2021 Top 10 Alumnae Clubs For Foundation Giving

Gifts from our alumnae clubs are essential to the support our Foundation promises to our Fraternity and to every Pi Phi sister. Through their fundraising efforts, our alumnae club members live the core values of Philanthropic Service to Others, Sincere Friendship and Lifelong Commitment, by making a difference for our sisters, our communities and the Fraternity we all hold dear. It takes the work of every Pi Phi to provide the support our sisterhood needs each year — and together, Pi Phi alumnae clubs raised an incredible $140,018.84 for our Foundation in 2021! 

We extend our deepest thanks to every alumnae club and congratulate the Top 10 Alumnae Clubs for Foundation Giving. 

Northern Virginia Alumnae Club 
Dallas, Texas, Alumnae Club 
Houston, Texas, Alumnae Club 
Nashville, Tennessee, Alumnae Club 
Colorado Springs, Colorado, Alumnae Club 
Greater Kansas City Alumnae Club 
Phoenix, Arizona, Alumnae Club 
St. Louis, Missouri, Alumnae Club 
Fort Worth, Texas, Alumnae Club 
Palm Springs-Desert Cities, California, Alumnae Club 

We are thankful for the support of every Pi Phi and honored to be part of a sisterhood that cares so deeply for its members and for our shared future. As we celebrate this incredible accomplishment, we asked our Top 10 Alumnae Club Officers to reflect on why it’s important to support our Foundation and the impact of their gifts. Below is what a few of them had to say.  

Why is it important for your club to give back to Pi Beta Phi? 

Nebraska Beta Tanya Rodecker Wendt
Greater Kansas City Alumnae Club President 

The Greater Kansas City Alumnae Club gives back to our Foundation because we believe in the missions and motives of Pi Beta Phi. It is equally important for us to support both literacy initiatives and sisters in need through scholarships and grants. Pi Beta Phi was founded on Sincere Friendship and support for women, so we feel it is our duty to support these initiatives locally and internationally. 

Colorado Epsilon Katie Schumacher Rothenbury
Colorado Springs, Colorado, Alumnae Club President  

Giving back to Pi Phi has been integral to helping our sisterhood strengthen and grow. Without the financial support of our fearless leaders, at all levels, our club wouldn’t receive the same level of support and opportunity. By giving back, we’re striving to keep our sisterhood alive for generations past, present and future. 

Oklahoma Alpha Jessica Freeman
Nashville, Tennessee, Alumnae Club President 

While several members of our club are from the Nashville area, many members have moved to Nashville from different parts of the country. Pi Phi continues to give us a sense of connection to our sisters along with new friendships. The sense of connection to each other and to Pi Phi's philanthropy efforts remains strong for members of the Nashville Alumnae Club.  


How have members of your club seen the impact of the Foundation or your philanthropic efforts in your community?  

California Delta Tracy Beaufort Whitehead
Palm Springs-Desert Cities, California, Alumnae Club Membership Chair 

Every year, our club sees the impact of our Foundation when our local elementary school Sunny Sands Elementary receives an FDS500 Grant and financial support from Pi Beta Phi Foundation’s Local Impact Grant. Our contributions to the Friendship Fund are simply about giving back to our sisters because Pi Phi has given us so much.  

Arizona Gamma Abby Barenholtz Fenzel
Phoenix, Arizona, Alumnae Club President 

Our club has seen the direct impact of our Foundation through our literacy partner Kids Need to Read, a local group which provides books to kids throughout Arizona. With gifts from our Foundation, Kids Need to Read is able to put books into the hands of Arizona children so they can grow their own libraries.  

Colorado Epsilon Katie Schumacher Rothenbury
Colorado Springs, Colorado, Alumnae Club President 

Because of our Foundation’s FDS500 Grant, our club has been able to support local families at the Fort Carson Center and provide them with books at various reading levels. Our community knows the name “Pi Beta Phi” and shows strong appreciation for the support we extend to them. 

Published February 25, 2022