texas Eta, Texas A&M University 
Texas Gamma, Texas Tech University 

Chapters of Excellence / BETA Level   

Alabama Alpha, Birmingham-Southern College  
Alabama Gamma, Auburn University 
Alberta Alpha, University of Alberta 
Arizona Alpha, University of Arizona  
Arizona Gamma, University of Northern Arizona  
California Alpha, Stanford University 
California Eta, University of California, Irvine  
California Nu, Loyola Marymount University  
California Omicron, Chapman University  
California Theta, University of California, Davis  
Colorado Alpha, University of Colorado  
Colorado Delta, Colorado School of Mines  
Colorado Gamma, Colorado State University  
Connecticut Alpha, University of Connecticut  
Connecticut Gamma, Quinnipiac University  
D.C. Alpha, George Washington University  
Florida Beta, Florida State University  
Georgia Alpha, University of Georgia  
Georgia Beta, Emory University 
Idaho Alpha, University of Idaho 
Illinois Beta-Delta, Knox College 
Illinois Epsilon, Northwestern University  
Illinois Zeta, University of Illinois  
Indiana Beta, Indiana University  
Indiana Delta, Purdue University 
Indiana Epsilon, DePauw University 
Indiana Gamma, Butler University 
Indiana Theta, Valparaiso University 
Kentucky Alpha, University of Louisville  
Kentucky Beta, University of Kentucky  
Michigan Gamma, Michigan State University  
Mississippi Beta, University of Mississippi  
Mississippi Gamma, Mississippi State University  
Missouri Gamma, Drury University  
Montana Alpha, Montana State University  
Nebraska Gamma, Creighton University 
Nevada Alpha, University of Nevada 
New York Epsilon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  
New York Eta, New York University  
North Carolina Delta, North Carolina State University  
Ohio Beta, The Ohio State University 
Ohio Iota, University of Dayton 
Ohio Kappa, University of Cincinnati  
Ohio Lambda, Case Western Reserve University  
Oklahoma Alpha, University of Oklahoma  
Oklahoma Beta, Oklahoma State University  
Ontario Gamma, University of Guelph  
Oregon Alpha, University of Oregon 
Pennsylvania Eta, Lafayette College 
Pennsylvania Gamma, Dickinson College  
Pennsylvania Kappa, Lehigh University 
South Carolina Alpha, University of South Carolina  
South Carolina Beta, Clemson University  
South Dakota Alpha, University of South Dakota  
Tennessee Delta, University of Memphis  
Tennessee Gamma, University of Tennessee 
Texas Alpha, University of Texas  
Texas Epsilon, University of North Texas 
Texas Zeta, Baylor University 
Utah Alpha, University of Utah 
Virginia Eta, University of Richmond 
Virginia Gamma, College of William and Mary  
Virginia Theta, Washington and Lee University  
Washington Alpha, University of Washington  
Washington Gamma, University of Puget Sound  
West Virginia Alpha, West Virginia University  
Wisconsin Alpha, University of Wisconsin  
Wisconsin Delta, Marquette University  

Chapters of Excellence / PI Level   

California Beta, University of California, Berkeley  
California Delta, University of California, Los Angeles  
California Epsilon, San Diego State University  
California Gamma, University of Southern California  
California Lambda, University of California, Riverside  
California Xi, University of San Diego  
California Zeta, University of California, Santa Barbara  
Florida Alpha, Stetson University 
Florida Delta, University of Florida 
Florida Zeta, University of Tampa  
Illinois Alpha, Monmouth College 
Illinois Eta, Millikin University 
Illinois Theta, Bradley University 
Indiana Alpha, Franklin College 
Iowa Zeta, University of Iowa 
Maine Alpha, University of Maine 
Massachusetts Gamma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
Missouri Alpha, University of Missouri  
Missouri Beta, Washington University 
Nebraska Beta, University of Nebraska 
New Mexico Alpha, University of New Mexico  
North Carolina Alpha, University of North Carolina  
Ohio Eta, Denison University 
Ohio Theta, Bowling Green State University 
Ontario Alpha, University of Toronto 
Oregon Gamma, Willamette University  
Pennsylvania Zeta, Washington and Jefferson College  
Tennessee Beta, Vanderbilt University 
Texas Delta, Texas Christian University 
Virginia Delta, Old Dominion University 
Virginia Iota, George Mason University 
Virginia Zeta, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 
Washington Beta, Washington State University  

Excellence in Alumnae Advisory Committee Service   

Indiana Delta, Purdue University 

Excellence in Finance/Housing   

Oklahoma Alpha, University of Oklahoma 

Excellence in Membership   

Arkansas Alpha, University of Arkansas   

Excellence in Operations   

Virginia Gamma, College of William and Mary  

Excellence in Programming   

Illinois Kappa, University of Chicago 

Excellence in Risk Management   

Michigan Gamma, Michigan State University 

Pi Beta Phi Foundation Chapter Top 10   

Ohio Alpha, Ohio University 
Texas Delta, Texas Christian University  
Colorado Gamma, Colorado State University  
Arizona Beta, Arizona State University  
Mississippi Gamma, Mississippi State University  
Texas Eta, Texas A&M University  
California Kappa, University of California - San Diego  
Michigan Alpha, Hillsdale College 
Tennessee Delta, University of Memphis 
Illinois Kappa, University of Chicago